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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Feeling Specs-y

I love wearing my glasses, it was my life dream to become a specs wearer (I’ve always admired glasses, I spent my childhood wandering round in my mum’s old pairs…) and that dream was accomplished in September 2012. I have been a happy little camper since then, I chose two sets of frames when I first got my prescription but I’ve grown bored. I’m constantly seeing new and exciting frames and I get envious, I have to have an eye test in September so I’m holding out til then to go and buy a new pair of specs but that’s not gonna stop me putting a wish list together… any excuse! I have always been a fan of the cat eye shape and I’m loving that it’s now on trend so it’s super easy to get that style on the high street, I also love glasses with a strong colour or thick frame – something to set them apart from the crowd. You’ll see a common theme from the frames I’ve selected.
I was also thinking the other day about laser eye surgery, if my eyes were to deteriorate over the years would I consider getting it done? I don’t think so. After my years of longing to be a glasses wearer I’m not sure that I could give up that privilege, I know my mum would love to have it done though, so that she can finally learn to drive and also she’d save a fortune in contact lenses!
What do you think to the glasses on my wish list?
Would you consider laser eye surgery? 



  1. The bottom right ones are lovely.
    I like my glasses - I always feel so weird wearing my contacts and they don't always agree with my eyes. I'm not sure about eye surgery - the thought gives me the heebie jeebies! Xo

  2. I spent years of my life hating the fact that I wore glasses, I eagerly signed up for contact lenses when I was 18 and have been paying £22 a month for them ever since. A few weeks ago I got to pick some free FCUK glasses just because I wear contact lenses! So far I've worn them once to the shop, at midnight! Haha.

    Jayde xo


  3. I really like the tortoiseshell ones! I had laser eye surgery earlier this year, and I'm really glad I did. If you're thinking about it, I made a video talking about my experience with it: http://www.mini-adventures.com/search/label/laser%20eye%20surgery . Hopefully it helps a bit! x

  4. I would have laser eye surgery in a heart beat, my mum had it and its changed her world. But then sometimes i do love wearing my glasses, they hide some awful eyeliner mistakes ;) x

  5. Oh, those leopard ones. GET ON MY FACE! (That sounds so dirty) xx


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