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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...



Can we just lol at that picture please. I found it whilst I was browsing Facey B the other day - I was incredibly drunk at my dad's 40th Birthday party and was clearly not loving being with this man (although he was actually a legend, he let us eat his leftover chinese in the street).

The picture isn't the reason for the post though, I just thought it looked bare up there without a picture.

I've broken my laptop, and I'm writing this on the iPad and it's not ideal so I probably won't be posting for a while. Ungood. I have loads of ideas though so when the laptop is back on form I will be back with a bang.

I will be attending the #ldnbloggermeet on the 7th July, organised by the lovely Emma who did such a good last time that it would be silly not to go along! If anyone else is going or thinking about going let me know as I'm going solo at the momento!

I'm also going to be in London loads over July so if anyone's around and fancies a chat do let me know, I'm still on Twitter all the time as I have that on le iPhone so tweet me!

Also if anyone has any new posts that they're particularly proud of, link them below and then people that fancy some light reading can go and check them out in my absence.

Hopefully I'll be back soon!

Amy x



Something a little bit different today, you might remember a few weeks ago that I was accepted onto my PGCE course (I’ve since had to decline this offer for financial reasons, boo!) and the first thing I thought when I saw my offer was “Yes! I get to live on my own again!” and living alone means decorating and home furnishings and interior magazines and new furniture – all of the things I love about the world (aside from make-up, maybe…).
Fashion For Home had contacted me a couple of weeks before introducing their website to me and it was perfect timing, everything on the site is amazing. Interiors porn, if you will. I spent a good few hours browsing the site and have visited frequently since then, adding things to the wishlist in my head for when I actually do get to move out. They sell everything from desks to beds, rugs to garden furniture and they also have a great range of armchairs (click here). Everything is really well priced and there are modern pieces mixed amongst more classic designs. There is also free delivery and returns – really useful when buying furniture, especially as shipping normally costs a fortune for larger items.
I thought I’d share that wishlist with you today:
Obviously this is an ‘If money was no object’ type wishlist – I definitely do not have a grand to spend on a desk, no matter how pretty it is!
Here is a link to the Fashion For Home website (clicky)
What is your favourite piece from the site?

*I was contacted by the company and asked to mention them in a post, as always all opinions are my own.


YOUR Beauty at M&S









On Thursday evening I popped down to Westfield Stratford City to go to the opening of the new beauty department in M&S. The Westfield SC branch of M&S is the second store to open it’s new beauty department and there are plans to roll out the new departments nationwide over the next 12 months so hopefully you won’t have to trek all the way to the capital to experience it.

The aim of the new department is to bring together ‘the best of nature & science’  and to synchronise M&S home brand products with niche beauty and skincare products from all over the world. M&S has improved and repackaged all of it’s existing own brand products and from what I saw at the store they look fab, I was especially impressed by the packaging of the Limited Collection make-up and the Natures Extracts Collection.

For me, the standout aspect of the new launch are the niche, handpicked brands that have been specially picked to be included in the department. There were so many brands to look at with lots of information available about them on the display units; I was particularly excited to see some skincare brands that I’ve only seen online previously such as Dr Murad, Nuxe and Dr Renaud. Seeing them in store definitely encouraged me to spend some time testing the products and I seriously considered purchasing some of the items I saw. Which if you are me, is probably not a good thing (Looks over at over spilling skincare product drawer…), but if you are a normal human being is excellent!

If you’re not near an M&S with the new beauty department all of the brands are also available online, and you can get your products delivered to your nearest store for free! Win.

Check out M&S here

Have you visited a new M&S Beauty Department?

Would you consider purchasing skincare and make-up from M&S?




SongBlitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones

A classic, everyone loves it and I’m wearing my Ramones t-shirt today so it seemed apt.

TV or Book – Trooping the Colour

I spent 2 hours watching Trooping the Colour yesterday, who knew I was such a Royalist!? I really enjoyed it though, I loved seeing all the different soldiers and their outfits – I liked the ones with the gold outfits best.

ProductEllis Faas Creamy Lips L101 

A new member of the red lipstick family was adopted a couple of weeks ago and I know you shouldn’t pick favourites but I think this might be it. It applies as a liquid but dries down to a lovely matte stain and is the most perfect red shade I’ve ever seen. Just the right amount of orange. This little baby cost an arm and a leg though (£22) but I guess it does come in bullet shaped packaging so totally worth it.

Event – Father’s Day

I’m off to spend the afternoon with father soon, hope everyone has a good day!

