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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Six on Sunday: 2.2


1| Music – Stay – Rihanna
I’m not normally a Rihanna fan, except for Pon De Replay – that’s an excellent song, but I have fallen in love with Stay. I really love the piano in it, I love piano music and this simple tune is lovely. Rihanna’s voice sounds amazing too, nice and pure without any fancy effects added. I’ve had this song stuck in my head for weeks now, what do you think?
I’ve become obsessed with watching Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares on YouTube. Have you seen the ‘Amy’s Baking Company’ one yet? So good! I have a little bit of a crush on Gordon too, I love how angry he gets. My favourite bit of the show is when he does the restaurant makeover bit, such a girl, I love how he transforms each restaurant so it’s given a new lease of life. I much prefer the US series as all the dramatic music and crying makes it even better. Any other fans in the house?
Photo 11-05-2013 10 38 22 (1)
For the past two weeks I’ve been taking part in the Escentual.com Blind Micellar Water Trial and I’ve really enjoyed trying out all of the different samples. Some have been better than others but it’s been really interesting to thoroughly test them out and really see if they work or not. I’ve just completed the survey that completes the trial and I can’t wait to see the results, I think Sample G is my favourite.

4| Event – Half-term
It’s half-term again now, and I’m so excited! It’s great to have a break from work every so often and I’m lucky that my job allows me to have holidays all the time. I’ve got lots of plans for my week off and even though I don’t get paid until the end of it (lame!) I’m sure it’s gonna be fun!
5| Shop – NEXT (Homeware)
Another homeware choice, I’m seriously loving homeware at the momento – mostly because boyfriend said we can move out soon, we even have a special secret Pinterest board for homey things we like. I am loving the lamp selection at NEXT lately, they have some really quirky lamps that would look ace amongst all my other home furnishings. I am especially loving this Little House Light (£30) and the Bobbins Promenade Mini Lamp (£32), aren’t they adorable? I’ve always admired NEXT’s homeware section, ever since I was little and my mum used to get the Next Directory. I can definitely see a little purchase being made soon…
6| Blog – Countess Du Blush
Ahh Clara, lovely Clara. I started watching her YouTube videos years ago and they were always my favourites. I’m so glad that she’s started a blog, it’s brilliant, full of fashion and make-up and her writing style is captivating. Go check her out!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!
Image Credits: Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares | Little House Lamp | Bobbin Lamp


  1. I love Clara's blog too! Nice picks :)

  2. I hate Rhi Rhi too but Stay is infectious! Urgh!

    Love Next homewear, who knew it was that amazing! Somethings I see I have to double look (in a good way ovbs!)


  3. That piano from Stay gets stuck in my head! I do love Rhianna's voice. Want to watch the kitchen nightmares ep now!

  4. I love the riri song a huge amount, to be fair I love all her songs but this is a fave. Xxx

  5. I need that little house light in my life! Would be rude not to purchase I reckon ;) x

    Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com xx

  6. Thanks again for featuring me Amy, REALLY appreciate all the love! x x x

    Clara x


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