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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


#DareToKiss – My NYE Lipstick feat. Nivea & A Giveaway!


nivea lip butters daretokiss

nivea lip butter dare to kiss

So it’s New Year’s Eve! Is anyone up to anything fun today/tonight? I’m going to be staying in with le boyfriend I think, but I have a general hatred towards going out on NYE as it’s always so busy and expensive and it tends to bring out the worst in people I think. I’d much rather stay in with a DVD and nibbles but if I was going out this would be the make-up that I’d wear.

NIVEA Lip Tins

Red lips are my go-to for special occasions like NYE or Christmas but to pull a red lip off you’re lips need to be in really great condition! A good lip balm is a must; I like to apply something really moisturising and nourishing like the Nivea Lip Butters that are made using Almond Oil and Shea Butter to keep the lips in tip-top condition all day/night long. I normally apply the Lip Butter quite thickly before I start doing my make-up so that it has time to fully sink in before I apply my lipstick. It leaves my lips completely hydrated and primed and makes the lipstick application really easy – there are none of those annoying dry bits left on my lips!


My lipstick of choice for this New Year’s Eve would have to be my beautiful Chanel Rouge Coco in 22 Paris, it’s the perfect shade of red for NYE – it packs a punch but there’s that little bit of pink in there to stop it being too Christmassy. I really love the finish of the Chanel Rouge Coco’s too, they’re not drying at all (especially when applied over the Nivea Lip Butter) and leave the lips with just enough of a sheen. To add a bit more of a gloss to the lips you could also add a little bit of the Lip Butter to the centre of your lips.

nivea lip butter vanilla and macadamia

I’ve been using the Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream for a couple of months now and it has fast become my favourite lip balm! So much so that I’ve actually gone and lost it in one of my bags. I sent the boy in search of a replacement today and he found this super yummy sounding Vanilla and Macadamia one instead – I will report back on how it is. But the scent/flavour of the Caramel Cream Lip Butter is amazing and the balm is so lovely to use, it really does make a difference to the condition of your lips and keeps them prepared for make-up or kissing…

This year Nivea are aiming to break a world record for the longest kissing chain on Twitter. To be a part of this record attempt you need to make sure that you are following @niveauk and look out for their tweets on NYE.


For a chance to win a set of the Nivea Lip Butters you just need to tweet a picture of your NYE 'Lips of the Day' to me (@amymcjohnson) using the hashtag #DareToKiss

I will pick a winner randomly on the 1st January and inform them via Twitter

Have you tried a Nivea Lip Butter yet?

What are your plans for NYE? Will you be getting all dressed up and going out or are you staying in like me?

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Christmas Presents!

christmas presents






I’ve loved reading everyone else’s Christmas Present posts so I thought I’d pop a post up featuring my own, I got a lot of lovely things considering that the only thing I actually asked for was an electric toothbrush. My Dad surprised me with the red Zatchels satchel (which I love!) and my Mum surprised me with the heated rollers (I’ve wanted some forever!). I got loads of sweets and chocolates and two Lush giftsets that I can’t wait to use. I really love everything that I got and I feel so lucky.

What did you get for Christmas?

If you’ve done a post on your presents link it down below so that I can check it out!

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Christmas Day

Christmas 1

christmas 2 gracie

Christmas 3 Dinner

christmas 4 dinner 2

christmas 5 dessert

christmas tom jackhri

christmas tom charades

Even though Christmas Day was ages ago, now, I thought I’d share a few snaps of the day! Christmas for me involves waking up before 7am (thanks to my 17 year old cousin that spends the whole of Christmas Eve asking if it’s time to wake up yet…) and opening all of our presents before 8am. At this time I usually sneak off back to bed for a couple of hours but this year I had a little browse of the sales, a little text to the boy and then I had to start getting ready. I was off to Mum’s for dinner this year because of Gracie (the sister), I couldn’t not spend Christmas Day with her little face. I went a bit over the top with the hair/make-up/outfit compared to everyone else at Mum’s but getting ready is probably my favourite part of special occasions.

