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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Spring Nail Varnish Picks


Spring has most definitely sprung hasn’t it? It was lovely at the weekend and this prompted me to pick out my favourite nail polishes for warmer climes. I’ve predictably chosen a selection of pastel colours and two of my favourite glitters for layering.

kj 004

kj 014

What are your favourite nail polishes for Springtime?

If you’ve done a post like this please leave me a link, I love a bit of nail polish porn!


Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb - £3.15
Twilight is a bath bomb that is best for night times in my opinion, it has a light lavender scent mixed with something that I can only describe as the smell of Horlicks. The key ingredients in this bath bomb are lavender oil, Tonka oil and it is scented with top notes of caramel and malt. That’ll be where the Horlicks-esque smell comes from then! I used this bath bomb before bed time on a Sunday night and found that it really did help me to relax and become more sleepy (If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I always struggle to sleep on Sundays!).
The bath bomb takes about 5 minutes to completely fizz away and it leaves the bath with a blue purple tint to it – I didn’t notice any sparkles but there is some listed in the ingredients so maybe I just missed out! The outside of Twilight is a lovely pink shade with moons and stars all over it but once popped in the bath it breaks open to reveal a fizzy blue centre which is what colours the bath water.
Using Twilight was a lovely experience and even though I’m not a fan of Lavender scents I will definitely be trying it again.
Have you tried Twilight?
Let me know your favourite Lush products?


Meet the Menagerie.

Horse, Gold Squirrel & Marie – H&M|Perspex Squirrel & Owl – Primark|Wolf – Maggie Angus
Bunny, Owl, Large Butterfly & Gold Bird – Primark|Fox – Maggie Angus|Small Butterfly – Market|Bird Portrait – New Look
I have a thing about animal jewellery, I just can’t resist it. This is not my entire collection of animal themed pieces I have a couple more necklaces and another owl ring somewhere too. My favourite little critter has to be the little gold squirrel necklace, I bought it from H&M a couple of years ago and it’s lovely for popping on with other necklaces to give a layered effect.
Do you like animal themed jewellery?


The Best 85p I’ve ever spent.

If you’re a long term reader of Paperbacks & Postcards you’ll remember a post I did about this product back in the day, I thought that as I’ve got a lot more readers to inform nowadays I’d do an update.
This is basically a nail polish addict’s dream in a little pot, it’s used for removing nail polish and is particularly effective at removing those pesky glitter’s!
All you have to do is pop your finger inside of the pot and wiggle it around against the sponge for a little while and when you pull your finger out all of the nail polish is gone! It’s brilliant – I couldn’t use a nail polish remover pad/cotton wool to remove my nail polish now as this is so easy! Although, when removing a glitter polish you do have to leave your finger inside of the pot a little longer and rub it against the sponge more firmly but this is so much easier than trying to remove glitter polishes in the traditional way.
The product also has a pretty tolerable scent – not too chemically. The pot states that this product is peach scented – maybe chemical peaches! The only problem with it is that it leaves the nails quite dry so it’s good to have a nail oil/cream to pop on after you’ve used it.

You can buy Fast & Fruity Nail Polish Remover from Home Bargains for 85p

Have you tried this product? Or anything similar?








Pantera – Walk

To be honest, I’m not expecting many of you to like this song (Although I do like surprises!) I picked it because it reminds me of going out and dancing like an idiot. It takes a certain level of drunkenness to be brave enough to foxtrot to Pantera or chicken dance to Metallica, a level of drunkenness that allows one to ignore the stares from the ‘metal heads’ and to give anyone that gets in your way an elbow to the back. That level of drunkenness can only be achieved when you have your best friend, a litre of vodka flowing through your veins and about 10 shots of Sambuca. This song is one of the best. Give it a listen, you might be surprised.

