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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


SIX ON SUNDAY #25 - The Music Edition

Sorry for the absence last week, I was incredibly hungover after a Saturday evening full of vodka, absinthe, cider and red wine. I had a great night though, even if it wasn't the same as when I was 17.

I thought I'd do another 'Special Edition' SOS today as I missed a week, this time it will be six of my current favourite songs. I'd love it if you shared some of your favourite songs in the comments below too, I always love finding new music.

1 | Earth, Wind and Fire - Jamie T

I have loved Jamie T since I was at Sixth Form (6 years ago, now!) but I hadn't listened to him for ages until this song popped up when my iPod was shuffling the other day. I've been obsessed ever since, must have listened to this song about 50 times this week. I really like the contrasting vocals and the general mish mash vibe this song has. It's quite different to Jamie T's other songs too.

2 | Helicopter - Bloc Party

Another favourite from my teens, I still love Bloc Party though. Silent Alarm is my favourite album though, I love every single song. Helicopter has always been one of my most favourite songs though, it's good to sing along to. I like how it's fast paced in places but then slows down for the 'ooohs'.

3 | Halo - Beyonce

For some reason I love this Beyonce song, I'm not her biggest fan to be honest but I always find myself listening to this one. I think I like the backing music, it has a nice beat to it. It's quite slow in comparison to the other songs I like, maybe that's why I like it. Nice to have a change every now and then.

4 | Coyote - Mad Caddies

 Now this song is a typical 'Amy' song, ska is my favourite genre of music - it always has been, since I was little. I love all the different instruments involved in ska music, I particularly enjoy the intro to this song, it's unusual - Frenchy? Spanish? Mad Caddies are amazing anyways, this album (Keep It Going) is brilliant, every song is good and I could listen to it for hours. This song is quite slow but it has a nice rhythm that makes it flow nicely, still makes me want to dance too!

5 | Hustler - Simian Mobile Disco

 This reminds me of uni, and spending many an evening dancing round to it in the little room in PR1 (unless you're from Preston you probably won't get that reference). Pretty sure a lot of twirling was involved, it reminds me of stalking hot boys and too much vodka. I like that the song has lots of different parts too, fast bits and slow bits but the pace is perfect. I want to have a bedroom disco now!

6 | Blindside - Lightyear

There are few things I like more than Derby boys, but Derby boys that play amazing ska music top my boy ranking system. Lightyear, are possibly one of my favourite bands - I love how mental they all are, frequently getting naked on stage and the like. The bad boys of ska if you will. Unfortunately, Lightyear are no more, although they have reunited a few times since splitting in 2003 so there's still a chance that they could tour again - I'm so gutted that I missed them in June this year! Blindside is a brilliant song, it's perfect from the very beginning with the slow but quintessentially ska intro then breaking into the fast pace that's necessary for great ska. I love that you can hear the boys' Derby accents too.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will pop a normal Six on Sunday post up next week - it'll be the 6 month anniversary of this feature! Most successful feature ever!

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My New Glasses


Missoni Glasses via Specsavers - £125

What do you think? Sorry about the miserable face, it was 7am. I have wanted glasses my entire life, I was so excited when the optician told me I could finally get some – I used to just go to Specsavers and try on glasses sometimes (such a weirdo…). It took me ages to decide on a frame I liked but I’m really pleased with these, the browny-purple shade isn’t too harsh on my fair skin and I love the subtle pattern on them. I find that they’re really comfortable to wear and I love that they add a bit of decoration to my face when I can’t be bothered with make-up.

I can definitely see a glasses obsession beginning, so look out for more posts about my specs!


NOTW: Autumnal Mismatch


Excuse the tip wear and shoddy cuticles – was kind of bored of nail painting when it came to clean up!

My most favouritest of all the colours are autumnal, school uniform colours. I love navy and claret, forest green with a hint of gold for good measure. I felt like jazzing up my nails this weekend and going for a mismatched style, I rarely have the patience for any kind of nail art so you best be impressed! My nails have got so many layers of nail polish on now though that it feels like it’s just going to peel off – anyone else get that?

Hope you like? If you want to know any of the shade names let me know!