When I was ready I popped off to Mum’s house and we opened presents there and then sat down to dinner, it was really nice! I love my Mum’s cooking and she did such a good job considering all the dramas going on at the momento. After dindins I played with Gracie for a bit and then we took a walk down to my auntie’s house to see some more of the familia. At around 5pm my Dad picked me and my brother up to take us back to Nan’s house so we could spend some time with him and my Stepmum and baby brother Jack. I played with Jack and some of his new toys and fed him his bottle which was really cute and special as I don’t get to see him very often. We then played Charades and my brother and Nan are hilarious at that game! We also played that traditional Christmas game ‘My Grandma went shopping…’

I had a lovely Christmas Day overall, I was kind of dreading it as I hate this time of year normally but it was really good this year!

How did your Christmas go (if you celebrate it!)?

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Christmas Day Face




Foundation – Estee Lauder Double Wear – 1C1 Shell

Cheeks – MAC Blushbaby | Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon

Eyes – MAC Vanilla Pigment | Bourjois Liner Feutre in Black | Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara | 17 Perk & Paint Liner

Brows – A La Carte Cosmetics Brow Ink – Taupe

Lips – Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Liner in 1000 Kisses | Revlon Fire & Ice Liptick | Lipcote


Happy Christmas Everyone! Hope you had an amazing day and got lots of lovely presents?

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Christmas NOTW

As if it’s Christmas Eve, how fast has that come around? On Friday I was at work, normally we break up ages before Christmas but this year it’s really close – less waiting time I guess! Anyhoo, this is what my nails look like for Christmas this year, lots and lots of glitter! I used OPI Jade is the New Black as a base then layered one coat of Models Own Dancing Queen over that before topping off with two coats of Barry M Yellow Topaz Glitter. They are super sparkly and the Barry M polish has little bits of holo glitter in it too so I keep catching little bits of that out of the corner of my eye!




As usual, ignore the shoddy paint job! I didn’t have time to clean up!

What colour have you painted your nails for Christmas?

Are you a fan of the glitter?

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Quick Fixes for Christmas Beauty


I don’t know about you but at this time of year I’m always invited to parties, there’s Christmas parties for work and New Years Eve parties and then there’s Christmas nights out with your mates that you haven’t seen since summer. Well, if you’re anything like me you’ll leave any beauty preparations until the last minute (and even then you’ll spend most of your getting ready time playing The Sims) so you need to have some quick tricks up your sleeve. Here are my 5 picks for getting glam in a hurry:


1. Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum - £3.49*

This little product is fab for brightening up your teeth in a hurry, you apply it at night time before you sleep and it works away to make your teeth and gums look more radiant and healthy. You can use this every night and after about a week I started to notice a difference! Perfect for any New Years Eve parties!

2. REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask - £30*

Ahh, the old faithful. The REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is possibly my most favourite mask of all time. It smells amazing, and more importantly it leaves skin looking glowy and healthy. Just pop it on whilst your getting ready to go out and your skin will look amazing for the whole night – the glowiness often shows through foundation too!

3. Carmex - £2.69*

Perfect for moisturising your lips and making them ready for any kisses under the mistletoe, Carmex is a really intensive lip balm that offers long-lasting relief too chapped lips. It’s also fab under lipstick and stops any horrible dry bits from appearing and ruining your make-up.

4. Barry M Glitter Polish - £2.99

For pretty nails in a hurry glitter nail polish is your friend, you can pop it on on top of other colours and it doesn’t chip easily! You can’t get more festive than a bit of glitter either can you?

5. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - £9.99*

And for party hair in a flash you’ll need some of this hair oil by L’Oreal, it’s amazing at making hair silky, smooth and manageable. You can pop some on before you wash your hair as a treatment or just use it after washing before blow drying. This stuff will truly make your hair look (and smell) amazing!

Are you off to any Christmas/New Years parties?

What are your favourite quick fixes?

