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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

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Christmas Gift Idea: Sanctuary Spa Favourites Gift Box




Sanctuary Spa – Spa Favourites Gift Box - £16*

Every single year I buy my Mum a Sanctuary Spa Gift Set for Christmas, it’s become something of a tradition. She’s a picky one with bath products though and I know that she loves everything that Sanctuary Spa has to offer, the brand is synonymous with luxury and relaxation and that really comes through in their products. The products all have the signature Sanctuary Spa fragrance that is slightly citrussy but also a bit spicy – all of the products smell amazing!


The body wash included in the set smells incredible, it’s fresh enough to be used as a morning wash but the scent is also not too invigorating so could be used in the evening too. The body wash has little moisturising capsules in it that pop when you rub them in, making it a really luxurious and rich product to treat yourself with. After you’ve used the body wash your skin feels nice and clean but also refreshed and nourished. It really is a lovely product and one that I would purchase again. The body wash included in the gift set is full-size too!


The Luxury Bath Float is also a lovely product, it is essentially a bubble bath that makes the most amazing smelling bubbles. It produces lots of nice foamy bubbles and it makes the water really soft and nicely scented. The scent of the product also transfers to your skin and it sticks around for ages after. Perfect for relaxing in after a long day.


I’ve not tried the Salt Scrub yet so I’ll just let you know what the website says:

Our iconic dead sea salt scrub that leaves skin perfectly polished and gorgeously moisturised

Our multi award-winning and much-loved treatment contains sea salt from the renowned Dead Sea enveloped by a rich mix of moisturising oils: jojoba, coconut and almond.

While the salt gently exfoliates dead cells to stimulate and promote renewal, the oils soak into skin leaving it gleaming and exquisitely scented.


This body scrub is really good for getting rid of any dead skin, it’s not too harsh so you can use it frequently. I’ve been using it on my arms every time that I have a bath and I think it’s really made a difference, they’re looking a lot better and they feel much softer. It has the same scent as the other products and again it lingers on the skin for a while after using it. You only need a little bit of product too so it should last a long time.


To lock in all the moisture and nourishment of the other products, especially the Body Wash, I’ve been using this Body Butter afterwards. It’s really strongly scented and it’s thick but not so thick that it takes forever to sink in, it leaves the skin feeling super smooth and silky. I’ve really enjoyed using this and I think I would definitely repurchase it in the future – it gives my favourite L’Occitane Body Moisturisers a run for their money!

The Sanctuary Spa – Spa Favourites Gift Box is available from the Sanctuary Spa website for £16, buy one for your mum – she’ll love it!

Have you ever used any of the Sanctuary Spa products? Or been lucky enough to go one of their Spas?

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  1. Absolutely love your blog, its a dream to read! Following you on Bloglovin'as I dont have a Blogger account! :D xx


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