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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Blogging Every Day in May?


Sorry I've been a little absent of late, just thought I'd update you all on the situation! So, 2 weeks ago I got a new job/promotion to a higher level Teaching Assistant - I started last Monday and the hours are longer and the job is a hundred times more stressful than my previous role. The new job involves me managing the team of Teaching Assistants and making sure that all of the SEN students at the school are supported. On Tuesday I got a phonecall to tell me that my new staff member had arrived... I had no idea that I had someone new starting, so that was a nice surprise at 10 past 8. Cue stress city, trying to organise a timetable and escorts and everything else a new member of staff needs! On Wednesday 10 past 2 rolls around, only an hour and a half to go, and the dreaded call from Ofsted is taken. We were to be inspected on Thursday and Friday. Arghhh! We stayed at work until 5 on Wednesday completing case studies and organising the next two days so they went well, what we didn't plan for was the amount of students that we'd have to look after as the teachers didn't want them disrupting their lessons! Thursday was a meltdown, I didn't sit down all day and I had a little cry at the end of the day. Not good. Friday was better though, and we're all relieved that the inspectors have gone.

Let's hope my second week in the job is a little more relaxed! Any other TA3's in the house?

Anyway, back to the blogging. I'm hoping to blog every day in May - I used to blog daily anyway but I've let it slip lately and I miss it. 

Have you got any post requests?


  1. sounds like a crazy week! don't over stress yourself by trying to post every day if you're crazy-busy at work, but good luck trying!

  2. Ah, nightmare! Talk about easing yourself into your new role! ;) Congrats on your promotion! Hope you have a better week this week! Xo

  3. You're so cute hunny *.*
    I just found your blog now, and I'm completely in love.
    Without a doubt I'm your follower.
    Sorry my bad English =)

    With Love
    Miss Lil'Susie <3



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