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FOTD: Coral Cheeks




Primer – Miracle Skin Transformer – Translucent

Foundation – L’Oreal True Match – C1 – Rose Ivory

Concealer – Benefit IT Stick & Collection Lasting Perfection – Fair

Powder – Rimmel Stay Matte – Transparent

Blush – MAC Melba & Benefit Coralista

Eye Primer – Urban Decay Primer Potion – Eden

Mascara – Rimmel Day 2 Night

Lips – Lush Chilli Tint

MAC Fix+


What do you think?


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It’s a very exciting day over at Paperbacks & Postcards Towers today as we’ve just turned two years old, it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been two years – it has flown by so quickly. Since I started this blog in 2010 I’ve been lucky enough to meet lots of lovely people and to learn lots of new things about make-up and the beauty industry that I had no idea about previously. I’ve had the opportunity to go to exciting events and meet-ups and the one thing that I always bring home with me is the sense that the beauty community really is full of beautiful, lovely people and even if you don’t know anyone there’ll be someone that will chat to you anyway and show you the ropes.

I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you to every single one of you, without you Paperbacks & Postcards would probably be non-existent now – I don’t have a good track record with sticking at things,  but it’s you that keeps me writing away, reading your comments and checking out your blogs and chatting away to you on Twitter is what it’s all about for me. I love writing but I love communicating more. Communicating with each and every one of you.

To celebrate my blog birthday we’re going to have a little (massive…) giveaway, but it’s going to be a surprise giveaway as you never get to know what you’re birthday presents are before you get them do you? Unless you’re Amy who knew where her mum used to hide them… You’re going to have to trust me and hope that the box of goodies will be something that you’ll enjoy, I’m going to include some of my favourite products so if you’re a long time reader you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of some of the prizes (Hello, MAC…).

The giveaway will be open internationally, and will run until October 19th (1 month from today). I’m going to use Rafflecopter as it just makes life easier for everyone! Be sure to check out the rules!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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First Impressions: REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask





REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask - £30*

The REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is a mask that I’ve been intrigued about for quite a while, it promises to add radiance and brightness to the complexion and dramatically improve skin tone – nothing bad about that is there? Another bonus for me is that it helps to combat blemishes and congestion in the skin – my skin is being ridiculous at the moment!

I’ve just used the mask for the first time, the first thing I noticed was the scent of the product, it smells very citrussy (ingredients include natural fruit acids from passion fruit, lemon, grape and pineapple) and is quite sticky in texture. I applied one and a half pumps of the mask to my face, adding the most product to the centre of my face around my nose, I get a lot of congestion in that area. The mask did tingle a little bit, particularly in areas where I’d recently had a blemish. The mask is clear and just looks shiny on the skin and it doesn’t set or anything, I found that I had to make sure every little bit of my hair was tied back as it kept getting stuck whilst I was letting the mask do it’s thing.

Washing the mask off was simple, I dampened the cloth that’s included with the mask with some warm water and simply wiped it away, I did have to rinse the cloth off a few times though as the orangey mask made it quite dirty. Once I’d wiped the mask off I splashed some warm water over my face to make sure it was all gone and then patted it dry with a towel.

My skin feels lovely and soft and quite matte, it also looks more glowy in the light too! Not at all shiny though, just a nice radiance that looks healthy.

I will continue to use the mask weekly until it’s run out so I will update you in a few weeks on whether it’s made a difference to the amount of blemishes I have.

I would definitely repurchase this mask, it was a pleasure to use and I can really see the difference in my skin. Would be perfect for using before big events where you want to look amazing!

Have you tried this mask?

Do you have a favourite face mask?


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Just some pictures I took at the weekend, I love playing with the macro setting and really zooming in on things – hence the millions of pictures of a feather. They’re good luck though, aren’t they?

I can’t wait til autumn properly gets here, when it’s cold outside and you get to wrap up all nice and warm. I hate this inbetweeny weather where it’s roasting one day and then raining/freezing the next. Grr. Hurry up autumn!

What’s your favourite season?


