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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


FOTD: Pink Lips




A bold pink lip is one of my favourite ways to add a bit of brightness to my face, normally reserved for spring or summer but when worn with a subtle navy smoky eye I think it’s totally appropriate for winter too. The lipstick in question is 17’s Pink Power – my favourite bright pink and it’s cheap too. The formula is lovely, it’s opaque in one swipe and it’s a semi-matte finish so not too drying but without too much of a shine to it too.

For my eyes I used the Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Colour in Lapis along the lashes and then winged out for a subtle cat eye look, I used some of the 17 Perk & Paint Jumbo Liner on the water line (black on the top, pink on the bottom) and then I finished the look with a bit of the Bourjois Coup de Theatre mascara (Can’t find this online anywhere, so it’s possibly discontinued!). 

On my face I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum which is a little too dark for me but I love the formulation of it, it gives the skin a nice radiance without being too disco ball! I used a blush from FashionistA – New York I believe and a little Vanilla Pigment from MAC along the tops of my cheeks. Under my eyes I used the Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer to add a bit of brightness – this has no concealing properties so if you suffer with dark circles I wouldn’t recommend it for that. And finally, I brushed a little of the Benefit Bossy Eye Shadow through my brows to define them a little.

Are you a fan of bright lips in winter?

What’s your favourite way to brighten up your face?

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  1. Pretty! <3
    Yeaa! To brighten my face red lip is more stunning! :)


  2. Love it, this look is amazing on you!

  3. Looking lovely as always! That lipstick is gorgeous, and so cheap! xx

    1. It's amazing! I've had it about 4 years (probably should throw it away...) and it's still going strong! xx

  4. Gorgeous lip colour, it really suits you!! x


  5. Love the bright lip stick!!! Just made me want to go and put on my MAC Impassioned xD

    The Austrian Rose

  6. your lips look stunning with that colour! i like bolds but not too bold as am not quite confident enough... hopefully 1 day x


  7. Love this look - so pretty! :) x


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