ShopThe Catkin Boutique

A Folksy store selling the cutest jewels, I especially love the ‘Once Upon a Time…’ necklace and the array of bunting necklaces too. 

BlogEats + Beats LDN 

One of my all-time favourites, Eats + Beats is a food blog written by Holly and is basically just food porn. She posts about the best places to eat in London alongside recipes for delicious food (I’ve got the Chicken Katsu Curry one favourited!). I’ve found some brilliant restaurants/cafes/market stalls/food vans thanks to Eats + Beats and every time I see an email with an update I know I’m going to be hungry after reading it!

What have you been loving this week?

[Image Credit: Ramones|Trooping the Colour|Catkin Boutique|Eats+BeatsLDN]


May Favourites


Batiste XXL Volume|MAC Fix +|Bourjois Light Eye Shadow – 01|Make Up For Ever – Smoky Lash|Escada Taj Sunset|No 7 Eye Lash Curlers

A little bit late this month but never mind; some pretty boring favourites to be honest but these have been my every day must-haves for the past little while!

The Batiste is my lifesaver for second day hair, it adds so much volume and completely soaks up the oils (ew!) it also makes hair more up-doable which I always do on the second day anyways.

MAC Fix + lives in my handbag, it’s perfect for spritzing over your face throughout the day to refresh your make up and fix any make up melt downs that might be going on.

The Bourjois eye shadow is fast becoming one of my most favourite eye shadows of all time. It’s a pale white/gold shimmery shade that does wonders for brightening up tired eyes! I love wearing it in the inner corner.

MUFE Smoky Lash is amazing. If you get the chance, definitely give it a go.

The Escada perfume was last year’s release but it is one of my faves, it’s so fruity and just reminds me of summer whenever I wear it. Sadly I’m down to my last couple of drops now :( and I’m not a fan of this year’s perfume.

I have been loving curling my eyelashes this month (it’s the small things…) and these No 7 curlers have been doing wonderful things for my lashes! Definitely worth picking up if you’ve got a voucher.

What are your current favourite products?

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sixonsunday13A new look this week, I felt the old style of posting SIX ON SUNDAY was getting a bit rambly and long so I’ve combined all the images into a pretty collage (everyone loves a collage don’t they?).
Biffy Clyro – Who’s Got A Match?
This song reminds me of being at uni and dancing around on the indie floor at the club, I don’t feel at home on the indie floor – it’s a bit too judgmental there for me! But I love this song – it has such a good tune, perfect for marching to! Yep, I like to march in clubs – just one of my moves…
2|Book or TV – BOOK!
Nina Chakrabarti – My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book for Drawing, Creating and Dreaming
Hello adult colouring book! This book is a dream for those of us that love colouring in, doodling and generally wasting away the hours procrastinating. It’s full of pictures to colour, decorate and fashion designs to finish off. It’s got some classic fashion must-haves in there too, Marc Jacobs mouse shoes for example! I just love spending time colouring in and creating patterns in this book, definitely worth a look if you enjoy such things : )
3| Product
Rodial Glam Balm Lip - £19
This lip balm is amazing. I had really dry lips/mouth in the week and in particular the skin around my mouth was really sore. I found this in my drawer and whacked a thick layer on before bed and when I woke up the next day the dry skin and redness was gone! It’s quite a thick gel texture it’s not solid, and it has a light rose scent and no colour. It’s also supposed to have plumping and filling properties (does that sound filthy or is it just me?)but I can’t say I noticed this. If you’re feeling flash it’s definitely worth the money, but I’m sure there’s something just as good for cheaper.
Unconditional Offer
On Friday evening I got an email informing me that the status of my application had changed on the GTTR and that I had an offer from Edge Hill! I was so excited to see that it was unconditional but only for the part-time course. Not good, as there is no funding for part-time degrees in the form of Maintenance – you can still get a loan for the tuition fees though. And I have no money at all, so don’t think I’m gonna be able to go this year – unless some kind of miracle happens!
If any of you know of any education type jobs in the Preston area let me know! As if I could get a pretty decent part-time job it might be doable. Argh, the news was so bittersweet, I might have had a little cry.
5| Shop
Beauty Bay (AKA porn for nail polish addicts)
I love visiting Beauty Bay to look at all the nail polishes, there are so many different brands on there (Essie, Nubar, Mavala, Orly…) and I recently discovered the ‘manicure of the week’ page, I was swooning over all the different designs and colour combinations for quite some time last night – if you’re in need of some nail polish inspiration go and check it out!
A Slice of My Life by Leanne
Leanne’s blog is one of my most favourite blog’s to catch up on at the weekend, she posts a lovely mix of things from fashion to food and a look into her wedding prep on the side. For me, her stand out posts are her ‘Week in Photos’ posts on Sunday’s – I religiously read them every single week before I have a bath lol – it always leaves me feeling hungry as she posts about all the yummy food she’s made (or ordered – the Dominos pics make me so jealous!). Leanne is also active on twitter and is always willing to have a chat with you if you tweet her!
Hope you like the new look to these posts, let me know if you think anything needs to change. Also, do you like my new blog design? I spent the whole of yesterday giving the blog a bit more of a summery outfit.
Image Credit:
http://www.iconic-culture.com/catalog/whos%20got%20a%20match%20cd.jpg| http://www.livrarialeitura.pt/images/products/00000230313.JPG|http://images.asos.com/inv/media/6/3/5/8/2038536/image2xl.jpg|http://www.beautybay.com/pages/Nail-Varnish-Swatches/|http://stundon.blogspot.co.uk/


