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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


£250 Pandora Challenge

The lovely folks over at John Greed Jewellery contacted me the other day to take part in their £250 Blogger Challenge, the challenge is to create a Pandora bracelet that is worth exactly (or as close to) £250. I love challenges like this, it’s always fun to create something new and pretty isn’t it?

Here’s the bracelet that I designed:


I decided that I would design the bracelet to give to Gracie (my little sister) when she is older, we have a tradition where my mum often buys me charm bracelets for my birthdays/other special occasions and I thought it would be really lovely if I could give Gracie a personalised one when she is all grown up.

The first charm I chose was the Silver and Red Enamel Doghouse, I chose this for Gracie because I have never met a baby that loves dogs as much as her. We have 3 dogs and she is constantly chasing them around and stroking (pinching) them and laying her head on them and saying “Ahhhhh” – it’s so adorable. The dogs aren’t particularly fond of this affection though so I thought that this charm which also has a red enamel heart on the back would be a perfect reminder of her love for the doggies.

Next, I picked out the Friends Forever Butterfly Dangle Charm that can either be clipped together as shown above or separated for two bracelets. I chose this charm because I always wanted a sister, and I certainly did not expect to get one at the age of 23. Ever since she arrived she has been my favourite person and I know that we will be ‘friends forever’ (except for when she bites me…).

Up next is this adorable Silver Pumpkin Charm this is a reminder of her first Halloween last year when we dressed her up as a little pumpkin at only 28 days old – she looked so cute! And it will be a reminder of all of the themed outfits I have purchased her over the year. This year for Halloween she was a skeleton but I will always remember that little pumpkin outfit.

I then chose the Silver G Charm quite simply because it’s the initial of her name,

The Silver Dangle Music Note is perfect for Gracie, she loves music and dances as soon as she hears it – whether it’s from one of her toys or on the radio. Gracie’s dance moves are amazing, she’s constantly adding to her routine and it’s just so cute to watch her. She’s definitely going to be a music lover for life.

Finally, I chose the Silver Tea Cup and Saucer as Gracie’s new love is tea, she must have about 6 bottles full of milky tea a day! And she’s always trying to steal yours if you’ve got a cup and she hasn’t! The little tea cup also reminds me of Chip from Beauty and the Beast who is a little cutie just like Gracie, and they have pretty similar characters (Don’t tell Mum I’m comparing Gracie to an animated tea cup…).

I chose the best selling, Silver Bracelet to pop all the charms on as I think it looks the nicest, I like the look of the leather bracelets too but I think for this sort of thing a classic silver bracelet is best.

I really love the idea of buying charms for special occasions to document her personality as she grows, it’ll be nice to explain to her why certain charms are there and tell her the stories of what she was like when she was little.

My bracelet came to exactly £250, not too bad considering most of the charms that I chose are Sterling Silver.


Have you got a Pandora charm bracelet?

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1 comment:

  1. great bracelet! I do have a Pandora bracelet, I love it :) I really want that tea cup charm!


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