Download it from iTunes here





Similar to last week, I haven’t really been watching much TV again. I’ve actually spent most of this week watching Romeo + Juliet (The Baz Luhrmann one), think I watched it almost every day! That film has an amazing soundtrack! So I will share with you one of my all time favourite TV shows, Peep Show. I could seriously watch Peep Show all day long, sometimes I do, and I know nearly all of the words. In my opinion the first 4 seasons are the best, I love first 2 in particular. Me and my best friend like to pick characters in TV shows and become them (yep, we’re weird) in Peep Show I am Mark because he’s more serious lol. Although I relate to Jeremy too, I think that’s what’s amazing about the TV show – everyone can relate to it. I love the internal monologues too, such a good concept and so funny. I also love the theme tune.

You can buy the complete series 1-7 box set here



Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Make-up item of the week is my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette, I bought this from BuyaPowa a few weeks ago and I’ve been loving it ever since (Although I did have to re-press one of the shadows as it was broken on arrival!). I like that there is a mix of neutrals and brights, shimmer and matte shades. I use this nearly every day for creating a day time look for work. My favourite shadows are: Flow, Deep End, Deeper and M.I.A.



Wired Jewellery

My shop of the week this week is Wired Jewellery, I’ve been aware of the brand since I met the lovely owner, Faye, at a blogger meet up in November. The brand has grown so much since then and I’m sure some of you will have already checked out the amazing jewellery that Faye hand makes. There are a variety of different collections in the shop, my favourites being the chalkboard and gemstones. My favourite product by Wired Jewellery has to be the above-knuckle rings – these are becoming really popular now and Faye’s shop is the only place that I’ve found a wide variety of them. I have this one and really, really want the little peace sign one too! Everything is priced really reasonably too and the packaging is lovely!

Check out Wired Jewellery here

Faye’s blog here

And her Twitter here 

6onsundayevent                                           kmm 007   kmm 017

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to go to a blogger’s event at the Windle & Moodie salon in Covent Garden, it was swish! The event was in aid of a new hairstyle that the salon have developed for Spring/Summer – The Lazy Blow Dry. More to come on that next week, but let’s just say that I was too cack-handed to get the hang of it in the salon and the stylist, Jake?, was very patient with me and ended up doing my hair for me in the end! Hopefully I’ll be more successful in my bedroom!

I had an amazing time at the event and met some lovely bloggers (Maria, Becca and Fritha) while I was there, thanks Modus!

Windle & Moodie



Blog of the week goes to Mabel Time which is a blog written by Mabel, the palest girl in Florida, and is one that I thoroughly enjoy. Mabel has got great vintage style and every single blog post that she writes leaves me yearning for a bit of that retro 50s style, she is also hilarious and makes me giggle frequently. Also let’s not forget to mention that she’s bloody beautiful too, I don’t think that there is anything that she can’t do! Mabel posts mostly about fashion but sometimes about hair and beauty too, each post also contains life updates and sometimes a peek at her cats too!

My favourite post is this one which features her sunglasses collection, I am a sunglasses whore so this post was literally like porn to me :)

Check out Mabel Time here



100 Day Challenge.

Totally inspired by the lovely Dani I have decided to take part in the 100 day no spending challenge. Why? Because every single month I squander away all of my wages, every single penny. At the age of 23 (nearly 24, although not that nearly) I feel that I should have some kind of money saved somewhere, at the moment I just have a £1,000 maxed out overdraft and about 20p in my NatWest savings account. Set up for life there!

And let’s be honest people, I spend my money on a load of crap. I have nothing to show for my (almost) 2 years in employment post-uni, except a few lipsticks and eye shadows. It’s ridiculous. Now I don’t earn a huge wage ( I get about £700 a month for working 27.5 hours) so god knows what I’d be like if I earned more. But it needs to stop. I go shopping and pay for everything on my card without even looking at the amount on the screen!

No more shopping. No more takeaways. No more magazines that never get read. No more impulse buying songs from iTunes. No more blog sale purchases. NO MORE.