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Song | Showdown – Black Eyed Peas

For some reason I’ve listened to this song on repeat on my iPod all week, weird. I’m not even a big BEP fan but I just really enjoy the start of this song and I’ve grown to love the whole thing with repeated listenings! I hadn’t listened to it for years before now though but my iPhone has now decided that it’s no longer going to play music so I had to dig out my iPod Touch that hasn’t been updated for about 3 years!

TV or Book | Touching the Void – Joe Simpson

To be honest, this isn’t even a favourite of the week – it’s an unfavourite. I’ve been given homework by one of the teachers I support at work and that homework is to read this book, I’m not doing it at home but I did read a couple of chapters whilst at work the other day and it’s so difficult to get into! I’ve seen the film countless times, it’s a GCSE English text so it comes round every year in the lessons, and it’s a fairly interesting story but the book is so monotonous! Have any of you read it?

Product | L’Oreal True Match Foundation

The only foundation that has been a constant in my collection for the past 5 or 6 years is L’Oreal True Match, It’s one of the only drugstore foundations that I’ve found that matches my skin perfectly, I use the shade C1 Rose Ivory. I also like the formula, it’s not too thick but not too sheer either, it offers good coverage and you can build it up without it going cakey too!

Event | #LFW

Yesterday I popped down to London for London Fashion Week, I was invited to a couple of shows on Monday and Tuesday but as I’m at work I can’t go – lame! So I just went along to Somerset House to soak up the atmosphere, it was so warm yesterday – the courtyard was almost unbearable! I loved seeing what everyone was wearing – particularly the make-up! But like the idiot that I am I forgot to take my SD card for my camera so couldn’t snap anyone! I then wandered along to the Handpicked Media suite to see the new UGG Australia collection – it’s amazing! Totally not what you’d expect! I also got a manicure and enjoyed the views of London from the windows, I was going to get a massage too but I had to dash for my train! Handpicked really did spoil us bloggers, thank you!

Shop | Exaltation

I stumbled across this Etsy store a while ago and it’s been hiding in my Bookmarks ever since. I love the simplicity of the bent wire words and shapes, perfect for adding a little something extra to an outfit. I was most intrigued by the Harry Potter related pieces though, I am a Harry Potter geek! I love the thought of having ‘Expecto Patronum’ or ‘Slytherin’ around my neck, proud of my geekery! I’m definitely a Slytherin by the way, that shade of green is perfect. They do lots of other word necklaces too, and some sciencey types too – I don’t know anything about such things but they do look pretty! The items are priced fairly and shipping from the USA is really cheap!

Blog | Arabella

Oh Arabella, how lovely your blog is. If you love fashion and outfits you will love Arabella’s blog, her photography is beautiful and she always puts together the most lovely outfits. Her make-up and hair always looks stunning too, in fact I just love everything about Arabella’s blog. I love to just sit and look through all the images and be inspired, I’ve lost hours flicking through all her posts but I don’t regret that at all.

What have you been loving this week?


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Good Hair Day #1



I thought I’d show you my hair today as I really liked how it turned out, also I hardly did anything to it! Wingo. I just sprayed a bit of the L’Oreal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray* in it last night when it was wet and then went to sleep. When I woke up this morning I was so pleased to see lovely messy curls and waves that weren’t too shiny – I’m not really a fan of super shiny hair, anyone else?

Would definitely recommend the salt spray, it comes in fun packaging – looks like a ball! I can do a full review if anyone would like?


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Coconut Oil




Fushi Virgin Organic Coconut Oil – 250g - £5.30*

My new best friend. I’ve been using this Coconut Oil for the last few weeks, I’ve been whacking it all over my body after showers, I’ve been popping it in my hair overnight and I’ve even used it for cooking once or twice. It’s one of those miracle products that you can use for myriad things and leaves you wondering where it’s been all of your life.

There are so many benefits to using coconut oil as a part of your daily routine that it would be impossible to list every single one but some of my favourites are; encouraging healthy hair growth, promoting a healthy scalp, a really nourishing moisturiser (perfect for feet/knees/elbows), and it’s beneficial to your health too – increasing immunity and aiding weight loss.

