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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...



Last night I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the new Rockalily lipstick; ZOMG. The lipstick is a collaboration between Rockalily and Zoe from The London Lipgloss and is a gorgeous vibrant pink shade with a touch of red that looks stunning on! I totally forgot to take a picture of the lipstick at the event though! I’m planning on buying one so you can all see it then!

I was really nervous about attending the launch party as I didn’t know anyone else that was going, but I bonded with some lovely girls (Tami, Megan, Elena, Laura and Abbi) on Twitter and we all met up at St Pancras station and found our way together! It was so good to meet you all!

When we arrived at the event it was pretty empty as we were early! So we were encouraged to have out photo taken by the lovely Tigz!

ZOMGbloggersbash © Tigz Rice Studios Tami|Laura|Megan|Me|Rosie

The venue was lovely, it had chandeliers everywhere and the loos were amazing! It got busy really quickly though and soon was heaving with beautiful bloggers! This made me, Tami and Megan go all shy and we really regretted not talking to more people when it was over! We got stuck into all the activities that there were though, we decorated a cupcake, made valentines day cards and tried to complete our bloggers bingo cards ( I lost mine though!)



Whilst making our cards we started talking to the lovely Vix and Sundari and we all had a jolly fun time acting like school children doing our arts and crafts!

I also got to meet L.Figment who came to speak to us after she’d had her hair done in a vintage style that looked bloomin’ amazing! I wish we had had the chance to speak for longer although I might have revealed too much info about myself if we had, no idea why I informed you of my deep sea creature obsession! We also spoke of our desire for the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe-esque beauty that we had seen wandering about (she didn’t wander, she glided like such a thing of beauty would) and it turned out that she was one of the burlesque performers, Miss Banbury Cross. I want her.

The evening ended with two performances by very different burlesque performers, Rubyyy Jones (a more modern routine) and Banbury Cross (traditional burlesque which ended with champagne being sprayed everywhere!) both were amazing! I really enjoyed this part of the event, my first experience of burlesque, and would definitely go and see burlesque performers again!

Overall, the event was fabulous and it was so amazing, yet weird to see so many bloggers in the same room! I can’t wait to get my hands on the lipstick now!



Barry M Fine Glitter Dust – 21 – Opal – £4.59
Would you just look at the prettiness of this product! I had never looked at the Fine Glitter Dusts by Barry M before, but when I was in Superdrug at the weekend I saw that they were on offer (2 for £7ish) so had a browse. This was a pivotal moment in my career as a beauty blogger – I loved them all,  how had I not noticed them before!?
Opal was the one that caught my eye the most, black base with blue and green glitter in it – it’s beautiful. It’s so finely milled that one swipe with a finger gives amazing pigment too, with minimal glitter fallout! I think this will look amazing in a smoky eye look over a black base! I cannot wait to use it!
Have you tried any of the Fine Glitter Dust’s? Any recommendations for other colours I should get!?


Sunday Sounds #6

This week I thought I’d introduce you to the biggest musical debate that my best friend and I have:

Which Jay Z song is better?

99 Problems
Dirt Off Your Shoulder

In my opinion it’s Dirt Off Your Shoulder, this is because it has a better tune and that’s all I listen to really – I find it extremely difficult to listen to just the words.

My friend prefers 99 Problems though, because of the words. I’d never even listened to the words before she told me to! They are pretty good lyrics but I’m not a fan of the tune.

Which do you prefer?



Decided to get a bit creative this week! This took ages as I am so impatient and untidy with nail painting (as you can see!) but I'm so proud! From a distance it looks fine, it's just super messy up close!


A Quicky.

Today I am going to direct you to my favourite blogs page that I have just updated! It features some of my favourite bloggers and each of them is definitely worth a follow! Go! Go! Go!

Also if anyone is going to the #ZOMGbloggersbash on Monday and would like to meet up beforehand I'm going to be meeting Kat and Laura for a drink first, you'd be welcome to join us! Let me know!


Maggie Angus S/S 2012

I have mentioned Maggie Angus jewellery a few times before (here) and it is definitely a jewellery brand that I love. The pieces are so original and affordable and they’re made from acrylic; there’s something about acrylic jewellery that I just love, I don’t know why but I much prefer it to a classic gold or silver piece. Probably because I like to be bold and different to everyone else really.
The new spring/summer collections are amazing. There are two: Seaside Folly and South Pacific and they are both holiday themed, one based around the traditional English seaside and the other around a tropical Hawaiian retreat. Today I’m going to share some of the pieces from the Seaside Folly collection, everything is so adorable!
As you can see, there is a traditional British holiday theme to this collection. I love all the colours used in these pieces, the red, blue and gold are synonymous with the nautical theme and are some of my favourite colours. I love the anchor themed things as I think I’m part sailor sometimes and have a collection of sailoresque clothes and accessories that would make Popeye jealous.
The collection is released today on the Maggie Angus website so go and check it out! Let me know what your favourite pieces are!
I will be doing a similar post next week on the South Pacific collection too, so keep your eyes peeled for that – it’s a goody!


Sick Day

This is what I looked like before I got to work and almost threw up on a child. Now I am off to get back in bed and watch Bird Song.

Will be back tomorrow with a more exciting post, promise!

The lipstick is Barry M - Touch of Magic


Shoes of the Week: An Irregular Choice?