Like Dani, I’m going to allow some exceptions to the rule:

  • Food (but not takeaways or snacks)
  • Birthday presents
  • Travel
  • My monthly trips to Preston (I spend about £100 each time with travel/accommodation/vodka money but this is pretty much the only time I socialise, so not giving that up!)
  • Essentials (deodorant, shampoo etc. but ONLY if I don’t already have a replacement hidden somewhere!)
  • Interview outfit (If I’m lucky enough to get an interview for my PGCE!)
  • A new foundation (Mine is very nearly all gone)
  • I’m going to allow myself to spend my Boots points too.

I need to save up money so that I can move out sooner rather than later, and I also need to pay off that pesky overdraft! Also if I get onto my PGCE course I will need some money to, you know, live off.

I will be making a list of all of the things that I would have bought had I not been on the spending ban and will be treating myself to a few things once it’s over.

The end of my 100 days is the 27th June.

I started the challenge last Sunday and so far so good, I have 10 things on my list though! Although I haven’t actually been in the vicinity of any shops yet. That’s when I’ll find it the most challenging I think as I usually just buy things on autopilot.

Here is a link to the lovely Dani’s post: http://www.ablogfromblackpool.com/2012/02/100-day-challenge.html

Wish me luck!


FOTD feat Rimmel Traffic Stopping Eye Shadows

randoms 220
I received these eye shadows when I attended the launch of some new products by Rimmel, it wasn’t until this week that I had the chance to play with them though. I wish I had sooner; this trio of eye shadows is perfect for work – it’s all you need! The shadows are really lovely to work with too and I like that you’ve got all your bases covered (lid, crease, highlight) in one teeny palette. The white highlight colour is a beaut too, it’s got a lovely gold pearlescent shimmer to it which is stunning. I think it’d be nice all over the lid too, might have to try that tomorrow actually. I have yet to try the shadows wet but the lovely lady that I was speaking to at the launch demonstrated them and they looked immense – don’t have time for that in the mornings before work though!
Have you tried these eye shadows yet?
*PR Sample

Shielo Hair Products

I was contacted by the folks at Shielo a while ago now to review some of their products, this was actually so along ago that I’ve used up one of the products already!
Shielo started off as a salon-only brand that began selling to the masses in 2007, they have developed certain technologies that help to keep our hair looking and feeling great. The Strand Guard Technology protects the hair from environmental factors that often strip hair of colour, moisture and radiance. This technology uses anti-oxidants and sunscreens to stop these environmental factors affecting your hair. Shielo have also developed Spatial Expanse Technology that aims to give hair added volume, strength and flexibility by targeting weak, damaged hair. Shielo products are also very concentrated, meaning that a little bit of product goes a long way. They are also cruelty free and try to use naturally derived ingredients as a base to their products.
Sounds good, right?
I was sent two products, the Antioxidant Leave In Protectant and the Hydrate Sealing Mist:
This product is designed to strengthen the hair whilst creating texture and protecting it from the elements. It contains vitamins, proteins and amino acids to fortify the hair and provide UV protection. This product is for deep natural hair colours and colour-treated hair and is great at reducing frizz and protecting the hair whilst using styling tools.
Key Ingredients
• UV Protectants and natural antioxidants from White Tea enhance color protection.
• Shea Butter adds a protective moisture barrier to seal the hair shaft.
• Innovative Wheat Crosspolymer creates an invisible safety net around each hair to shield color, increase flexibility and reduce breakage.
Directions: Mist throughout clean, towel-dried hair For best color protection, comb through to ends to deeply preserve. Do not rinse. Style as usual. Can be used throughout the day.
I have been using the product since I received it every time that I’ve washed my hair and I love it. I’ve noticed that my hair colour has been fading much less than usual and also it seems softer and shinier after I’ve used this product. It also smells amazing, like coconut!
This product is special, it can be used on the hair and skin! For the hair it adds hydration and is excellent for adding shine throughout the day. For the skin it can be used as a toner, or to set make-up. It contains a delicate blend of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera that lock in moisture and add vital nutrients.
For skin: Spray generously on face and body after bath or shower. Can be used on bare skin or sprayed over makeup to set and keep fresh. Position bottle 6-8 inches from skin prior to applying the mist.
For hair: Spray on wet hair and comb through for an exceptional moisture sealing before styling. Spray on dry hair to revitalize style.
This product is brilliant for keeping in your handbag, I’ve been using mine to give my hair a boost throughout the day – whenever it’s getting a bit frizzy a spritz of this really revitalises the style. I’ve also been using it on my second day hair in the mornings when I’m trying to fashion some kind of up do. I have tried the product as a make-up setting spray too but didn’t notice that it prolonged the wear of my make-up.
Shipping to the UK is quite pricey – about £8 but it depends what you buy, if you buy more products shipping will cost more. I think a flat-rate might be more useful to international customers as it’s this that would prevent me from buying more products in the future. But for all you US ladies I totally recommend Shielo products – they seem to work wonders on my hair!
Have you heard of Shielo?
Would you ever consider shipping products from another country if they were really good?
*PR Sample