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Christmas Gift Idea: Sanctuary Spa Favourites Gift Box




Sanctuary Spa – Spa Favourites Gift Box - £16*

Every single year I buy my Mum a Sanctuary Spa Gift Set for Christmas, it’s become something of a tradition. She’s a picky one with bath products though and I know that she loves everything that Sanctuary Spa has to offer, the brand is synonymous with luxury and relaxation and that really comes through in their products. The products all have the signature Sanctuary Spa fragrance that is slightly citrussy but also a bit spicy – all of the products smell amazing!


The body wash included in the set smells incredible, it’s fresh enough to be used as a morning wash but the scent is also not too invigorating so could be used in the evening too. The body wash has little moisturising capsules in it that pop when you rub them in, making it a really luxurious and rich product to treat yourself with. After you’ve used the body wash your skin feels nice and clean but also refreshed and nourished. It really is a lovely product and one that I would purchase again. The body wash included in the gift set is full-size too!


The Luxury Bath Float is also a lovely product, it is essentially a bubble bath that makes the most amazing smelling bubbles. It produces lots of nice foamy bubbles and it makes the water really soft and nicely scented. The scent of the product also transfers to your skin and it sticks around for ages after. Perfect for relaxing in after a long day.


I’ve not tried the Salt Scrub yet so I’ll just let you know what the website says:

Our iconic dead sea salt scrub that leaves skin perfectly polished and gorgeously moisturised

Our multi award-winning and much-loved treatment contains sea salt from the renowned Dead Sea enveloped by a rich mix of moisturising oils: jojoba, coconut and almond.

While the salt gently exfoliates dead cells to stimulate and promote renewal, the oils soak into skin leaving it gleaming and exquisitely scented.


This body scrub is really good for getting rid of any dead skin, it’s not too harsh so you can use it frequently. I’ve been using it on my arms every time that I have a bath and I think it’s really made a difference, they’re looking a lot better and they feel much softer. It has the same scent as the other products and again it lingers on the skin for a while after using it. You only need a little bit of product too so it should last a long time.


To lock in all the moisture and nourishment of the other products, especially the Body Wash, I’ve been using this Body Butter afterwards. It’s really strongly scented and it’s thick but not so thick that it takes forever to sink in, it leaves the skin feeling super smooth and silky. I’ve really enjoyed using this and I think I would definitely repurchase it in the future – it gives my favourite L’Occitane Body Moisturisers a run for their money!

The Sanctuary Spa – Spa Favourites Gift Box is available from the Sanctuary Spa website for £16, buy one for your mum – she’ll love it!

Have you ever used any of the Sanctuary Spa products? Or been lucky enough to go one of their Spas?

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Christmas Gift Idea: Maggie Angus Jewellery

Maggie Angus is possibly one of my most favourite jewellery brands, I love acrylic jewels as they’re just a lot more edgy and cool than traditional metal jewellery. I’ve mentioned the brand a couple of times before but the Maggie Angus collection has grown and grown since I last featured them!

I think any of the jewellery available on the Maggie Angus website would make a fab gift for a woman (or man) of any age, the cute rings and earrings might appeal to a younger person while the intricate detailing on the necklaces would really impress someone that’s a bit older. I particularly like the Hickory Dickory Necklace and the Mog Black Cat Necklace.

When I saw the Gold Flapper Dancer Necklace it was love at first sight, the detail on it is amazing and i love the gold mirrored finish. It’s perfect for the Christmas period, I also wore it for my interview the other day so hopefully it’s lucky!




Maggie Angus are currently doing a 12 Days of Christmas promotion with a different offer, competition or discount on their jewellery on each of the days leading up to Christmas. So make sure you check out the Special Offers section of the shop before you checkout! There’s also free UK standard delivery until Christmas too!

Have you checked out Maggie Angus before?