I’ve been using it as a weekly treatment on my hair, I grab a handful of the oil and rub it between my palms to melt it before massaging my scalp. I try to massage it right into my roots and make sure that my scalp is nicely covered – I dye my hair a lot so my scalp is in quite a sorry state, it needs all the help it can get. I then massage a bit more of the oil through the ends of my hair before popping it all up in a bun and leaving it to soak in for about an hour (the longer the better!). This makes your hair feel really nasty and greasy but it smell amazing! When it comes to washing it out you need to be really thorough, you need to make sure that you properly massage the shampoo in as it’s quite tricky to get every bit of the oil out. I find that it’s easier to do two washes as then I definitely know it’s all out, I then condition as usual. Once my hair is dry you can really tell the difference, my hair feels nourished, it looks shiny and it seems to style better too.

I also use the coconut oil on my body when I get out of the shower, I take a small amount of the oil and massage it into my legs and arms making sure they’re fully coated in the oil. I then let it sink in before getting dressed, it doesn’t take long to sink in only a minute or so – unless you’ve used too much product! It leaves your skin feeling nice and moisturised but without feeling too heavy, it also gives your skin a nice sheen making you look all glowy and healthy, and the best bit is the smell, pure coconut. When I’ve used this I feel like a walking coconut – not a bad thing! When you use the oil in this way regularly you really start to notice a difference in your skin, I have quite dry skin on my arms and this has completely changed the texture – win!

I keep my coconut oil in the fridge as I prefer it to stay in it’s solid form, I find it easier to use the right amount of product that way. I also like to casually sniff it every time I pop into the kitchen!

Have you tried Coconut Oil?

Any other oils I should check out?


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Nip + Fab Dry Skin Fix Body Butter–Coconut Latte

nip- -fab-dry-skin-fix-body-butter-coconut-latte

nip- -fab-dry-skin-fix-body-butter-coconut-latte-2

nip- -fab-dry-skin-fix-body-butter-coconut-latte-3

Nip + Fab Dry Skin Fix Body Butter – Coconut Latte – 200ml - £8.49

I am a body butter fiend, there’s nothing I love more than hopping out of the bath and slathering myself in a nicely scented moisturiser. I have long been a fan of The Body Shop Body Butters (I get through about one a month when I’m not trying out others…) but they are pretty pricey if you can’t find a discount code to use.

When I spied this Nip + Fab offering in Boots I was intrigued – at the time it was 1/3 off too, bargain, the thing that originally drew me to the product was the bold graphic packaging. I do love a good font, and the lovely rounded letters displayed on this pot really spoke to me (is that weird?). I then saw that the product was Coconut Latte scented, can you think of a greater scent combination? Nope you can’t. Coconut is one of my favourite smells and that paired with a lovely warm coffee scent really appealed – on first sniff though I was quite disappointed. The coconut is there but it’s not a particularly strong coconut and I can’t find the Latte scent at all, there is a slight milky smell though which I guess could be it – you’d expect a hint of coffee though. The scent isn’t horrible at all, it’s quite pleasant but it just wasn’t what I expected, it does have a little bit of a perfumey scent though when you really sniff it.

The texture of the product is definitely more of a body moisturiser than a butter in my opinion, on first touch it’s definitely more fluid than it’s Body Shop counterpart, this is a bonus though – it means that the product is easier to apply as you don’t have to go through the warming up process in order to use it. I do find that you have to use more product though as it’s easier to get out of the pot if you see what I mean? I find it far too easy to take a massive handful. It does soak into the skin quite quickly though and doesn’t leave a sticky residue, skin just looks refreshed and feels nice and moisturised. Which is handy if you find yourself using too much product.

I probably wouldn’t repurchase this body butter as I am a creature of habit and find myself constantly comparing it to The Body Shop ones and preferring them. Maybe I’ll give the other scents a sniff and see if I’m more enamoured by them, there are two others; Mango and Pistachio.

Have you tried these body butters?

If you have any recommendations for any other body moisturisers let me know!


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Wedding Outfit.



