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First Impressions: Nair Brazilian Spa Clay–Shower Power Cream


A long time ago a boy told me to stop doing things just because boys wanted me to, on that day I stopped shaving my legs. I hate shaving my legs, it’s such a chore and to be honest I don’t care whether my legs are hairy or not and I was only shaving them for boys so I just stopped. Not forever, just until I realised that, that post-shaving smoothness is a bit nice (It was definitely a few months though lol, my hairs are blonde though so it wasn’t so bad).

I’m definitely sure that he didn’t mean ‘stop shaving your legs’ when he told me to stop doing things just because boys wanted me to but it was nice to have ‘permission’.

I’ve never used a hair removal cream before so when I was sent this one to try out I was quite excited, I thought I’d tell you my first impressions of using it.

The Nair Shower Power Cream promises to remove all visible hairs and keep them smooth for up to 7 days. It only takes 5 minutes too, bonus.

Here’s what I thought:

    • It smells amazing – really fruity.
    • It was easy to apply, I just put a bit down the middle of my leg then smoothed it out with the spatula that’s included.
    • I made sure to apply it quite thickly though and this seemed to use quite a lot of product.
    • I applied it a few mins before I got into the shower and found it quite difficult to not smudge it everywhere while I was waiting ( I am a fidget though).
    • In the shower I found it hard not to get the running water directly onto my legs and the cream on the  backs of my legs did wash off before the 3 mins.
    • When it was time to remove the cream it was really easy, I just scraped it off with the spatula and I could see the hairs coming away.
    • My legs feel really smooth now and most of the hair has been removed, there are a few patches with some fine hairs but I can live with those.
    • My legs do feel a bit sensitive now but no more so than if I’d just shaved.
    • I would definitely use this again but I would probably just rinse it off separate to having a shower so that I don’t lose any of the product from the backs of my legs.

If you’re interested in buying the Nair Shower Power Cream you can buy it from Boots for £6.69


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  1. Great review, I love how soft this makes my legs! X



  2. I've always used Hair removing cream on my legs. I normally put it on and with my house coat and then do something like my nails or the dished, amazing what yo can achieve in 3 minutes, before jumping in the shower or i get in the bath but hang my legs over the side for a few minutes :)


  3. I need to try this stuff. I HATE shaving. I only shave one day a week on what I call my "shaving day" (Saturday) lol.

    I don't do stuff for boys either :)

    Mona Mabel
    Guide to Pin-Up Style & Makeup

  4. I'm so lazy when it comes to shaving my legs, I've got no-one to impress and it's extra winter warmth haha! But I do have this and I've used it a couple of times although i find i have to leave it on longer than 5 minutes and it doesn't remove ALL hair like it promises. It is a lot less fussy than shaving though :)
    Rachelle x

  5. Aww, I can't use any hair removal creams. My skin is super sensitive and they just burn me and make me come out in a rash-even the ones that are supposed to be for sensitive skin. Shaving and waxing aren't much better for me. But I've just got a Philips Lumea. It's more or less permanent hair reduction, painless and easy to use so I think this might be the way forward!


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