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Review: Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara


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Barry M – Lash Vegas Mascara - £6.49

Barry M aren’t the first brand that come to mind when I think of great mascara brands, I associate them more with colour cosmetics, lipsticks and nail varnishes and the like. But as I was doing my weekly bi-weekly sweep of Boots a little while ago I spied this little beauty in the ‘New In’ section. I was intrigued, I didn’t even know Barry M did mascara, Lash Vegas is their first real step into the mascara arena (there was a basic black/clear mascara before). It promises to seperate, define and add oomph to even your tiniest lashes; there’s a special spiral shaped brush that has been specifically designed to help you achieve amazing lashes.

I found the formula of the mascara to be quite thick and this is something I like, it makes it easier to apply to the lashes. It can make them look a bit clumpy but I like that. The brush is quite small and the bristles are quite short making it easy to get right in at the roots for maximum lash coverage. The mascara lasts all day on me without flaking off or melting into my face (even in that heat wave we had last week!). I’ve been using it as my every day mascara but it would also be fab for nights out with a couple more coats.

If you’re after a reasonably priced mascara that does a decent job at volumising and defining your lashes I’d check out Lash Vegas.

Have you tried this mascara?

What’s your favourite mascara?


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  1. Oh, your lashes look fabulous! I've always associated Barry m with colour too. Xo

  2. I love thick mascara! Planning to do a mascara review on my blog so keep an eye(lash free) out think you'd be interested!

    Fab blog!



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