Let me tell you a story, in my family I am the weirdo that wears odd combinations of clothing, clashing colours and generally does not care what other people think of this. It took a long time for this to sink in with my family, who are all too busy being scared of what other people think to wear anything out of the box. Step in my brother’s girlfriend, whom I like to think is of the same ilk as I (The Don’t-Give-an-Eff Brigade), who is ridiculously excited to have purchased a pair of Irregular Choice shoes and is therefore wearing them on Christmas Day.
Honestly, I have never heard outrage like the reaction my extended family gave her, telling her they were disgusting and that they wouldn’t go with anything and that they can’t imagine who would pay that much for a pair of ugly shoes. This made me angry, and I felt the need to share this with them all by going off on a huge rant about individuality, on Christmas Day, to my drunk relatives. It just really irritates me that people can be so small-minded about something as personal as individual style, especially over a pair of beautiful shoes. To me, it really is the shoes that make an outfit – you could have the most on-trend, lovely outfit but if you’re wearing the wrong shoes it just doesn’t look right.
So, my choice of shoe is an Irregular Choice one and the most dazzling one at that, if I had these shoes upon my feet I feel that me and my brother’s girlfriend could start a style war. There is safety in numbers.
And who knows, maybe if we were to surround the ‘non-believers’ with beautiful shoes they might join us on the darkside?


Nails of the Week

A jelly sandwich. One coat of Sinful Colors Daddy’s Girl, then a coat of Revlon’s Facet’s of Fuchsia, then another coat of Daddy’s Girl. Daddy’s Girl is a jelly nail polish so works well over glitters, it kind of makes it look like the Facet’s of Fuchsia is floating. This was super tricky to photograph and it looks so much better in real life! Much more glittery!


Sunday Sounds #5

Here's what I've been listening to this week:

Billy Talent - Red Flag

Sean Paul - Temperature

Biffy Clyro - Who's Got a Match?

What have you been listening to this week?



Today I have spent a lot of time thinking about the past. When I was at university I was the happiest that I've ever been, seeing my best friend every day and just being myself. I loved the independence of living on my own and being able to do whatever I wanted when I wanted to. Now that I'm home I just feel strangled by all these people expecting me to just slot back into place, but it's not that easy. I've been to the other side now and I much preferred it. And on that happy note I thought I'd share the YouTube videos that me and Vicki made on our last days of 3rd year. The happiest time of my life.

We were such idiots. But the best idiots.



I had never heard of SAVE THE NAIL until the other day when I was browsing Boots for a new topcoat. I had been using a No. 7 one that had gone all gloopy and nicht gut so the time for a new one was nigh. I really like the fast drying topcoats that claim to dry your nails in seconds and the ones that you can apply when your basecoat is still wet. Step in 45 SECOND TOPCOAT.
Initially I picked this up because of the packaging, I love it when things are packaged in brown paper. Easily pleased. I was also intrigued by the ‘45 SECOND’ aspect too, as it was the shortest time advertised compared to the rest of the selection. The price did put me off a bit, it’s £6.95 which I believe is a bit much for a topcoat but it was pay day and I did need one so in the basket it went.
What They Say
- Touch dry nails in only 45 seconds
- contains UV absorbers to protect from colour fading
- contains acrylic resin to help provide a chip resistant and durable coating
- Shake gently
- Apply one coat over your nail polish
- Can also be used to top up and refresh your manicure for improved durability and shine
- Alternatively, use on natural nails for a natural glossy look
-When using on natural nails, always apply to clean, dry nails.
What I Thought
-It really does dry your nails quickly, I can do one hand and by the time that I’ve finished the other the first are dry.
- It does only dry the top layer though, so if you have multiple layers of polish on be careful!
- It leaves a lovely glossy finish
- It does stop chips for a reasonable amount of time, up to 5 days sometimes!
Would I Buy It Again?
If you want to get your hands on this marvellous topcoat then head to your nearest Boots store, it’s the only place that I can find that sells it!
Also selected SAVE THE NAIL products are on a 1/3rd off offer at the momento so you can get the topcoat for just £4.63!
Have you tried anything from SAVE THE NAIL?
What’s your favourite topcoat?


Face and Outfit of the Day



On my face: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation|Pixi Gel liner in a dark green|Benefit Coralista|Lush Chilli Lip Tint

My outfit: Scarf – H&M|Cardi & Skirt – Dorothy Perkins|T Shirt – Primark|Boots – River Island


My Hairstory


1 month old – hairless


About 9 months old – Still hairless


1ish – Some hair! Very light blonde. Also check the outfit out! Hello tartan and a christmas jumper!


2 or 3? – sporting very short very blonde hair


9 years old – still blonde, much darker though and with a fringe!


Pretty sure I was about 15 here, the date is wrong! – Blonde with pink and blue


15 – Pink with black streaks underneath


15 years old – light brown


16 years old – brown with foresty green


Still 16 – brown with bright green


17 years old – Had bright green hair all over for a few weeks until the dye made me have an allergic reaction!


17 again – back to blonde/yellow


17 some more – Purple!


18 – Long and red with a fringe


18 again – bit brighter red (check out my war wound!)


19? – shoulder length and reddy brown


19 again – really short and red


19 some more – shoulder length and dark brown

random 002

21 – Long, curly and dark brown


22 – still long and brown

Chanel Rouge Coco - 22 - Paris

22 – I had it chopped off to just above my shoulders, still a browny colour


23 – Here’s what we have now, just below the shoulders and red (it’s a little bit redder now actually!)


Holy moly that was a lot of pictures! Pretty fun to sit and look at how i’ve changed over the years though!

Have you done a post like this? If you have link it below I’d love to check it out!