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How I Survived January Without Buying Make-up


Shock! Horror! It’s true my friends for the entire month of January (some of December and this much of February too) I managed to go completely cold turkey with the make-up purchasing. Not one item was bought. I’m so proud of myself. Although I wasn’t actively trying to curb my spending habits I seem to have cured myself, I got paid on Thursday and I’ve been to Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams and couldn’t find anything that I really wanted to buy. I’m as surprised as you, my friends, this is the girl that frequently popped into Boots for Paracetamol and walked out with £50 of cosmetics.

So how did I do it?

I got a boyfriend. My priorities have changed completely; before I was filling the boyfriend shaped hole in my life with make-up. Now I have one, I’ve realised that spending the majority of my wages on new mascaras or lipsticks was a bit unnecessary and totally irresponsible. I’m now enjoying spending my money on adventures and spending time outside of my bedroom in the real world.

How can you cure yourself?

It wasn’t just the boyfriend that made the difference, I had no money at all in my bank during January – working in Education (possibly other sectors too?) means that the December pay day is early, instead of at the end of the month it comes a couple of weeks early – this is terrible if you fail at budgeting. So I’ve really had no choice in the matter. No money means no luxury purchases, I think I only spent about £50 for the entire month including my phone bill et al.

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the last month and I’ve learned a lot about the way that I spend my money, here are some tips with how you can try to cut back on your beauty spending:

    • Try to avoid online browsing – especially when you’re bored or have a lot of time to waste (these are my weakest moments!)
    • I separated myself from the beauty blogging world for a few weeks and found this really gave me time to evaluate my needs vs desires. (Catch up with your favourite bloggers on Twitter to stay in the loop!)
    • Ignore the beauty aisles – ignore the shops completely if you’re going cold turkey.
    • Have a sort through your make-up and find some hidden gems that you’d forgotten about.
    • Find a boy to distract you…. (If you’ve already got one why not go out on a date with the money you’re saving from not spending on make-up?)
    • Don’t be too hard on yourself, I didn’t impose a strict ‘Spending Ban’ I actually allowed myself one product per month this year and I’m yet to buy January’s. I think by not being strict I allowed myself to forget about make-up completely whereas on a ban I’m always thinking about things to buy when it’s over!
    • Create a wishlist of all the things you wanted to buy and then look at this at the end of the week/month and see how many of those things you still want.

Hope this post was a little bit helpful, I’m always available on Twitter/Email for a chat if you want to talk about finding the cure!


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  1. Ooh, well done you. I'm currently on a spending ban for February and I'm excited to see how much I save at the end of the month. I totally agree with your idea of creating a wishlist. I really want to get the Apocolips, but I'm pretty sure at the end of the month, the hype would have died down, and I won't feel the urge to get them. Being on a spending ban definitely stops impulse buys.

    Jess @ditzyglamour

    1. just saw your post and don't buy into the Apocolips hype!! I did, and I'm so not a fan of them. They dry out my lips like that was their intended purpose. I also have to have a very light hand in putting on the light pink shade 'celestial' because it is so bright on me! hope this helps justify you're 'non-purchase' :)

  2. It must be a nightmare for you, but on the other hand I think the decision you have taken is correct.

  3. I made one beauty purchase in January, Im no shopaholic by any means, but instead of rushing out and buying the new hyped product I just delved into my collection and switched about my daily products. I was soon discovering some old favourites that I hadnt used in a while. Using them again felt like new makeup.

    It can be done. I think more people should try this. It's amazing how much you save!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  4. well done! I fail completely at spending band, but if I allow myself one purchase or a small budget I do much better. All the best with the boy!

  5. Congrats on the new beau! I like your suggestion of find a boy to distract you. :-) It's impressive that you were able to go on a no-buying spree. I find it rather depressing at times to see how much makeup I have accumulated in my collection. I have so many lipsticks, in particular, that I never wear. I have started going through my collection and purging the stuff (or putting it in a costume makeup bin) that I never wear. It feels so good. Plus, as a treat, I decided to get myself another tarte blush I have been lemming for a while.

  6. I'm only just getting round to reading this. There is some great tips, thank you. Now I need to find myself a fella. lol. x

  7. You did sooooo well, only spending £50 you should be very very proud of yourself! Definitely taking inspiration from this

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  8. I totally agree about the wishlist thing. Mine changes all the time. Or I realise I can actually survive without it! Excellent post my dear. There are more important things in life than owning every bit of makeup out there. It's just meant to be fun and not the only aspect of our lives :) I have a nail polish and eyeshadow addiction. I need to own them all for some reason. I think I shall have to take up a hobby or get a man to distract me ;) haha x



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