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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Face of the Day–Smoky Browns

I hardly ever wear brown eye shadow on my eyes, if I’m going out I’ll always wear a black smoky eye (or just winged liner) but I love the way that this looks. It really enhances my eye colour and I love all the shimmery eye shadows blended together, especially that brow bone highlight! Love it.
All the shadows used were from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette – I can’t remember which ones precisely though but I think it’s just a concoction of all of the neutrals!
What do you think?




I thought we’d have a new look to this week’s Six on Sunday post, how do you like it? I also think that I’m going to start publishing the post at this time every week so as to catch you all just before/after #bbloggers on Twitter (which is a weekly chat for beauty bloggers on twitter which has a different theme each week and is usually really good!) and give you something to read while you wait. Good plan, no?


 Razorlight – Golden Touch

This song is one of my all-time favourites, I don’t know what it is about it but it just reminds me of being 17 and having BBQ’s in fields and snuggling in sleeping bags with boys. Those were the days.

Do you have songs that have this effect on you?


Russell Brand On The Road – BBC 2 about 4 years ago…

With the excitement of the new On The Road film coming out soon I was reminded of the documentary that Russell Brand and Matt Morgan did a few years ago where they travelled around America visiting the places that Jack Kerouac did in the book. It’s a hilarious documentary but is also informative and is really well made, definitely worth a watch if you’re interested in the Beats and Jack Kerouac or if you’re just a Russell Brand fan!

It’s available on You Tube in 7 parts here



Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar

The Comforter is a long time favourite of mine, it smells amazing – all blackcurranty and lovely. It makes your bath all pink and full of bubbles too, and one bar can last for ages – I normally get about 8 baths out of each one. I am about to hop into a bath with one of these, they are perfect for Sunday nights.

What is your favourite Lush bath bomb/bubble bar?


The defining event of my week this week was popping along to NatWest yesterday and reducing my overdraft limit to £500, now this might not sound like a particularly amazing achievement but for me it is. Two years ago I graduated from university with a £2,000 maxed out overdraft. I think I had about £30 of it left over when I graduated. Not a good place to be my friends. I have been steadily reducing it in £500 chunks ever since I started my job, and this was the third one – much quicker than I imagined it would be too – I’m so proud of myself! Next time I get paid I will actually have money in the positive, for the first time ever. I cannot wait!




I’m sure that you’ve all heard about Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) and Zoe’s (Zoella) new venture by now but if not, here you go. Louise and Zoe have decided to open an online shop selling their favourite things, and the first things that they are stocking are the Bdellium make-up brushes that I’ve heard some amazing things about – if I didn’t already have hundreds of brushes I’d definitely be buying some. I think it’s important to support other blogger’s in their ventures and wish the girls the very best of luck!

Will you be buying any brushes from Louella?



Jimmi Lou – International Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

Joanne’s blog is a blog that I have long admired, she has amazing style and her outfit posts are therefore must-reads in my books. Joanne also posts about beauty and lifestyle and does occasional haul posts too. She has just started doing a weekly ‘week in pictures’ post too, which are always my favourite posts to read as you get to know the blogger much better!

Check out Jimmi Lou here

What have you been up to this week?


MAC Vanilla Pigment VS Barry M Gold Iridescent Dazzle Dust

Way back in February I did a post on the Barry M Gold Iridescent Dazzle Dust (here) and mentioned that it reminded my of the MAC pigment in Vanilla. So, I thought that I would do a comparison post with the two products to see just how similar they are.
037Left: Barry M Gold Iridescent Dazzle Dust Right: MAC Vanilla Pigment
As you can see from the image above the texture of these two products is different, the Dazzle Dust is much more glittery than the Pigment. The pigment provides an even finish with a lovely duo-chrome warm gold tone, the Dazzle Dust has a similar gold tone but due to the glittery finish it doesn’t appear as even and you can still see the white base colour in the swatch. The Dazzle Dust is lot more vibrant than the Pigment and catches the light better than the subtle pigment; when the light shines on the Dazzle Dust it appears a bright gold shade.
Left: Barry M Dazzle Dust – Gold Iridescent Right: MAC Pigment – Vanilla
When they are blended in I think you can see the difference a lot better, the Dazzle Dust is so much more shimmery than the pigment – it catches the light beautifully. As you can see, the MAC pigment is a lot more subtle and just gives a nice glow without being too full on. This makes it excellent as a cheek highlight, whereas I wouldn’t dream of putting the Dazzle Dust on my cheeks.
Left: Barry M Dazzle Dust – Gold Iridescent  Right: MAC Pigment – Vanilla
I think that this image shows that the two products have the same base colour and that the Dazzle Dust is just an amped up more glittery version.
Here is what the two products look like when worn on the eyes:
Left: MAC Vanilla Pigment Right: Barry M Gold Iridescent Dazzle Dust
On the eyes the two products look very different, the Pigment has more of a pearlescent shade with a subtle hint of gold when it hits the light and the Dazzle Dust looks more gold and sparkly.
To round it up:
- The two products have a similar gold tone.
- The Dazzle Dust is much more glittery
- The Pigment is more subtle and glowy
- The Dazzle Dust has a more ‘gold’ appearance when the light hits it
- The Pigment is more pearlescent
I think that if you want a multi-purpose product go for the MAC Pigment but if you just want an eye product go for the Barry M Dazzle Dust as it’s incredibly pretty on the eyes.
Have you tried either of these products?
What did you think?


