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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


NOTW: Halloween Nails

Dripping Blood Nails

  1. Paint your nails with a nude shade - I just used an old Ruby & Millie peach manicure  shade
  2. Use a red nail polish to 'blob' on drips of 'blood' at the top of your nails - this doesn't need to be need, although you could do it a bit neater than I did!
  3. [optional] Go over your drops with a red glittery polish, if you do it quite thickly you get a cool 3D effect
  4. Top with a topcoat - I used Seche Vite, quite a thick coat!

There we have it : )

What do you think? 



Guest Posting Granny #1

Bit of a special day here on Paperbacks & Postcards today; we've got a special guest poster, my Nan! I'll hand you over to her now...

Hello my name's Margaret, I'm Amy's Nan. I'm going to do a review of a few of the things we've been trying out recently. I feel as if I'm having an affair with the postman because of all the parcels we get, but I like getting new products as Amy asks me to try them out as well sometimes. Today I will be talking about the NEOM Bath Foam*, NEOM Reed Diffuser*, Area H2O shampoo* and the Ultradex Toothpaste*. I enjoy using all of Amy's products as I would never be able to afford to buy them myself.

NEOM Tranquility Bath Foam - £20

I love this bath foam, it's really nice. I use it to soak my feet in a few times a week and it does a really good job, it smells really nice and makes the water soft and bubbly. The scent also lingers for quite a long time on my skin and makes the skin really soft. It's a nice relaxing treat.

The only thing that could make this better for me would be a plastic bottle as I find it quite heavy and a bit dangerous when it gets wet, but then it wouldn't look as nice.

I would buy this again but only for special occasions, perhaps for a birthday or Christmas present.

NEOM Happiness Reed Diffuser - £35

We haven't had this too long but ever since it's been in our dining room it's smelt lovely every time I go in there. It was far too strong with all the reeds in though, 3 is perfect. I like the way that the Reed Diffuser is packaged, it looks nice and expensive (probably because it is quite expensive!), I love the thick frosted glass. The scent grows on you, it's quite difficult to explain it too - it's a bit floral but also quite fresh too, there's definitely a bit of lemon in there.

I probably wouldn't purchase this again as it's just too expensive for me at the moment, I would happily receive one as a gift though.

Area H2O Shampoo (Not photographed because Amy is a terrible photographer and forgot!) - £9.95
This is my favourite out of all the things I'm reviewing today. I've never used a shampoo like this one before and I've been very impressed with it, even my hairdresser remarked on how lovely it was to use. It works really well on my hair (thick, grey, short and wavy) and makes it so soft and manageable. The shampoo lathers up really well and you only have to use a tiny bit each time so it will last a long time, it was really easy to wash out too. It makes my hair nice and shiny and I don't need to use a conditioner afterwards.

I would definitely repurchase this, although I think it will last me a long time anyway.

Ultradex Toothpaste - £6.10

This toothpaste is supposed to whiten your teeth within 14 days and I have noticed a bit of a difference in mine since I started using it. The toothpaste is minty and tastes nice, it also leaves your breath smelling good for a long time. 

I prefer to use a toothpaste that is more of a gel consistency though and would probably not buy this again, £6.10 is quite expensive! I'd rather just buy whatever is on offer.

The house smells lovely because of the NEOM Reed Diffuser, I shall definitely buy the shampoo again as it's nice and you don't need to use a lot and my hair feels lovely and clean - no build-up or anything. I like the bubble bath very much because it smells really nice and makes the skin soft. The toothpaste is nice too, a bit expensive mind.

Thank you for taking the time for reading this review, hope I will be asked back again soon.






SONG | Wale – Chillin’

TV or BOOK | 2 Broke Girls

PRODUCT | Nivea Primer

EVENT | Sending off my application for Teacher Training when the GTTR finally decided to work!

SHOP | Layla Amber

BLOG | Waterpainted Dreams

Short but sweet this week, I’m currently sleeping (probably) as I’ve been so, so tired lately. One more week of work to go til half-term though. Hurry up Friday!

