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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


BeautecoBox #3



BeautecoBox - £10* +P&P

This months BeautecoBox has cemented the box as my favourite of all the beauty boxes out there, the selection of products is always brilliant and I love that you get to choose which box to receive. No disappointments that way! I chose Menu 2 as it has a mix of skincare, haircare and make-up – all of my favourite things. Four of them are full-size too! Bonus.

If you’re not familiar with BeautecoBox this is how it works, there are three boxes each month with a different mixture of products in. You pay £10 (and P&P) and choose which box you’d like to receive, in each box there are 5 items with a mix of full-size and samples. Although the three boxes I’ve chosen so far have all included mostly full-size items! I really like choosing my box as it means I can eliminate getting products that I know I’ll never use and I also get to try out some products I’ve wanted to try for a while for a bargain price!

This month I was very excited by the Art Deco products, I’ve heard so much about this brand but I’ve never actually seen them in a shop. When I saw that there were two Art Deco products in this box I had to go for it. There is an Eyeshadow Base and a black liner, so both products I will use regularly. I’ve tried the eyeshadow base so far and it’s really nice and creamy, I wore it alone but I will be testing it’s staying power soon.

I was also impressed by the two full size Neal and Wolf hair products, I’d heard of this brand before but never tried them. The products are high-end and they are really lovely. I’ve used both and both products worked well, they also smell pretty amazing!

The other product in the box is the Pukka Radiance Serum, I’m yet to try this out though but it sounds like a really nice product. It’s RRP is £32 so I’ll be testing to see whether it actually does anything!

I’m really excited by this months Beauteco Box and I can’t wait to really test these products out!

Have you tried BeautecoBox yet?


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  1. I have subscribed to many different boxes before but haven't heard of these. I'm off to check out their site :) xx

  2. Awesome box - I love Neal and Wolf products.

    Following :)



    1. The products turned out to be awesome! :) xx

  3. I've had a box each month since the start. I only found out about beauty boxes a few days before they launched, but didn't subscribe to any, as I didn't like the idea that they might send me stuff that's useless to me. Then I heard about Beauteco and signed up straight away. I was only going to buy that months box, but I havn't been able to resist yet! If they carry on like this I might end up buying 2 a month!

    1. Hehe! It really is an amazing box :) xx


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