NOTW: Revlon Sparkling


Revlon have launched some new shades of nail varnish recently and Sparkling is one of them, isn’t it a beaut? It’s the same kind of nail varnish as the famed Facets of Fuchsia but in my opinion it is much prettier. This is a multi-glitter polish, there is tiny bits of pink glitter, even tinier pieces of holographic glitter and then the large hexagonal glitter that seems to feature in all new glitter polishes of late. I really like the shade of pink used, it’s more of a dark, muted pink than a bright Barbie shade. Sparkling applied like a dream, one coat gave a nice covering of glitter – even the hex pieces. The base of the polish is clear though so it does look better over another colour, I chose to pop it over Nails Inc Jermyn Street as it has a similar tone to the Sparkling shade. You definitely need a topcoat though as the glitter dries all rough and I imagine it would catch on things (v. annoying!).
Have you tried any of the new nail varnishes from Revlon?
What have you got on your nails this week?


A Peek into My Lingerie Drawer–feat. Simply Beach

I was introduced to the Simply Beach website a couple of weeks ago and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, they have just launched a Lingerie section. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I was moaning about the fact that I’d just had to throw away my only black bra as it had pretty much fallen apart! Enter Simply Beach. I browsed the site and was very pleased to find that they offer a wide range of sizes, I have a pretty large chest so sometimes it’s difficult to find bra’s that fit properly but the range in the Lingerie department on the Simply Beach website is extensive, sizes 28C-44G. The prices of all the pieces is really reasonable too, about £20 for a bra. The site offers a great range of brands from Elle Macpherson to Wonderbra with something for everyone in between.
Here is a peak at what I ordered:
The quality of the pieces I ordered is excellent and they’ve been through the wash a few times since I received them and they still look perfect.
The delivery costs are also very reasonable just £1.99 for standard delivery, with express and next day delivery options available for a few pounds more. I opted for express delivery and my parcel arrived the very next day ( I ordered in the morning, before noon), impressive. The parcel was delivered by a courier and I received tracking information and a text telling me a time slot too, my nan also said the courier was attractive. Although pretty sure you won’t get the same one unless you live near me!
The returns policy is a standard 28 days from despatch, and a refund or exchange is offered.
Have you ever ordered from Simply Beach?
Do you prefer to order lingerie online or buy it from a shop?
*I was contacted by the company to write this post, as always all views are my own.


Topshop Cream Blusher

Unless you’ve been living under some kind of rock (who thought of that phrase? How can you live under a rock?!) you will be aware that Topshop now do make-up, and some jolly good make-up at that! They are famed for their cream blushers and I just had to give them a try. I love them, they are reasonably priced (£6) have a great cream-to-powder formula and the shade range is extensive. I have three to talk about today but if I lived nearer a Topshop that stocked make-up I’m pretty sure I’d have the whole collection!
Pinch is a very bright pink colour that is very pigmented, you have to be really careful when applying this as you can look a bit clown-like if you put to much on. I’ve also found that this makes a lovely matte lipstick if you put it on your lips.