Amy xx

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FOTD feat. bareMinerals READY





I used a lot of new products in this makeup that I’ve never tried before and I really like how it turned out. I used the Estee Lauder Double Wear as a base and I thought it was going to be really, really thick and full coverage but it actually looks fine on the skin, not too cakey or anything. I use the shade 1C1 Shell and it was a perfect match – no need to mix a white foundation in! Yay. On my cheeks I used Benefit Coralista, a firm favourite of mine. I adore the golden, coral glow that it gives the cheeks and it works as a highlighter as well as a blush. I used the bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Scenic Route on my eyes, I used Breathtaking all over the lid with Spectacular in the crease and on the lower lashline. I love how green this duo makes my eyes look too. I used a brown kohl pencil along the upper lashline and also on the waterline. I then finished the eyes off with a coat of the NATorigin Lengthening mascara. On my lips I used a Face of Australia lipstick in the shade Lychee Crush which the lovely Jasmine sent me in our swap. I popped a bit of a Bourjois 3D gloss on top too to add a bit of shine as I’m not used to wearing such a nude lip.

What do you think?


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NOTW–Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel Silicone Texture Nail Polish - 09



Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish - £5.99

How shiny is this nail polish?! Amazing! It’s a lovely pale lavender shade that was opaque in one coat! The brush of these 1 Second polishes is really wide and rounded and makes painting your nails so easy. It dried reasonably quickly too and no need for a top coat as the formula is so shiny.

Have you tried any of the Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polishes?

Amy xx

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NATorigin Lengthening Mascara





NATorigin Lengthening Mascara - £13.50

NATorigin are becoming one of my favourite make-up brands, every single thing that I’ve tried from them I’ve loved and this mascara is no exception, it does everything I want a mascara to do – lengthens, defines and removes easily.

It’s made with 98.5% natural ingredients and is therefore perfect for use on sensitive eyes, it also has special ingredients that actively strengthen and condition the lashes. The mascara is also free from parabens, mineral oil, silicones and SLS – bonus.

I’ve been using it as my every day mascara as it gives the perfect amount of definition for work, I don’t like a mascara to be too over the top for work really. It really does lengthen my lashes though and it holds a curl brilliantly, I only apply one coat and that is enough to make my lashes look fab for the day. It doesn’t flake/melt off if you rub your eyes either, which is a definite plus for me – I’m always rubbing my eyes.

The wand is a simple tapered bristle brush and it is perfect for getting every single lash – the tapered end makes it really easy to get the tiny lashes on the inner corners. I hate mascaras that have giant wands, I just can’t use them – I get mascara everywhere! This is the perfect size for my eye.

I would definitely repurchase this mascara as it works perfectly for me, and it’s priced reasonably considering all of the natural ingredients that are involved.

If you would like to try the NATorigin Lengthening Mascara, you can but it from the NATorigin website – here.


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First Impressions: Nair Brazilian Spa Clay–Shower Power Cream


A long time ago a boy told me to stop doing things just because boys wanted me to, on that day I stopped shaving my legs. I hate shaving my legs, it’s such a chore and to be honest I don’t care whether my legs are hairy or not and I was only shaving them for boys so I just stopped. Not forever, just until I realised that, that post-shaving smoothness is a bit nice (It was definitely a few months though lol, my hairs are blonde though so it wasn’t so bad).

I’m definitely sure that he didn’t mean ‘stop shaving your legs’ when he told me to stop doing things just because boys wanted me to but it was nice to have ‘permission’.

I’ve never used a hair removal cream before so when I was sent this one to try out I was quite excited, I thought I’d tell you my first impressions of using it.

The Nair Shower Power Cream promises to remove all visible hairs and keep them smooth for up to 7 days. It only takes 5 minutes too, bonus.

Here’s what I thought:

    • It smells amazing – really fruity.
    • It was easy to apply, I just put a bit down the middle of my leg then smoothed it out with the spatula that’s included.
    • I made sure to apply it quite thickly though and this seemed to use quite a lot of product.
    • I applied it a few mins before I got into the shower and found it quite difficult to not smudge it everywhere while I was waiting ( I am a fidget though).
    • In the shower I found it hard not to get the running water directly onto my legs and the cream on the  backs of my legs did wash off before the 3 mins.
    • When it was time to remove the cream it was really easy, I just scraped it off with the spatula and I could see the hairs coming away.
    • My legs feel really smooth now and most of the hair has been removed, there are a few patches with some fine hairs but I can live with those.
    • My legs do feel a bit sensitive now but no more so than if I’d just shaved.
    • I would definitely use this again but I would probably just rinse it off separate to having a shower so that I don’t lose any of the product from the backs of my legs.

