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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


LIFE: Wireless Festival

Tinie Tempah

Jay Z

On 13th July me and some friends popped down to London for Wireless Festival, we just went for the Saturday as I really only wanted to see Jay Z. We bought our tickets months ago when they first became available and I was so excited ever since, I've loved Jay Z for years so finally getting to see him was a dream! I wasn't particularly fussed by anyone else on the line up except Macklemore so I was pretty chilled out about the day and wasn't going to rush getting to the venue or anything.

It was one of the hottest days of the year in London that day and the velodrome area of the Olympic Park was completely open, no shade at all. It was sweltering, I hadn't dressed appropriately for the weather - wearing black was a big mistake. Although I did see some other odd outfits, a lot of heels. HEELS! At a festival? We're not in Kansas any more Toto. Wireless is very much a middle-class festival. It was basically like hanging out with 70,000 TOWIE replicas mixed in with a few rich City boys. We didn't fit in but everyone was too busy having a good time to care about who was and wasn't 'cool'.

We started the day off by seeing Macklemore, he was amazing live. He only did a few songs but he was on the main stage and managed to get everyone dancing. My boyfriend says the entrance fee was worth it just for his set, but he is a Macklemore fan boy. I was pleased that he did Same Love as that's my favourite song of his, it has a really nice sentiment and I love the piano. He obviously did Thrift Shop and Can't Hold Us too, but he played a couple of his other songs as well.

After Macklemore we headed to the Pepsi Max tent where there was some shade and we basically stayed there for the rest of the afternoon as it was so hot out in the open. We saw Flux Pavillion in there who was actually quite good, not my usual cup of tea but I did enjoy his set. Then we saw Tinie Tempah who was the special guest on the day, he was amazing. The whole tent was bouncing and dancing and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Then we headed for the food area as we were starving! We found this cool little area with lots of 'upmarket' food stalls, one by Jamie Oliver. We went to Big Apple Hot Dogs for a hotdog and it was really nice, much better than usual festival food. We then sat in the sun for a little while, listening to Emily Sande on the main stage before moving forward to get a good place for Jay Z.

We got ourselves a good position but then I needed the loo, so we had to trek all the way away from main stage for that and then we had to find a new place! I had been drinking so much water to keep cool I needed the loo every 5 minutes! And festival toilets aren't pretty. They weren't the worst I've seen though.

Jay Z came on around 9pm and played a 2 hour set, it was amazing. He got the crowd dancing and the atmosphere was something I've never experienced before, everyone came together and were just having a great time. He played some classic songs mixed in with newer stuff and then for his final song he brought out Justin Timberlake! I was in the loo at this point but I did catch the last bit of their song!

I had such a good day out at Wireless, it was exhausting but definitely worth it.

Did anyone else go to Wireless?

Off to any festivals this year?

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  1. I love your pictures, they really capture the atmosphere! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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