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Christmas Gift Guide: Organic Surge Nature’s Winter Wonders Bundle

I’ve mentioned Organic Surge products a few times before and everything that I’ve tried from them has been lovely, if you haven’t taken the plunge and given them a go yet why not pop their Nature’s Winter Wonders Bundle on your Christmas list? The bundle is excellent value for money, just £29.95* for 6 products! All of the Organic Surge products are made with naturally-derived ingredients and organic essential oils, they’re also cruelty-free and kind to the environment.
The set includes some of Organic Surge’s best-selling products that are targeted to help our skin and hair in the winter months, all of the products contain ingredients to nourish and moisturise the skin and protect against the cold. A perfect gift for someone looking to change up some of their products for the winter season.
I’ve been trying out the products included in the gift set for a couple of weeks now so I thought I’d give you a mini review of each just in case you were thinking of buying the bundle as a present. Organic Surge also have free delivery on orders over £20 from the website. You need to be quick if you want it to arrive by Christmas though – the last day for Christmas orders is the 18th December.
I thought I’d start with my favourite product, this foaming bubble bath smells amazing! It’s a lovely fresh scent that is still rich and luxurious if you get what I mean? It’s not too heavy. It’s a really good night-time bubble bath, that’s perfect for relaxing in after a long day of work/shopping/whatever it is that you do. It produces a good amount of bubbles too and you don’t need to use much at all – although I did accidentally spill a lot of the bottle into one of my baths the other day – oops. It also makes your skin smell really nice and it makes it feel lovely and smooth for quite a while after your bath. I bet busy mum’s would adore this product!
The scent of this body lotion is really gentle and comforting – a great night time scent. I think it’s the lavender, I’m not normally a fan of lavender to be honest but this is quite pleasant. When you put this on your skin you can really tell a difference, it sinks in really quickly and is really moisturising and nourishing. The scent does linger around for a little while but it’s not the longest lasting smell. I’ve been using this on my feet at bedtime and it’s working really well on my dry feet, they’re not super dry though so if that’s an issue for you a proper foot cream would probably be best. It’s also great on elbows and knees.
I’ve spoken about one of the Organic Surge moisturisers before (here) and I love this one just as much, it’s a lot thicker and more moisturising than the other one but that’s what makes it perfect for winter. I’ve been using this as a night cream on my dry patches and it seems to be really helping. As the formula is so thick and nourishing you only need a tiny bit of the moisturiser to cover your whole face, this 50ml pot will last ages!
I’ve only used the shampoo once so far but it was a pleasant experience, it has a really subtle fragrance that is quite sweet. The shampoo is for dry or frizzy hair and promises to smooth and add shine. I would definitely agree with the smoothing, my hair is a nightmare when it’s just been washed with a drying shampoo – I can never get a brush through it, but with this my hair was knot-free. The shampoo lathered up quite nicely too, you didn’t need much product to get your whole head covered. It also did wonders for my dry scalp, as I dye my hair quite often my scalp often gets dry and it can sometimes be sore and painful. This shampoo did not irritate this problem further and I think if I continued to use it I would probably see an improvement overall.
As with the shampoo I’ve only used the conditioner once, but I really enjoyed it. The scent is the same sweet smelling loveliness as the shampoo. The conditioner left my hair feeling smooth and light, there was no product build-up left at my roots. It also didn’t make my hair tangly at all, in fact, it detangled it! Bonus. You get 200ml of product but I wish it came in the same size as the shampoo, I always use the conditioner up first and have shampoos hanging around for ages!
If you don’t like the scent of almonds/marzipan you won’t like this, the scent is very strong. I personally love it, it makes me smell like a cake. Who doesn’t want to smell like a cake? The scent really sticks around on the skin too, you can definitely smell it throughout the day. The shower gel itself is really moisturising and nourishing, it makes your skin feel so smooth when you get out of the shower. You get 200ml of product which will last a while as a little bit goes a long way.
I would definitely recommend this bundle as a gift for other or even for yourself, you make a good saving on all of the products and I was not disappointed by any of them! The bundle also comes in a lovely gift bag so you don’t even need to do any wrapping! I hate wrapping presents, am I the only one?
You can buy the Nature’s Winter Wonders Bundle from the Organic Surge website.
Have you tried any of these products?
Are you still shopping for Christmas presents?