Dress – Holly Willoughby @ Very

Tights – Tesco

Shoes – Vivienne Westwood by Melissa

My brother’s suit is hired and his shoes are Jeffrey West



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SIX ON SUNDAY #23–The Special Blog Edition

Something different today, I thought I'd share my all time favourite blogs with you - the ones that I always look at first when I do my rounds in the morning. Some have been mentioned before, some are very popular and a couple are less well known but they are all my favourites.

2012-09-09 15.50.55

Number One - Wish Wish Wish

Carrie's blog has been a favourite of mine for a long time now, the photography is amazing and the outfits that she puts together leave me jealous every single time. I love reading about her adventures in life and seeing the pictures of what she's getting up to. She has also posted some fab tips for improving your photography and how to edit your pictures using Photoshop which have been so helpful to me.

2012-09-09 15.52.47

Number Two - A Blog from Blackpool

I love Dani's style so I particularly enjoy reading her OOTD posts and hauls, but I also love when she posts about what she's been up to lately, she always seems to be doing something much more exciting than I am! I often chat with Dani on twitter and she really is a lovely girl, I met up with her back in January? And we chatted away for hours!

2012-09-09 15.54.31

Number Three - Wake Up Buttercup

Ahh Klee, it's a pleasure to read a post written by her, she has a lovely style that is honest and up-front but is also funny and warm too. She posts lovely outfits and we have a pretty similar style, so I always find them inspiring. The star of WUBC is Loupug though, her lovely little pug, I'm sure we all 'aww' whenever we see a new picture of him.

2012-09-09 15.56.25

Number Four - Sparkly Vodka

Caroline's blog is a delight to read, she has lovely well-shot photos that are nice and big and she always includes plenty to keep me happy (I'm more of a visual person, love loads of pictures!). I love seeing her outfit posts as she has a really unique dress sense, and I can never wait to see what colour her hair will be next. I really love reading Caroline's 'Favourites' posts as she writes really thorough reviews on the products, lots of the items on my wishlist are there because of her!

2012-09-09 15.57.33

Number Five - Beauty Becca

I really enjoy reading Becca's reviews as she does a great job in explaining the product, she doesn't ramble on too much but gives a detailed enough review. This is really useful when you're researching a product, especially an expensive one! She also posts outfit posts which make me jealous of her legs every time I see them, and I also love her glasses! I've been lucky enough to meet Becca a couple of times and the image she portrays online is definitely representative of her 'real life' character, she's lovely and really easy to chat to - a friendly face to speak to at events too!

2012-09-09 15.59.44

Number Six - Frivolous Mrs D

I love seeing Elena's outfits too, she has lots of fabulous 50s style dresses that make me want to commit to that style every time I see her in one. They always look amazing! Elena also posts about her adventures too, maybe I'm just nosy but I really enjoy reading about other people's lives and what they're getting up to. I especially like seeing all the lovely cakes that she's been decorating, definitely a talent I wish I possessed!

Hope you enjoyed this special edition Six on Sunday, normal service will resume next week!


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Big Ben.

Personalised Photo Cushion – Bags of Love - £54*
The beady eyed among you will recognise the image that I had printed on this cushion, it featured in a recent blog post showing some photos that I took of the South Bank in London. This was my favourite image from that set so when Bags of Love contacted me I knew I wanted something printed with it.
Bags of Love are a personalised gift company, you can get hundreds of different things customised from key rings to deck chairs and everything in between. There are also a range of different bags that you can get personalised with your own photos, and you can also have things personalised with a montage of images if you can’t decide which to pick!
Back to my cushion, I got the 50x50cm cushion filled with a feather pad and the back is a lovely pale blue colour (you can customise the filling and backcover), the cushion is huge! I had no idea how big 50x50cm was but it’s massive – it completely fills one of the tub chairs in the living room and takes up half of my bed! I like that it’s big though, it makes it more comfy. The cushion is really well printed and it looks lovely, it’s really good quality too – feels nice and sturdy. I think I might have to visit Bags of Love at Christmas time, some of the things that you can get personalised are lovely and with two new baby siblings I’m thinking about getting each of their respective parent’s something customised with one of their pictures.
What do you think?
Do you like my cushion?