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First Impressions: REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask





REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask - £30*

The REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is a mask that I’ve been intrigued about for quite a while, it promises to add radiance and brightness to the complexion and dramatically improve skin tone – nothing bad about that is there? Another bonus for me is that it helps to combat blemishes and congestion in the skin – my skin is being ridiculous at the moment!

I’ve just used the mask for the first time, the first thing I noticed was the scent of the product, it smells very citrussy (ingredients include natural fruit acids from passion fruit, lemon, grape and pineapple) and is quite sticky in texture. I applied one and a half pumps of the mask to my face, adding the most product to the centre of my face around my nose, I get a lot of congestion in that area. The mask did tingle a little bit, particularly in areas where I’d recently had a blemish. The mask is clear and just looks shiny on the skin and it doesn’t set or anything, I found that I had to make sure every little bit of my hair was tied back as it kept getting stuck whilst I was letting the mask do it’s thing.

Washing the mask off was simple, I dampened the cloth that’s included with the mask with some warm water and simply wiped it away, I did have to rinse the cloth off a few times though as the orangey mask made it quite dirty. Once I’d wiped the mask off I splashed some warm water over my face to make sure it was all gone and then patted it dry with a towel.

My skin feels lovely and soft and quite matte, it also looks more glowy in the light too! Not at all shiny though, just a nice radiance that looks healthy.

I will continue to use the mask weekly until it’s run out so I will update you in a few weeks on whether it’s made a difference to the amount of blemishes I have.

I would definitely repurchase this mask, it was a pleasure to use and I can really see the difference in my skin. Would be perfect for using before big events where you want to look amazing!

Have you tried this mask?

Do you have a favourite face mask?


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  1. This sounds so cool! Ren looks like an awesome brand xx

  2. I've just ran out of this mask, love it so much though!

  3. this sounds really nice! I would definitely consider trying it xx

  4. I haven't used a face mask in years (not since sleepovers and movie nights) but my skin is terrible at the moment, any other recommendations?!


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