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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Osiris Launch at The Gherkin

gherkin 059 gherkin 061
Last Thursday evening I hotfooted it from work down to The Gherkin in London for the launch of the new Osiris Eyewear collection for Specsavers. To say I was excited is an understatement, I’d spent all week thinking about this event – normally I’m pretty blasé about press events and I don’t get too excited and tell lots of people where I’m going. You see, I love glasses, it was my life dream to be a glasses wearer ( I know I’m weird) and since last September I’ve acquired 4 pairs. I especially love Osiris glasses, they always have cool frames and colours and I knew that the new collection wouldn’t disappoint. And who can turn down an invitation to party on the top floor of The Gherkin?
gherkin 038
When we arrived, we were put through airport style security with one of those x-ray scanner things for bags! Serious business visiting one of these famous landmark buildings. At least we’d be safe. We then had to get 2 lifts to the top floor, but it was all worth it when we reached our destination – floor to ceiling windows with amazing views of the Capital. I think as soon as everyone got up there they went straight to the windows to peer out and capture the view with their phones. We guzzled champagne and orange juice whilst checking out the new collection – which is amazing! And we spoke to a couple of the stylists that were on hand recommending frames for us to try on, I pretty much tried on every pair of glasses. My ultimate favourite activity is trying on glasses. I sometimes go to Specsavers just to do this, with no intention of buying any new glasses.
gherkin 027
We were then invited to go up to the next level of The Gherkin where the DJs were already playing some amazing music, the DJs being Henry Holland and Giles Deacon (eee!). From this floor there were 360 degree views of London which were amazing, everyone was once again drawn to the windows. There were more of the new collection displayed around the room with Specsavers employees dotted around the place giving advice. We spoke to a lovely chap called Tom from the Tottenham Court Road Specsavers store, he was really nice and friendly and made us feel at home. He also recommended us some frames to try and told us about the price range and things, really helpful!
gherkin 009
gherkin 022 gherkin 005
The new collection by Osiris Eyewear has 60 new styles all designed in collaboration with Jorgen Simonsen, and is a collection that includes bold colours and patterns and contemporary shapes. There are three ranges in the collection; Colour Pop, Frosted Hi-Tech and Super Translucent. I love something from each of the ranges and they are really exciting to me, they are super modern and appeal to a younger glasses wearer. Making glasses cool! I think my favourite range is the Super Translucent as there are some really pretty colours and shapes that also incorporate pattern. There is a really lovely green pair that make my heart race a little when I see them.
gherkin 011
gherkin 010
gherkin 013
My ultimate favourite pair of glasses were a metal cat-eye shaped pair, they are amazing and I will be getting them when the collection is released in August. Here they are on my face below (excuse the expression/sweat – it was boiling!):

Osiris-Launch-at-The-Gherk2gherkin (jamies) 606
And here I am trying on a selection of other frames from the collection, not sure some of them actually suit me but I had loads of fun trying!
Osiris-Launch-at-The-Gherki OsirisGherkin3
OsirisGherkin4 gherkinosiris
gherkinosiris2 gherkin-(jamies)-625
Have you tried Osiris Eyewear before?
Where do you buy your glasses from?


  1. Love the metal cat eye frames on you, they look fab. Very jealous of the lunch too, v yummy! xx

  2. I so wish I had to wear glasses! Mega jealous of you lady! Love all those pairs, they're gorgeous!


    1. It's a fab collection isn't it!? I love them all! Xx

  3. My first ever pair of glasses were from Osiris....a very long time ago mind! You look lovely in all of them!

  4. I love trying on glasses too! This definitely makes me want to get some new ones :)

    1. It's one of my favourite activities! Xx

  5. I think you have one of those faces that can pull off so many different glasses styles and I'm SO jealous! I think I've had a few pairs of Osiris frames growing up and I always loved them!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. Thanks lovely! This collection is amazing! Xx


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