If you’re interested in buying the Nair Shower Power Cream you can buy it from Boots for £6.69


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Oh my god! This song has been stuck in my head all week, especially this version. It’s definitely almost Halloween when I start getting in the mood for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

TV or Book | Gossip Girl
Yay! Gossip Girl is back after the break, I’d totally forgotten how the last season ended so had to have a little catch-up on the old episodes before watching the new one on Tuesday. It was so good wasn’t it? I love it when Chuck and Blair are ‘on’ they’re definitely my favourite TV couple.

Product | Barry M Yellow Topaz Glitter Nail Paint
I posted about this here, and I’ve had it on my nails all week. I’ve received so many compliments on it, even from 15 year old schoolboys!? Apparently it’d look ‘cool’ in the sunlight, I agree. I’ve loved having my nails all sparkly, they’re a bit distracting though – keep finding myself staring at them!

Event | Seeing my littlest brother
I don’t get to see my baby brother very often as I don’t get on particularly well with his mother, I try to stay out of her way most of the time. But she brought him round on Friday and then went out somewhere so I finally got to see him again, I don’t think I’ve seen him since he was about a month old (He’s 3 months now!). He’s so big now and we spent ages just looking at each other, he couldn’t keep his eyes off me (I don’t blame him lol) and he even went to sleep on me for a little while. Then his mum returned, gave me some evils and stole him off me. But it was nice to see him again.

Shop | ASOS
I’ve made 2 ASOS orders this week, no wonder I’m poor is it?, both from the sale though. I always browse the site when the new stock comes in and then pick which things I want when the next sale rolls around, I find it far too expensive to buy the clothes full price but the sales are usually pretty good. There’s 50% going on at the mo, with an extra 10% off with the code: MEGA10.
Go forth and shop.

Blog | Style Fake
Someone linked to Georgia’s blog on Twitter earlier and the week and I had one of those ‘Where has this girl been all of my life?’ type moments. I read every single post in one sitting. I just love her writing style, so funny and unashamed, everything we’re all thinking but don’t dare to write. She has a mixture of lifestyle/fashion type posts that are totally captivating. Georgia’s blog is a firm favourite of mine now, wish I’d found her sooner.  

Amy xx

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NOTW: Barry M Yellow Topaz




New Barry M Glitter Nail Polishes


 When I saw that there were some new Barry M Glitter nail polishes out I was so excited! I love Barry M nail polish and I love glitter! There are 7 new shades in the Jewel collection, each named after a jewel funnily enough. I picked up the three that looked the most interesting to me, Pink Sapphire Glitter, Amethyst and Yellow Topaz.

Pink Sapphire Glitter is a clear glitter polish with mostly pink hexagonal pieces of glitter but also some holo hex pieces. It also has the long strands of glitter in too. When applied this is very sheer and requires a lot of coats to get a decent amount of glitter on your nails. 

Amethyst is my favourite. It's a traditional glitter polish that is packed with purple, pink, turquoise and gold glitters. The glitter is quite fine which means that you get a good covering when you apply it - you only need a couple of coats for a fully opaque nail.

Yellow Topaz is a gold based holo polish, it's made up of fine gold glitter and larger holo hex pieces. There are also some bigger pieces of gold glitter in there too. It's got a clear base and again requires a couple of coats to get a decent coverage on the nail.

I will show you swatches of them as I wear them, starting with the Yellow Topaz one this evening. 


Bicester Village Haul

bicestercathkidston Spending money I don't have on things I don't need...pretty though, no?
On Saturday I went on an outting to Bicester Outlet Village with my auntie and cousin, I've been a couple of times before with my dad but I never really got to look at anything I wanted to those times. We were there hours on Saturday though, about 5 i think! I'm not really a fan of fancy pants designer things so the clothes shops don't really appeal to me there, I do like 'high-end' make-up and cutesy Cath Kidston though. 

