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University Stories #3–The Shopping Channels


The Shopping Channels.

Slap Chop anyone? We were obsessed with the shopping channels for the two years that we lived in our own house – we were lucky enough to have Sky TV (Were we? Or have I made that up?) and so the amount of shopping channels was immense, hundreds of the things. Instead of watching real TV, most of the time we just watched the shopping channels; especially as we were basically nocturnal so it was all that was on. We sat for hours on end repeatedly watching the adverts for kitchen gadgets and exercise machines. They were just so bad that they were good and really addictive. Now we’re not talking about QVC or any of the ‘high end’ type channels, the ones we loved were the generic ones filled with American infomercials. We especially loved the one for the Halogen Oven – it was amazing, and it made the product sound really, really good. It was a treat when we got to see that one, learning about how you can basically cook anything in it from frozen and it would be the best tasting food of life. I loved how the presenters were just so ridiculously chirpy and positive about selling us a piece of kitchen equipment, I especially loved it when they got a ‘chef’ involved.

Another favourite were the exercise machines, ‘Do this for 6 minutes and you’ll have abs of steel’ we loved the Ab King Pro, and the Ab Circle Pro and the Miami Beach Press thingy (we called it the Miami Barbie so can’t remember it’s real name…). The adverts for these were ridiculous, basically showing loads of people exercising on the beach and then telling us they’d used these machines for 6 minutes and then magicked some muscles. But we found it so entertaining and used to watch them for hours and hours, I’m pretty sure we could recite the adverts to you if we tried. We even developed our own version of the Ab Circle Pro involving our desk chairs. And I’d still love it if someone bought me an Ab King Pro lol…

One time we stayed up all night watching the shopping channels and it got so late that we decided to just stay awake so that we could go to McDonalds for breakfast at 6:30am. Instead of going to sleep like normal people and waking up early. The adverts get much more interesting when your so tired that you start to get delirious. This wasn’t the only time that we stayed up all night to go for McDonalds breakfast, I’ll tell you all about the other times in another instalment.

What can I say, we led a thrilling life. But at least we were having fun!

Was anyone else obsessed with shopping channels at uni?

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  1. That's quite hilarious! I watched a shoppin channel a few times. They were always so hilarious. Also, love staying up for no real reason and then deciding you have to stay up longer to do something like get takeaway. Haha. I miss uni! Xo

  2. This brings back so many memories lol. We weren't obsessed with shopping channels, it was all about those late night, crappy TV quiz shows - Quizmania was a fave. Staying up until Mcdonalds started serving breakfast was a regular occurence too. Damn, I miss being a student! x

  3. I love the shopping channels! My favourite was the Jack LaLanne juicer. One of my friends had a halogen oven at uni and it was actually really good. We cooked a thanksgiving meal in it once (although admittedly it was a chicken not a turkey, one of those was never going to fit in it!)

  4. I love the shopping channels anyway! I watch QVC quite often lol, I'm counting down the days until I finish uni and get a decent enough job that I can start buying everything I want from that channel haha!

  5. I have been getting up at silly o'clock in the morning during my pregnancy and keep watching teleshopping. Its the only thing on at that time in the morning.

    Soooo tempted to buy this steam mop/cleaner I keep seeing lol. The advert actually keeps me occupied for 20 mins despite the fact I have seen it about 20 times. Tommy Walsh is always selling some silly DIY Gadget.


  6. i've never really seen the appeal, but then I was never a uni night owl. My MUM however once got a credit card specifically for these bloody channels. the strangest thing was when three large polar bears arrived at the start of September. (they were stuffed ;))

  7. Watching shopping channels is a guilty pleasure of mine, especially Price Drop TV. The worse the better, if you get my drift. My granpa went through a phase of buying loads of random stuff from QVC...we ended up with lots of car hoovers and mini dusters! Fun fun Xx

  8. Someone gave me a Slap Chop as a joke Christmas present one year. At first I rolled my eyes, but now I LOVE it. It's true! I use it for garlic all the time... except when we have guests. Because that would be embarrassing :)


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