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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Nip + Fab Dry Skin Fix Body Butter–Coconut Latte

nip- -fab-dry-skin-fix-body-butter-coconut-latte

nip- -fab-dry-skin-fix-body-butter-coconut-latte-2

nip- -fab-dry-skin-fix-body-butter-coconut-latte-3

Nip + Fab Dry Skin Fix Body Butter – Coconut Latte – 200ml - £8.49

I am a body butter fiend, there’s nothing I love more than hopping out of the bath and slathering myself in a nicely scented moisturiser. I have long been a fan of The Body Shop Body Butters (I get through about one a month when I’m not trying out others…) but they are pretty pricey if you can’t find a discount code to use.

When I spied this Nip + Fab offering in Boots I was intrigued – at the time it was 1/3 off too, bargain, the thing that originally drew me to the product was the bold graphic packaging. I do love a good font, and the lovely rounded letters displayed on this pot really spoke to me (is that weird?). I then saw that the product was Coconut Latte scented, can you think of a greater scent combination? Nope you can’t. Coconut is one of my favourite smells and that paired with a lovely warm coffee scent really appealed – on first sniff though I was quite disappointed. The coconut is there but it’s not a particularly strong coconut and I can’t find the Latte scent at all, there is a slight milky smell though which I guess could be it – you’d expect a hint of coffee though. The scent isn’t horrible at all, it’s quite pleasant but it just wasn’t what I expected, it does have a little bit of a perfumey scent though when you really sniff it.

The texture of the product is definitely more of a body moisturiser than a butter in my opinion, on first touch it’s definitely more fluid than it’s Body Shop counterpart, this is a bonus though – it means that the product is easier to apply as you don’t have to go through the warming up process in order to use it. I do find that you have to use more product though as it’s easier to get out of the pot if you see what I mean? I find it far too easy to take a massive handful. It does soak into the skin quite quickly though and doesn’t leave a sticky residue, skin just looks refreshed and feels nice and moisturised. Which is handy if you find yourself using too much product.

I probably wouldn’t repurchase this body butter as I am a creature of habit and find myself constantly comparing it to The Body Shop ones and preferring them. Maybe I’ll give the other scents a sniff and see if I’m more enamoured by them, there are two others; Mango and Pistachio.

Have you tried these body butters?

If you have any recommendations for any other body moisturisers let me know!


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  1. Everyone says they work wonders, but the scents are never quite right. I love the sound of this, perfect for winter, but if there's no coffee scent to it!? I'll skip. Have you tried the Treacle Moon butters yet? The coconut is my favourite.


  2. I am a Coconut & packaging fiend so I would have picked this up too if i saw it. I love the smell of coconut it smells so fresh & I love font cute packaging it always draws me right in
    I love the bodyshop butters too. They are always so luxurious and they are always on offer

  3. I saw this in Boots too, however it was in the Cherry Tarte version.

    I didn't pick it up as I'm being good however, after reading this I'm glad I didn't as like you I prefer a thicker product.

    I can recommend the Boots Extracts range though. Their body butters are gorgeous! I did a review on it if you would like a look as I think they are quite like The Body Shop ones.


    Amy xx

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  6. YUMMMMM This must smell DELICIOUS! I'm always a bit disappointed when a so-called body butter doesn't have a thick enough consistency, though z=

  7. thanks for posting.


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