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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


25 Facts About Me


Seeing as my ‘About’ section of the blog is currently under construction I thought I’d share a little more about myself with this post. 25 facts about me eh? We’re in for a long ride…

1. I have a Sociology and Politics degree. I’d love to get back into Sociology at some point, I really did love studying it at university.

2. I have 2 baby siblings, Gracie and Jack. Gracie is my mum’s baby and she is 1 and a half, Jack belongs to my Dad and his new wife and he is 10 months old. They were a lovely surprise.

3. I live with my Nan. It’s nice… most of the time.

4. I would rather have crisps than chocolate or sweets. I rarely buy sweet snacks but I have a complete weakness for crisps. Popchips are my current faves.

5. I want to live at the seaside one day. Growing up in the Midlands means going to the seaside is always a rare treat, I’d love to live near the sea.

6. I love playing The Sims 3, I’ve been addicted to the Sims games since I was about 15. I think I own all the expansion packs there have been. Can’t wait for Sims 4 next year!

7. I work in a secondary school with teenagers with behavioural problems and special needs. It’s hard work, and stressful but I love it.

8. I am terrible at saving money. I don’t earn a lot of money and I always seem to spend all of my wages by the end of the week month,

9. I can’t drive. I wish I could.

10. I enjoy ska music. Madness are one of my favourite bands, I love how upbeat the music is and it reminds me of being little and listening to it in my Dad’s car.

11. I love picnics. Such a fun summer activity.

12. I used to have green hair… before everyone had green hair.

13. One day I would like to write a Sociology book so that students have to reference me in their essays.

14. My best friend lives hundreds of miles away but when we reunite it’s like it’s been no time at all since we last saw each other.

15. I love going places on the train.

16. One day I would like to be a trainspotter for the day.

17. I love going to the zoo, I especially love baby animals.

18. Slushies are my favourite drink, Ice Blasts for the win.

19. I’m ridiculously clumsy, I’m always falling over and injuring myself.

20. I’m lactose intolerant. I still eat cheese though.

21. Dominos doesn’t deliver to my house. Probably a good thing for my bank balance.

22. I have a Ribena plant in my garden. They sent me it when I was 16 and it’s still going strong – It’s called Ben.

23. It was my life dream to get glasses. I was incredibly happy last year when I was allowed some.

24. I rather enjoy shots of Sambuca when I go out. Quickest and cheapest way to get hammered.

25. I was single for 7 years before meeting my lovely boyfriend last year.


There we go, do you feel well-informed now? If you want me to expand on anything just drop me a comment/tweet and I will do.

Tell me a fact about you?


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  1. Wow a ribena plant, that is so cool! i love facts about me type posts and finding out more about the blogger :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. It is cool! :) I love learning more about the blogger too! xx

  2. Myspace quiz! I get the feeling point 18,19, 21, 24 and 25! Involve me in some way!

  3. A Ribenna plant? How awesome! Sambucca is lethal for me, yet I still drink it :-/ x

    1. Hehe! It doesn't have the best effect on me either, certainly makes it more fun! xx

  4. What on earth is a ribena plant!!? Like the drink? That's kinda cool!
    SIMS FTW!!


    1. Yep! The lovely people at Ribena sent me a bit of a blackcurrant bush! xx

  5. Why won't dominoes deliver to you?! :O xo

    1. Because I live a silly little town in the middle of nowhere! :( x

  6. I love crisps too, so much better than sweets. I love the kettle crisps with the black pepper, too good x

  7. Hello Amy. I really like your blog and it would mean a lot to me if you take a minute and check, follow my blog if you like. Thank you so so much, have a nice day,
    xoxo Nika


    1. I will have a looksy in a momento! xx

  8. I love these posts! I want to live by the sea one day too! xo


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