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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


What I’m Wearing for… My Dad’s Wedding

So, this is what I’m going to wear for my dad’s wedding in a couple of weeks, not the most formal of outfits but to be honest it’s a registry office affair and then a meal at a country pub so I didn’t feel the need to dress up too much. I love the dress though, it’s a Holly Willoughby one and cost far more than it’s worth but it fits me like a glove and I’ll be able to wear it again. I’ve bought flat shoes and heels because I’m crap at walking in heels but I couldn’t resist the wedge creepers – aren’t they pretty!? I bought the flats from Topshop the other day as they are just like ‘little girl’ shoes and I missed out on those KERB shoes that they had in earlier on in the year. The bag is Zara and I’m going to buy it once my PayPal pennies clear into my bank account, I like the spikes. And the cardy is just a New Look number but I love the green colour of it. I really enjoy wearing these colours together, they’re my favourites – the school uniform colours.
What do you think?


  1. Those shoes are amazing. Both pairs, but especially the flats! Have a good time at the wedding :) x

  2. This is a lovely outfit. i have actually never seen wedged creepers..they are really nice :-) xx

  3. I've never seen wedged creepers, they are amazing! Have fun xx

  4. I love the dress, hope you have a good time at the wedding x

  5. Love the whole outfit, what a great dress.

    Sara xx

  6. I love the dress and the mix of blue, green and burgundy. So lovely together! x

  7. Those creepers are amazing, this is such a fab outfit! xo

  8. Love the cardigan, what a great colour, will check it next time I am in New Look. Hope the run up to the wedding is going ok! xxx

  9. I love the wedge creepers you are going to look amazing for the wedding xx

  10. Beautiful dress! Love the colour of the cardy too :) xx

  11. Amy. I. Want. Your. Dress.

    That is beautiful! Have a fab time babe.


  12. This is a cute outfit hun :) I have fallen in love with the wedge creepers, I've always had my eye on the shoes but never thought they'd suit me but I might be on the lookout now for the wedge versions :)


  13. That dress is gorgeous! I hope you have a great day! Xo

  14. Love that dress, just my cup of tea x


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