TOPSHOP Sisters of the New Moon–Crystal Magical Lip Tint

kkjkjk 024
kkjkjk 029
kkjkjk 034
I’ve had this little beauty for a while now and thought it was time to talk about it. This is one of those lip tint that reacts to your lips to turn a unique shade of pink. I love this kind of thing, the Barry M TMLP Lip Paint is one of my most favourite things, and this is pretty much the same thing but with added glitter. GLITTER.
As you can see, the lipstick itself is a sort of a see-through jelly consistency and packed with glitter. To be honest, it was this that made me buy it, it’s so pretty! I also love the outer case, it’s different for a lipstick and makes it feel all dreamy and magical. The plastic does feel quite cheap though.
The lipstick applies as quite a sheer tint and is a mid-toned bright pink on my lips, the glitter doesn’t really come off on the lips either (bonus for me, can’t stand uber-glittery lips!). The formula is quite smoothing on the lips and isn’t overly drying or sticky feeling, the tint lasts for quite a long time too. This aspect makes the lipstick perfect for work, I can’t be doing with faffing with re-applying lipstick while I’m there.
This lipstick costs £9 which I think is a bit steep for a ‘drugstore’ brand lippie! But I guess it is limited edition and I’ve never seen a prettier lipstick!
You can buy the lipstick from Topshop stores, but I hear it’s becoming quite a feat to find one. Although I got mine from TS Oxford Circus and there were loads at the time!
Have you picked this lippie up?
Would you pay £9 for a drugstore lipstick?


FOTD: Neutral Smoky Eye

Barry M Gold Iridescent Dazzle Dust all over the lid.
MAC Blackberry Eye Shadow in the crease and blended out, also along the lower lashline.
MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara.
What do you think?



We’re off down memory lane again today (I live there most of the time actually!), to a time when getting up at 7am was a rarity, so much of a rarity that when it came to my weekly 9am Monday morning lecture there was no way that I was walking there. The journey to uni from my house involved many hills and busy roads that were just too much to handle being the hard-done-by student that I was, and so I often chose the taxi option.
Now,  you’d think that the taxi companies of Preston would like a bit of easy money (basically driving me around the corner for about a fiver) but whenever I phoned up they always seemed surprised at my request. This was even worse when we arrived at my uni building and I had to give them the money – those drivers always seemed annoyed by the little money that I owed – you’d think they’d appreciate the extra cash for such an easy job! and they nearly always made a comment about my laziness (which in hindsight was very, very true).
But when I was contacted by Get Taxi the first thought that entered my head was “I wish this service had existed when I was at uni!”, I would have been Get Taxi’s main customer. You see, with Get Taxi all of the work is done by a little iPhone/Android/Blackberry app. I bloody love technology. No talking to people on the phone = no one to judge a short journey.
Basically you just download the little app and you can use it to get a taxi where ever you are, it uses your phones GPS service to locate you and then sends the nearest taxi to where ever you are. You even get to see whereabouts the taxi is on the map that is a part of the app and it gives you a countdown in time and miles to when your taxi will arrive. When the taxi does arrive you get a message sent to you with the car registration number,car type & colour,the driver’s name, photo and their phone number so you know who you’re looking for. All taxi drivers are registered too, so the service is safe and secure to use.
A big positive for me is the fact that you can pay for your taxi by card! You can attach your card to your account when you download the app, which means you don’t actually need any cash to pay with when you get in the taxi; this is always a problem I face when taxi-ing about. Although you can also pay by cash if you like (This reminds me of the wonder that is Just-Eat – when that arrived in our lives at uni, our takeaway consumption quadrupled).
At the momento, Get Taxi is only available in London in the UK but I think there are plans to branch it out over the country soon enough. I’ve not tried the service yet but I plan to next time I’m in London, I’m always getting lost on the underground and sometimes it’s just as quick to get a taxi – I think this service could prove very useful in those circumstances!
Visit the Get Taxi website for more information here
Would you ever try out a service like this?
Do you use taxi’s often? Before I went to uni I hardly ever did!
*I was contacted by the company involved to mention this service, but I think it’s a jolly good one!


