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Ellis Faas Creamy Lips - Ellis Red - L101


Oh, Ellis Faas, you are my one true love. When visiting the Ellis Faas counter in Liberty recently I wanted everything, everything that was on display. The packaging is out of the ordinary, so sleek and modern looking and the products are like nothing I've encountered before. The collection is packaged in sleek silver pens with pointed ends that make them look like bullets, aside from the powder all of the products are in liquid form. There are products for eyes, lips and skin and the shades are based on the colours that are present in the human body - naturally occurring colours that are universally flattering and are sure to complement each other.

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101 Ellis Red

The products that I was most intrigued by were the lip products, available in 3 finishes and 27 shades with red being the signature colour. Perfect for me then, if I'm going to purchase an expensive lipstick it's going to be red. The three textures are creamy, milky and glazed; creamy being longwearing and a velvet finish, milky being a highly-pigmented fluid lipstick and glazed being a super glossy lipgloss. Being a matte lover, I went for the creamy lips variety, but the other textures are stunning too - I think I'm going to try a milky finish next.

Creamy Lips 101 is the blood red shade that Faas is famed for, being perfectly neutral and wearable by all it's certainly got a lot going for it. The shade is just what it says on the tin (or tube), it's a lovely blood red shade, not too bright and not too dark. It can be worn as both a full-on lipstick or as a matte stain, in both ways the formula is in no way drying but it lasts hours on the lips. When first applied the lipstick has a shiny finish that can be blotted away or left to fade away naturally, it never leaves those horrid dry bits of skin around the edges after eating and I think it actually improves the texture of my lips. That'll be the Vitamin E and natural waxes that are featured in the ingredients, there are no scents or tastes to the Ellis Faas products and there aren't any parabens either.

Every time that I've used my 'Ellis' red lipstick it's been a pleasure to wear, I've received compliments on the shade choice and even I find myself staring at my lips whenever I pass a mirror. The sign of a truly good red lipstick.

Have you tried any Ellis Faas cosmetics?

What do you think of the packaging?



  1. This review made me want to try this product out!!! I loved the packaging and the tip =D

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  2. I've never heard of them but that packaging looks really classy and stylish, and the colour looks beautiful! Very tempted! x


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