Notebook Obsession.

I love notebooks. I have about 8 sitting on the shelves of my bedside table, only a few words written in each until it’s been pushed aside by a new, prettier edition. I have some kind of compulsive disorder where I can’t walk by a Paperchase/WH Smith/Even Poundland without popping in to look at the notebooks. The thing is, I rarely use a notebook nowadays, I have my iPad which I make all my to-do lists on for le blog and I use my diary at work but I just can’t resist. I’ve always been one of those people that loves ‘back to school’ time and buying new stationery, even now when I don’t technically need any (I do actually being a Teaching Assistant – score!). I think I was the only person on my degree course that had a pencil case and pretty notebook to take down lecture notes in – at least I was nice and organised in style!
Do you love notebooks and stationery?


SIX ON SUNDAY #12 (on a Monday!)


It’s back! Sorry for the two week absence but I was busy doing life, Six on Sunday is back with a bang this week though! I’ve had a while to think about my choices and think this week might be the best yet!


The Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats

I’m not a crazy cat lady, promise (This post might convince you otherwise). This song has always been one of my favourites, a perfect example of 80s rockabilly.


2 Broke Girls

I’ve become obsessed with this programme over the last week or so! It’s so funny and immature in places and just a nice light-hearted programme to spend half an hour watching.


Illamasqua Skin Base – Shade 2

This my friends, is the finest foundation that I have ever used. It was love at first application – the shade is perfect, the finish is lovely and the coverage is just right for me. Expect a more in-depth review at some point over the next few weeks!





The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

I spent the whole of yesterday watching the Flotilla down the Thames and to be honest I’ve never been so interested in boats. I loved seeing Queenie’s face as she saw all the other boats and the displays along the Thames and I’ve never seen her smile so much!

The whole country seems to have gone jubilee mad; the streets are decorated in union flag bunting, the shops have got suitably patriotic window displays and M&S have launched a whole line of jubilee food! The two bank holidays are a bonus too – well not for those of us that work in school’s as it’s already half-term!

Hope you’re all enjoying yourselves!



Little Nell

A little jewellery shop this week, Little Nell is a shop packed with handmade and handpicked jewellery it’s owned by Penny who also has a blog (here) and it’s a little gem. Most of the pieces are exactly my taste and are similar to things you’d find in Topshop but for a fraction of the price. My personal favourites are the cat necklace and the dream catcher necklace.



Just Blog It All Instead…

Sheri’s blog is one I’ve really been loving lately, she posts a range of things from fashion, beauty and other general life posts. She also posts a weekly Instagram post which I always love as it gives an insight into other aspects of her life too! My favourite posts are her outfit posts, she has such a lovely girly style that is quite similar to mine and her outfits often inspire me when I’m picking out mine. Also she has the most beautiful hair! So pretty and curly – I swoon every time I see a photo of it!


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My New Best Friend.



Siamese Cat Necklace – Tatty Devine - £36

Isn’t she a beaut? I have wanted this little necklace for months now – I posted about the brooch version here. I just bit the bullet and bought the necklace a couple of weeks ago, £36 is a lot to spend on jewellery for me – I normally buy my jewels from Primark or Etsy, but I think spending the extra money will probably pay off in the long run.  Hopefully my little cat will be with me for many years to come unlike some of the cheaper jewellery I buy and lose/break.

I want to start a little collection of Tatty Devine jewellery and I think I shall buy a new piece each time I do some overtime at work; I’ve long been an admirer of the brand and think it’s time to invest in pretty neckwear!

Any other Tatty Devine fans in the house?