Top 5: Springtime Lipsticks

Someone mentioned on my giveaway post that they missed my ‘Top 5’ series where I used to pick 5 things that I was liking in the shops at that time, I thought I’d review the series and do some more ‘Top 5’ posts – this time concentrating on some of my favourite products.
To get the ball rolling we’ve got my Top 5 Springtime lipsticks:
1|L’Occitane Pivoine Delicate Lipstick in the shade 02 (Post here)
This is the most natural shade in my Top 5 and it’s included as it’s a perfect ‘everyday’ shade, you don’t have to think about wearing this lipstick at all and it’s perfect to mute out the lips when you’re wearing a more defined eye. The formula is brilliant, it leaves the lips with a nice sheen but isn’t sticky at all.
2|17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in the shade Pink Power
This is my all-time favourite bright pink lipstick. I have been wearing it for about four years now and whenever the sun get’s his hat out of hibernation you will find this upon my lips. It’s the perfect shade of fuchsia for both daytime and nights out (particularly lovely with a silver smoky eye). The formula is lovely too, it’s a semi-matte finish that sticks around on the lips for hours!
3|MAC Lipstick in the shade Toxic Tale (LE)
I’m afraid that this shade was limited edition (Venomous Villains) but if you can get your hands on it you will not regret it. It’s the perfect pink-toned coral lipstick and last summer this was constantly on my face, it’s quite bright but I wore it in the daytime for work with a neutral eye with no funny looks from my colleagues/the students. It’s a satin formula so lasts quite a long time without wearing too noticeably but can be drying if your lips aren’t in tip-top condition.
4|MAC Lipstick in the shade Lady Danger
Orange-toned red. In summer I prefer my red lipsticks to be more warm-toned as I prefer warm-toned blushers too. This lipstick is a matte formula and sticks around for ages on the lips, the orange tone to it does tend to make your teeth look a little yellow though but if you can work with that this lipstick is a winner.
5|Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Kiss Me Coral
This lipstick is definitely an orange-based coral, I’d even be tempted to say that there is hardly any red in it at all. Compared to Lady Danger and Toxic Tale it appears straight up orange and for that I love it. Orange is the colour of the spring/summer this year and I imagine that this lipstick will look amazing with a tan. The formula is lovely, it has a sheeny finish but is incredibly opaque and lasts a decent enough time on the lips too.
What are your favourite lipsticks for Spring?
Have you tried any of the lipsticks that I have mentioned?





The Sunshine Underground – Commercial Breakdown

The Sunshine Underground always remind me of summer, I think this is probably because I saw them at a few festivals when I was 16/17/didn’t care about sleeping in a tent for 5 days… And I would like it to be summer now please, all this rain puts me in a rubbish mood!





The Undateables – Channel 4 

I spent the whole of last night watching the first three episodes of this programme and I was glued to the laptop, it is such a good TV programme. I don’t know whether it’s because I work with young people with learning difficulties/disabilities that makes it appeal to me or just that it’s an interesting topic but I think the documentary is very well made and doesn’t seem (to me) to be making a mockery of such people which is sometimes an issue.

Definitely worth a watch.



My favourite product of the week is a perfume this week, and not just any perfume. A perfume from the Disney Store! Yep, a perfume aimed at children/linen I think. But I adore it. It’s called Wonder and some of the teddies that the shop sell smell like it! It was this that made me fall in love with the scent – I almost bought Gracie a Thumper teddy just so that I could smell the scent of Wonder whenever I liked, until I found a little selection of fragrances on the till!

To me, the perfume smells like lemonade, it’s super sweet and childlike but I love it! The scent lingers on the skin for quite a while too. Although it is quite sticky when you first spray it on which is a little odd.

The Wonder perfume costs £14 available here

There are also other products in the range here




OLIVE AND FRANK is a unique jewellery website that houses a collection of pieces which are all handmade by independent jewellery designers worldwide. The team at OLIVE AND FRANK handpicks every single item and every designer featured on the site based on the visual appeal and quality/craftsmanship. There is definitely something for everyone on the site from dainty gold necklaces to multi-coloured friendship bracelets.

Check the website out here


I bought an iPad!

