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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


A Very L’Occitane Christmas

LoccitanexmasL’Occitane are fast becoming one of my favourite companies, I love their fragrances and the skincare products are fab too. This Christmas they’ve launched a couple of new ranges and I thought I’d do a few posts on some of the products. I will definitely be purchasing some of their gift sets for some of my family and friends this year.
I’m going to start today with the Limited Edition Gourmand Hand & Lip Duos. There are four different varieties of these sets Mango Flower; Rose Petal; Date Bouquet and Delicious (Shea Butter). The gift sets come packaged in a lovely tin that’s decorated with flowers, stars and little elvish folk (i think!). They retail for £16 each and include a hand cream and a lip butter.
I’ve been trying out the Mango Flower range that smells delicious, really fruity and fresh but still nice and rich. The hand cream is lovely, it’s in the traditional L’Occitane hand cream packaging (metal tube with a screw on cap) but with a nice bright pattern on the front. The cream is really nourishing (20% Shea Butter) and it soaks in nice and quickly, the lovely scent is left behind on your hands for quite a while too.
The Lip Balm is nice too, it has the same scent/flavour and tastes pretty mangoey too. It has 10% Shea Butter and is quite moisturising on the lips. It’s quite a thick, gloss type consistency and does sit on the lips for a while before it sinks in but it’s not at all sticky. The lip balm has the same design on the packaging as the hand cream and is one of those squeezy lip balms. I’ve been using it as a gloss on top of lipsticks that need a bit of extra moisture and it works really well in that capacity.
I’d really recommend these sets as gifts as they are both really useful products and they look fab too.
Have you thought about your Christmas presents yet?
Do you shop at L’Occitane?


  1. I love their products too, but can never justify spending $50 on hand cream. Even though it is really lovely!

  2. I haven't used their stuff in ages, feeling the need for a treat!

    1. Yeah! L'Occitane is great for a little treat! xx

  3. I have never tried anything from this brand. I like the look of their products but they are a little expensive,

    1. They are pricy, but there are giftsets that make things cheaper and the handcream was free in a magazine recently! xx


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