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Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


My Current Skincare Routine (Day)


It’s been ages since I shared my skincare with you so I thought I best do a bit of an update, I’ve split it into three categories (day, night and extras) and will be doing a post each week showing you what I use. In the past I’ve used ridiculously complicated routines that I never stick to and therefore I never see any changes in my skin but using these products I’ve really noticed a difference. I’ve not even had any hormonal breakouts for ages (touch wood!). Today I will be talking about my daytime/morning skincare routine.


Elemis Fresh Skin – Skin Clear Purifying Face Wash - £12*

The first thing I need to mention about this cleanser is the scent, it smells amazing – I can’t quite put my finger on the smell but it really is nice, kind of like sweets mixed with flowers and a bit of cola (well that sounds disgusting…). The face wash is really refreshing to use in the mornings, it makes the skin feel really nice and clean. You apply it to damp skin and it does lather a little bit but not too much and after your face feels awake and ready for the day. It also does a good job at mattifying the skin and it doesn’t irritate any blemishes you might have – in fact the ingredients included help to get rid of any nasties.


Boots Botanics – Rosewater Toning Spritz – £3.49

I’ve been using this toner since the summer and I really love it. It’s one of those handy dandy spray toners that you can just spray onto your face after cleansing. I normally spritz it on quite liberally and let most of the product sink in before removing the excess product with a cotton pad. It’s great for a midday freshen up too, if I’m feeling a bit hot/tired I give myself a little spritz and feel revitalised. I did a full review of this product back in August if you’d like to learn more about it (here).


Elemis Fresh Skin – Skin Clear Mattifying Moisturiser - £20*

This moisturiser is perfect for use in the mornings, it really does mattify the skin and so it makes a lovely base for make-up. It’s not at all drying though which some mattifying products can be, it actually does a brilliant job at rehydrating the skin and making it feel soft and revitalised – that’ll be the Shea Butter. I really love that this moisturiser comes with a pump too, as you only need a small amount to do your whole face and neck so you can really control the how much product you are using. Again, this product also smells amazing. If anyone knows what the scent is, let me know please – I love it!

And there we have it, my daytime skincare routine – incredibly simple but totally effective. These products are working miracles on my skin at the moment and I hope they continue to do so. Check back next Monday for my night time routine.

What products do you use in the morning?

Has anyone got any other Elemis recommendations? I’ve loved trying out these products!


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  1. Been wanting to try something from botanics ever since they re did their packaging. The spritz sounds really nice :) x

    1. It is really good, it's really refreshing! xx

  2. I have the botanics spray too, love it, and such good value!

    1. It is! I didn't realise it was so cheap actually! xx

  3. I love the Boots Botanics Rosewater Spritzer too but I find the spray is a bit too harsh. It would be nice if it was more like a mist. :)

    1. Yeah I see where you're coming from, perhaps spray it from a bit further away? xx

  4. I really want to try some Elemis products, I've seen a lot of great reviews on them!

    1. They have a couple of cheap little trial sets on ASOS, I'm thinking about getting the pink Fresh Skin products one to see if they work as well as these ones! xx

  5. Im addicted to Dermalogica products and they are all I will use atm!

    But I really do love the botanic range, I love the eye makeup remover it's the only thing that doesnt irritate my eyes!


    1. I've never tried anything from Dermalogica, any recommendations?

      I've been meaning to try out the eye make-up remover, everyone raves about it! xx

  6. I can be so lazy with my skincare routine, I really need to up it!! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's very kind of you. I enjoyed the programme, it wasn't too much like Paradise the programme on BBC1 a few months ago which was good. You can't beat a man in a three piece suit!! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  7. I have been enjoying the Botanics Toner - that bottle lasts for ages. What great value.


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