I’m not one for super extravagant purchases, to be honest I’d rather spend my money on lots of little things. But I have wanted an iPad for a long, long time and I had finally saved enough pennies to go and get one the other day. I just got the iPad 2 as it was cheaper and the only real difference was the retina display thingammy and that doesn’t bother me as I’ve had a cracked iPhone for almost a year anyway! But so far, I love it – it will be really useful for taking on train journeys I think as it’s much lighter than my laptop.

If you have any app recommendations let me know : )


Frivolity At It’s Finest – UK Lifestyle Blog


Ever since I met Elena at the #ZOMGBloggersBash back in January I think she’s had about 4,000 3? different blog changes and each time I’ve been captivated by her witty and informative writing style. Elena posts her outfits sometimes(not often enough…) her daily make-up, and general chit-chatty lifestyle type posts and I could quite easily read her blog from start to finish in one go as it’s so well written. In fact one day I did, when I found out that she had moved to a new blog without me noticing!

I’ve picked Elena’s blog this week as I think we all need to encourage her to keep going with it!

Check it out here.




NOTW: Nail Wraps by Myleene Klass


I bought these nail wraps from Wilkinson’s the other day and to be honest they were a total waste of money. They were really difficult to apply, they were too thick really and kept wrinkling up – you can see this on the index finger. It was impossible the file the excess off neatly too and the edges were all rough and messy and kept catching on things. I had these on for one day and then had to peel them off as they were annoying me so much! The colour also faded loads in that one day and they were nowhere near as vibrant a blue shade at the end of it.
Don’t waste your money girls!

Can you recommend me a good brand of nail wraps?


Let’s Twist Again–A Hair Style

Hello no make-up. I wore my hair like this a couple of weeks ago when we had that really hot weather and I could not be doing with my hair all up in my face. It’s pretty simple and messy but is a lot more interesting than my usual hairstyles (down/pony tail). I think it could be tarted up for summer by adding some flowers behind the twist or by the ear.
If you would like a tutorial on this hairstyle let me know, it’s really easy!


Ol’ Blue Eyes

I used Deep End from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette all over the lid, then Evidence from the same palette in the outer corner, crease and lower-lash line and finally a pale gold shade in the inner corner of the eye to brighten it up a bit.
I did wear this in the daytime and got a few odd looks from the lovely folks in my town, this look is probably best for nights out and would certainly make a difference to the looks that I normally wear out.
What do you think?
Do you like to experiment with brighter eye shadows?


ORLY Cool Romance Collection

Orly Cool RomanceI’m no stranger to ORLY nail polish, I have a few of the miniature(5.3ml) ones that I seem to impulse buy every time that I’m in a Boots that carries the range. When I saw the new spring collection by ORLY it was love at first sight, muted pastel crèmes? Yes please. I adore the colour palette of the Cool Romance collection, definitely my kind of thing – imagine a multi-mani with each of the crème shades on a different finger, lovely.
The shades in the collection are (L-R):
You’re Blushing is enough to make anyone flush in this muted lilac crème
No first date is complete without Prelude to a Kiss, a dainty dusky pink
Stand out from the crowd and get his attention with a little help from Jealous, Much?
A layer of Faint of Heart will give you the confidence to seduce any man with this soft grey crème
Seal the deal with Steel Your Heart to ensure he’s not going anywhere
Be the apple of his eye with Artificial Sweetener
I received the shade Jealous, Much? to review and I love it, it’s a very cool pistachio green shade that is very close to mint green but a little less blue than a traditional mint. I imagine that this would look fab with a tan in summer and would also be perfect for your toes too.



ORLYCOOLROMANCECOLLECTIONJEALOUSMUCHThe polish itself is quite sheer, it took 3 coats to achieve an even finish but I find this is a common trait to pastel nail colours so I think we can let it off for that. The brush is a good size for a mini polish and it easily covers the nail in two strokes. Dry time was impressive, the first hand of nails was dry by the time that I’d finished the second. The polish dries with a lovely shine too, and no noticeable streaks.

If you would like to pick up Jealous, Much? in miniature form it is available as a Mani Mini Trio set alongside two other shades from the Cool Romance collection: Prelude to a Kiss and Faint of Heart and costs £13 from Boots which is a bit of a bargain as the 5.3ml polishes normally cost £5 each.

Jealous, Much? is also available in full size (18ml) from Look Fantastic for only £9.25 – An amazing price for that much nail polish. Some of the other shades are also available from Look Fantastic with free shipping too!
What do you think?
What are your favourite shades for springtime nails?
*PR Sample