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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


NEW: L’Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster Intense Black Liquid Eyeliner

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L’Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster - £6.99

When I first saw this eyeliner I was intrigued, I’ve used the L’Oreal Super Liner eyeliners for years now (I love the Luminizer range) and thought I’d give this a go. I wish I hadn’t bothered. It’s dry, too bulky and not flexible enough to work well as an eyeliner. It drags when you try to apply it to your eyes and the shape makes it really difficult to get a fine line on the inner corner of your eye. Also the pigmentation is not great, you have to build up the product in layers to get an even black line. I’ve been storing it upside down too, to make sure that the felt-tip is saturated with product but that still hasn’t made any difference, so disappointing.

I would not recommend this product at all, if you’re going for a L’Oreal liquid liner I’d go for the regular Super Liner!

Have you tried this? Were you disappointed too?


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  1. I had heard really great things about this product! I think I'll stick to liquid ones! xo

  2. Glad I read this before being lured into getting it. Thanks :)
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  3. I always forget Loreal do makeup, I always associate the with hair products! Safe to say I won't be trying this! Xo

  4. Wow this sounds super disappointing, I don't really like fat liners I find they're too hard to work with.

    Jasmine | ohso-flawless.com

  5. This looks huge.. maybe is a good eyeliner base for a smokey eye? However i think it's way too big x(


  6. I think any type of makeup product in felt marker format generally suck. I think they dry out way too quickly!



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