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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


My Daily Make-up

Daily Make-up

I don’t think I’ve done a post on my daily make-up routine before, and if I have it’s been a long, long time. I don’t normally have a routine that I stick to day in, day out – I like to mix things up of a morning. But now it’s getting (staying) dark in the mornings when I get ready I have to do my make-up in a different room with better light than my bedroom so I have to haul my daily essentials around with me – no time for changes! So this has been what I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks and I’ve actually been loving it, really simple and natural for work but with a pop of colour in the cheeks.

If you'd like to see these products in action check out this FOTD from last week: http://www.paperbacksandpostcards.com/2012/09/fotd-coral-cheeks.html

Primer | Miracle Skin Transformer
This primer is amazing, it’s silicone base so is brilliant at smoothing out the skin. It also does a pretty good job at keeping my make-up in place all day, it even keeps my blush on! I don’t think it’s available in the UK yet but when it is I will be doing a full review on this. 

Foundation | L’Oreal True Match – C1 – Rose Ivory
This has been one of my favourite foundations for years; it’s one of the only drugstore foundations that matches my skin without any mixing and I like that the formula is light but offers good coverage. 

Concealer | Collection Lasting Perfection – Fair
I use this under my eyes and on any blemishes, the shade is a little too light for me at the moment but this works well under the eyes. When my summer skin fades away to porcelain again this will match me perfectly.

Powder | Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
I bought this in an emergency ‘shiny face/PR event’ type moment a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been so impressed with it! It really mattifies the skin and a light dusting is enough to keep the shine away for a good few hours. It also does a brilliant job at setting make-up and in particular concealer, I use this under the eyes to set the concealer there and I don’t get any creasing.

Blush | Benefit Coralista/MAC Melba/MAC Blushbaby
My three most worn blushers, although I use Coralista over Melba as I like the sheen it adds to the cheekbones and it really intensifies the coral colour when worn over the Melba. Blushbaby is great for days where I want my make-up to look more subtle, it just adds some definition to the face without being too obvious.

Eye Primer | Urban Decay Primer Potion – Eden
I’ve loved the UDPP for a long time, I usually use the original version but I got this free with one of my UD palettes and I love the skintone tint that it gives to the eyelids, covers up those veins and signs of tiredness. Sometimes I just wear this alone without any eyeshadow on top and it leaves my eyelids crease-free all day.

Eye Shadow | MAC Eye Shadow - Vanilla
 This is such an easy eye shadow to wear, it's basically the same colour as my eyelids so is great for evening out. It has a bit of an orangey undertone too which is good for brightening the eye and it also has a subtle sheen to it. I normally just apply this all over the lid and make sure it's blended and we're good to go!

Mascara | Rimmel Day 2 Night - Black
I like using the 'volume' section every day as it gives my lashes a nice thickness and doesn't lengthen them too much, now that I wear my glasses it really annoys me when my lashes touch the lenses! This does a pretty good job and lasts all day long without flaking.

Eye Brows | Benefit Eyeshadow - Bossy
When I fill my eye brows in (not every day, I can't be bothered with such things) I use this shadow from Benefit, it's a cool toned brown shade which is dark enough to make my eyebrows match my hair but isn't at all red toned. I hate it when eye brow products are too red, who wants orange eye brows? This does a pretty good job at staying in place all day too.

Lips | Carmex Original
Most days I don't wear anything on my lips as I have to do a lot of talking and walking around at work so it's a bit of a faff to keep lipstick looking nice all day, but I do like to keep them looking nice. I've used this kind of Carmex for years and I love it, it really hydrates and it's not sticky at all.
MAC Fix +
I always finish my make-up routine by spritzing my face with a bit of MAC Fix + it makes my make-up look a bit more lively and less powdery, it also wakes me up a bit!

Well that was a long old post wasn't it, do you tend to wear the same make-up every day? 



  1. Great post, yeah i tend to wear the same everyday, i keep meaning to switch it up, but i am lazzzy!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I tend to just wear foundation, powder and eyeliner. Might add a few other bits to the mix!

  3. I didn't realise Urban Decay did an eye primer, I've been looking for one that doesn't test on animals for a while so will be trying this!

    Shopped and Dropped


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