The CCO was quite disappointing for me this time - the Origins section seems to have shrunk a little bit and there wasn't much to choose from there, I did pick up the Super Spot Remover for £9ish though - bargain. The MAC section wasn't too thrilling either, the only thing I wanted was this lipstick from the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection - it's in the shade Watch me Simmer and I think it was £9.50. I then had a little look at the Estee Lauder section and found the Double Wear Foundation in my shade! They never have my shade in foundations in the outlet stores! I picked it up for £19.50. 

I then popped to Cath Kidston and spent far too much, I bought lots of gifts though and the only thing I bought for me were some spoons and this bag. I saw this bag and fell in love. It's from the children's section and is a little satchel that can be worn on the shoulder or as a backpack. I just love the spacey print and the colours are lovely. They also had floral patterned ones but they were a bit too girly for me (I own loads of the Cath K floral print things...) and I liked that this was a bit different. It cost me £20. Best £20 I've spent in a long time.

I had a great day wandering around and people-watching at Bicester and I'd definitely recommend it if you're nearby.

Do you enjoy shopping at outlets?




This song is in 'Miss Potter', one of my all-time favourite films. Every time I watch the film I get this song stuck in my head, it's just so pretty and twinkly and hearing Ewan McGregor singing it in the film was perfection.

I went to Stratford-upon-Avon on Tuesday night to see Twelfth Night - my most favourite Shakespeare play. I've seen Twelfth Night countless times but this was definitely my favourite, the mood of it was perfect - funny but also a little bit dark. My favourite character, Feste, was played brilliantly and I loved his wardrobe - brilliant colour combinations! Malvolio was also played brilliantly and I think that although the audience enjoyed picking fun at him they also felt that he was treated unfairly in the end. I liked that this production wasn't too heavily focused on music - I saw the play a couple of years ago and it was basically just a play about music - obviously music is a key theme (the food of love...) but I like to think about the other themes too!

Product | 4head
The children have already made me ill at school, we're only a month in! I've had really bad headaches all week and I slept for about15 hours on Thursday night! 4head has been a little miracle product for me, it's one of those temple balms that you just rub across your forehead when you get a headache. It's really cooling and a bit tingly but it really does make your headache go away quite quickly. I will always have a little tube of this in my bag now.

Event | Gracie's 1st Birthday (3rd October)
How has it been a whole year since Gracie was born! It only feels like last week that I was asking for the afternoon off because she had been born and I wanted to see her. It's been a whirlwind of a year, she has been a constant source of happiness for me though - just seeing her little face always cheers me up (even if her little face is now accompanied with bites and pinches!). She's such a clever little bee too, she was walking at 8 months and she's had teeth since 6 months, she's learning more and more words now too - still trying to get her to say 'Amy' though! She loves music and all things musical, she dances on demand too - always a useful skill! I love Gracie so, so much! Happy 1st Birthday beauts x

Cocktail Cosmetics has had a makeover! It looks so much classier nowadays and the website is a lot easier to navigate. If you're not familiar with the site it's a cosmetics website that stocks products that are quite difficult to get hold of in the UK, I first found it when trying to find a UK stockist of Sigma brushes. There are loads of different brands on there, and keep you're eye out for their sales as I've grabbed many a bargain before!

Blog or Youtube | Sun Beams Jess
I've been watching Jessie's videos for a few years now and I really enjoy them, she has such amazing style and I love the way that she does her make-up too. She posts a range of different videos, from hauls to lookbooks, and I use her smokey eye tutorial all the time too.She makes videos much more often nowadays which pleases me, I always watch her videos first when they pop up in my subscription box - even if I'm not particularly interested in the subject!

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Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel


This product is like no exfoliator I've used before, think about the exfoliators that you use - harsh astringent scent, grainy texture, little balls that pop when rubbed over the skin and a burning sensation when you've washed it off? With the Ginvera Marvel Gel there are none of these characteristics, the product is possibly the best exfoliator I've ever used and it's just a thick green gel. 

It's incredibly gentle and is completely pain free, you just massage the gel into your dry face for about a minute until it starts to ball up and you get little bits all over your face - these bits are actually all of the dirt/oil bits that have been collecting in your pores along with dead skin cells - lovely. You then rinse the product off with warm water and your face feels smooth, looks more radiant and is matte in texture. Using the product is quite refreshing in the mornings as it smells so nice, it's also nice to rub the cool gel into your face - definitely wakes you up! 