Head Over Heels
Head Over Heels is a peachy-pink shade that is lovely when applied, it gives a nice colour and really seems to wake the skin up. I’ve also used this as a lip colour and it looked fab!
Neon Rose
A lovely coral shade that is more orange leaning than pink, it’s a beaut. Not too bright but bright enough to be a statement if you want it to be, it can also be really blended out to a more natural peachy shade similar to Head Over Heels.
Have you tried any of Topshop’s cream blushers?
What are you favourite cream cheek products?




To be honest, I’m amazed that I’ve kept this up for three weeks in a row! And thanks again for all of the lovely comments on last week’s post, I’m so pleased that you are all enjoying these posts as I really enjoy putting them together.

This week I had some good news, my manager at work finally wrote my reference for my PGCE application (I asked him to in October…) so fingers crossed that I get an interview! I’m so excited! Working as a Teaching Assistant has really made me want to be a teacher – I’d never even considered it before I got this job! A post on my job will be up later this week!


Plan B – ill Manors

A controversial one maybe, but as soon as I heard this song and saw the video I was captivated. The song is about the youth of Britain, the underclass, and how they are treated by society. As a Sociology graduate this is something that I’m interested in, I think Plan B has really understood the plight of the young people in this country and although their actions should not be excused it really is not their fault. The lyrics of the song are amazing, and really highlight the discrimination and alienation that these people have to deal with.

Ben (Plan B) also did an interview with Radio 1 Extra about the song which is available here, it’s really interesting and definitely worth a listen.


I haven’t really been watching much TV this week, but I have been listening to old podcasts. In particular, The Russell Brand Radio Show ones, they are my actual most favourite thing to listen to. I’ve listened to them all countless times, I can quote them at the drop of a hat. I’ve also been listening to the really old 6 Music podcasts with Trevor Lock, which are possibly my favourites as they’re so funny. It broke my heart when the radio show got axed as it was my favourite thing to listen to on the way to uni on Monday mornings – really cheered me up! But I guess I will always have the podcasts to listen to. Also it was through listening to these that I was introduced to the hotty that is Matt Morgan – dream man. That is all.

Here is a sneaky link to the entire back catalogue of podcasts. Shh.

Did you listen to the Russell Brand Radio Show when it was on?

Have you got a favourite podcast?


089 097

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Stick – Blush

I bought this lipstick from eBay a couple of weeks ago and it has become my new every day lipstick. It’s one of those ‘my lips but better’ colours, but a little more brown toned. The formula is really creamy and it has quite a glossy finish but it’s not sticky at all.



My shop of the week this week is Sitting Pretty, which is run by the lovely Claire who writes a blog of the same name. I’ve been a fan of Claire’s blog for a long time now and was delighted when I saw the jewellery stocked in her shop. Claire sells a range of lovely handmade necklaces, earrings and bracelets which are all very fashion-forward featuring crosses, peace signs and geometric shapes. The prices of her pieces are very reasonable too, the most expensive thing being £7!



As it’s Mother’s Day today, I thought that I’d mention mine. I’d like to say thank you for being there for the last 23 years and even though we’ve had our difficulties in the past I’m glad that little Gracie has brought us back together as a family again. We don’t say it very often but, I love you!



Blog of the week this week is Good Morning, Angel which is written by the lovely Elodie (Pretty sure that’s her name, anyway!) or L. as she goes by on the blog. I was lucky enough to meet her at the #ZOMGBloggersbash back in January and I’ve been in love with her blog ever since. She has amazing fashiony posts, with OOTD’s in abundance. She is also running a feature on black lipsticks at the moment that is amazing! I love her make-up posts too – something about the looks she does really appeals to my inner alternative/gothling. The photos on her blog are truly wonderful too and they are taken by her boyfriend whose tumblr you can find here.

My favourite post of hers is this one, as it has some amazing photography and I love the outfit and hairstyle.


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