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Three’s Blogger Pen Pals: My Favourite Apps

Photo 24-06-2013 23 27 02
This is the second post in my Three’s Blogger Pen Pals series, the first was a summary of the lovely things that Jennie left me on the phone, read it here, this post is going to be about my favourite apps that I’ve found for the iPhone 5. I’ve selected five of my must-have apps for anyone that’s got an iPhone or is thinking about getting one soon, most of these apps also work for iPad too.
Everyone’s favourite procrastination site has a lovely little app for iPhone. It’s visually attractive and super easy to use, it makes scrolling through people’s pins a dream. When I can’t sleep I find it quite therapeutic to have a scroll through the ‘Tattoos’ category and add pins to my board. I’ve also started a board just for this campaign, adding all the photos I’ve taken whilst I’ve been looking after the iPhone 5. Hopefully the other bloggers will add their pins to the board too and it will become a visual scrapbook for us all to look at. You can find the board here: http://pinterest.com/amymcjohnson/threes-blogger-pen-pals/
Photo 07-07-2013 20 21 27
2| Wunderlist
Wunderlist is a ‘To-Do List’ app that syncs your lists from device-to-device, you can also access your lists online. Again, it’s a visually pleasing app which makes getting things done easy. I’ve found myself making lists for all areas of my life, work, blog, boyfriend, the future, and it really has helped me to stay organised. I’ve left some To-Do’s for Lucille on the iPhone 5, and hopefully she’ll enjoy them!
Photo 07-07-2013 20 26 08
3| Cymera
Cymera is an amazing little photography app which is a dream to use. There are seven different lenses to use to take photos with including fisheye and Pop4 (which gives a photobooth style 4 pic strip effect), there’s a flash, zoom and focus too, then there are various editing options including filters, light effects and borders. There are also some ‘beautifying’ options too, I’ve not tried them out but I’m sure they’re amazing if they are anything like the rest of the app. You can also use the app to create collages, it’s really all you need in a photography app, and it’s now my default.
Photo 07-07-2013 20 27 58
The app from those lovely guys at The Huffington Post, again a lovely visual app which makes reading the news quick, easy and fun. I’m terrible for keeping up with current events as I hardly ever watch the news or pick up a traditional newspaper but with this app I’ve been reading the news every morning before work. I love that each news story is shown by a picture in a list so you can just scroll through and read what you find interesting, the main headline is always at the top too which makes it easy to find out about anything important. You can also change the font size and background colour to make it easier to read. Amazing little app.
Photo 07-07-2013 20 30 20
For blogging on the go I’d be lost without Dropbox, for those of you that haven’t heard of this amazing utility, Dropbox stores any data that you put into your folder so that you can access it wirelessly on any device or computer. I use it to store my blog pictures so that I can edit them on the go and then quickly write up a post on my iPad or iPhone before publishing. I also use it to store important documents that I might need when I’m out and about. You can automatically back up photos from your phone to Dropbox too which is an amazing feature. If you haven’t got a Dropbox account and you blog, I’d really recommend getting one!Sign up here: http://db.tt/odmADgrm (If you sign up using this link I get some extra storage space!).
I’ve really enjoyed using these apps on the iPhone 5, and I’m going to have to download them onto my 4S!
What are your favourite apps?


  1. I love the Pinterest app, I think I like using it on my kindle more than I like using it on my laptop!

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I much prefer the mobile version too, it's SO user friendly! Much easier to browse too :) xx

  2. I've heard so much hype about dropbox but never understood it until now and I'm about to download it :) Thank you. I couldn't get through my daily life without Wunderlist! x

    1. Dropbox is amazing! I use it all the time :) xx

  3. Oh I will need to sign up to Dropbox, that sounds ideal! Xo

  4. Thanks for sharing :) I've just downloaded the Cymera app, sounds fab! x


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