The Marvel Gel leaves your face in perfect condition for applying make-up, and I think it does a pretty good job at keeping my face matte all day - just like a primer. When I've been using this product daily I've noticed a difference in my skin, I tend to be less oily and I don't get as many blackheads as I used to. If I don't use the product for a few days I notice that my skin does change back to it's old ways.

I don't think I will ever use a traditional 'grainy' exfoliator again, this does such a good job of clearing my pores out in a pain-free, gentle way that I'll never go back!

You can purchase the Marvel Gel from Harvey Nichols for £22 or from this website.

Have you tried this product yet?
How do you exfoliate?



Ellis Faas Creamy Lips - Ellis Red - L101


Oh, Ellis Faas, you are my one true love. When visiting the Ellis Faas counter in Liberty recently I wanted everything, everything that was on display. The packaging is out of the ordinary, so sleek and modern looking and the products are like nothing I've encountered before. The collection is packaged in sleek silver pens with pointed ends that make them look like bullets, aside from the powder all of the products are in liquid form. There are products for eyes, lips and skin and the shades are based on the colours that are present in the human body - naturally occurring colours that are universally flattering and are sure to complement each other.

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101 Ellis Red

The products that I was most intrigued by were the lip products, available in 3 finishes and 27 shades with red being the signature colour. Perfect for me then, if I'm going to purchase an expensive lipstick it's going to be red. The three textures are creamy, milky and glazed; creamy being longwearing and a velvet finish, milky being a highly-pigmented fluid lipstick and glazed being a super glossy lipgloss. Being a matte lover, I went for the creamy lips variety, but the other textures are stunning too - I think I'm going to try a milky finish next.

Creamy Lips 101 is the blood red shade that Faas is famed for, being perfectly neutral and wearable by all it's certainly got a lot going for it. The shade is just what it says on the tin (or tube), it's a lovely blood red shade, not too bright and not too dark. It can be worn as both a full-on lipstick or as a matte stain, in both ways the formula is in no way drying but it lasts hours on the lips. When first applied the lipstick has a shiny finish that can be blotted away or left to fade away naturally, it never leaves those horrid dry bits of skin around the edges after eating and I think it actually improves the texture of my lips. That'll be the Vitamin E and natural waxes that are featured in the ingredients, there are no scents or tastes to the Ellis Faas products and there aren't any parabens either.

Every time that I've used my 'Ellis' red lipstick it's been a pleasure to wear, I've received compliments on the shade choice and even I find myself staring at my lips whenever I pass a mirror. The sign of a truly good red lipstick.

Have you tried any Ellis Faas cosmetics?

What do you think of the packaging?



L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal - 60 Second Saviour


Conditioning my hair has always been my favourite part of the hair washing routine; I love the way that once you rinse the product out your hair feels smooth and sleek and it looks all shiny and glossy, you can run your hands through it easily and it doesn't feel heavy at all. You just don't! get that after you've shampooed.

This intensive conditioning treatment does everything that I like from such a product and it does it in 60 seconds. I've been using this product in replacement of my normal conditioner as it does such a good job at sorting my hair out, I have horribly tangly and frizzy curly hair that needs a lot of care and this product manages it where others have failed.

The texture of the conditioner is quite light and runny, unlike the other intensive treatments that I use this means that I have to use quite a lot of product to treat my hair - althought the light formula does mean that the hair isn't weighed down by the conditioner. The product is pink and glittery though - bonus points for that, it includes pearls and micro-crystals to illuminate the hair and make it more shiny. It also smells amazing, and the scent lasts in your hair all day too. I like the packaging of the product, the squeezy tube is far more convenient than a large pot and makes it much quicker and easier to dispense the product, particularly in the shower.

When I've used this conditioner my hair is smooth, shiny and more manageable. It's much easier to brush through and style and I find that I don't have to use a serum or oil to make my hair look nice. The results last about a day before it starts to lose the shine, but my hair does stay tangle-free until I wash it.

I would definitely repurchase this intensive conditioner, it's only £4.99 and it works just as well as more expensive treatments.

Have you tried anything from the L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss range?