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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


What’s in my Work Bag?

I took these photos a couple of weeks a go when I was still at work, my bag looks nothing like this at the momento. In fact I’m using a completely different bag as this one is a bit too big for every day use. My work bag is from Cath Kidston and I bought it in the sale (it’s still available here) about a month ago on a whim, I love £48 whims don’t you? It’s the perfect size for work as it’s nice and big and has lots of pockets for me to stash pens and post-it notes in.
I generally carry around a load of junk with me and it makes my bag far too heavy but that’s all a part of the fun isn’t it?
In my bag there is (clockwise):
- Umbrella (I walk to and from work so this is a necessity)
- Sunglasses
- Various make-up (5 lip products are necessary…)
- Mirror
- Tube map (I often pop to London after work)
- Business cards and train tickets
- Medicines
- Perfume in a Travalo
- Hairclip
- Fix+
- Prompt cards for the students I help
- A4 Document File with all my worksheets and stuff I’ve made for the students
- Pencil case
- Headphones & iPhone charger
- Polos/chewing gum/vitamins
- Pens/pencils/highlighters/board pen
- Memory stick
What have you got in your bag?
If you’ve done a ‘What’s in my Bag?’ post link it below and I’ll check it out!

P.S. I've been nominated for Blog of the Month over at Keep Me Inspired for my 'Quick Tip for Storing Hair Grips' post and I'd love it if you'd vote me! I've added the button in my sidebar which will take you straight to the voting page :) I will also add it down below:
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  1. The bit abut £48 whims made me laugh! Love this post, so fascinating to see what's inside someone else's handbag! :)


  2. So many things. Love you cath kitson bag. I like floral bag

  3. Oh I love your Cath Kidston bag! I've voted for you lovely xo

  4. Looks pretty muh like my bag for placement, though I don't have as many compartments in my bag so stationary needs to go in a pencil case and any school work will go in one of my reusable bags (not a bag for life!). And five lip products are totally necessary! ;) xo

  5. Wow, thats a lot of stuff. All completely necessary though by the sounds of it! Love your Cath Kidson bag too. Love anything Cath Kidson to be fair :) x

  6. Nice to know I'm not the only person who carries their life in their bag! I love this idea, I'll be creating a post like this soon. Thanks for sharing!


  7. You are just prepared for everything! :) Love the CK bag xo

  8. You can never have to many lip products in your bag! x

  9. I'm just here to giggle at £48 whims, with you there sister x

  10. Hahaha. Mine is just as chaotic but so much less girly. I just carry lots of tech. Thank God I've never been robbed. Everyone seems to be doing these posts at the minute, maybe I should give in and do my own...

    Laura x

  11. I love these post! I'm so nosey xx


  12. I definitely have to make one of these posts!!!! I love reading them =D


  13. Geez that is a lot of stuff to carry around! You'll end up walking on a wonk with all that weight lol.

    LOVE the Cath bag! Gorgeous xx

    This is my post http://asliceofmylifewales.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/whats-in-my-handbag.html

  14. I love expensive whims too!!! xxx

  15. My bag is always full of things I don't really need. I am trying to curb this though.

  16. I LOVE your bag. It's seriously cute.

    I never leave the house without an umbrella in my bag, either. I love and collect cute compact umbrellas. I also always have a body spray with me... And I really love that you have Coke flavored lip smackers in your purse. That's awesome.


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