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August BeautecoBox Reviews–Menu 2

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BeautecoBox #4 – August - £10 + shipping*

Last week I posted about this months BeautecoBox and after trying out the products for a week I thought I’d let you know how I got on with them. There are some disappointments but also a couple of new favourites to my collection, it’s been great to try out five completely new products to me. It’s too soon to fully review the skincare products but I’ve given you a first impression style review to give you an idea of whether you’ll like them. I have normal skin with occasional hormonal breakouts when I’m not looking after my skin properly!


S5 Calm Serum (10ml Sample) - £14.66 (approx)

I’ve been using this daily for the last week and I use about half a dropper full each use, I only use this at night time. When first applied to the skin it feels lovely, kind of like a siliconey primer. Once it’s settled into the skin I find it a little bit drying though, I had to apply a thick night cream after to combat this. I’m not sure this product is really for my skin type though, I do get occasional red patches though so I will keep this in my collection for those occasions.


Arran Aromatics Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Wash - £12.95 

I really like this product, I’ve been using this twice a day and I haven’t experienced any problems with it at all. I like the lavender and tea tree scent, it’s quite refreshing in the mornings. The product is cooling when first applied and I found this to be lovely on my spots as they were a little sore, it did not irritate them either. The face wash contains little exfoliating bits of loofah to help clear the skin, these aren’t too harsh on the skin though. I will continue to use this product until it has run out, I love it.


Melvita Atomiser Orange Blossom Water (Sample) - £4.50

I wasn’t a fan of this product, I really thought I would be too. I love these little spritzers in hot weather as they tend to be quite cooling and refreshing on the skin, which this was. I couldn’t get on with the scent though, it’s very highly fragranced and I couldn’t deal with it on my face. I might pop this in my ‘London’ make-up bag though as travelling on the tube often makes my skin feel grimy and this might work to refresh it down there!



Lord and Berry Intensity Lipstick – Peach Gleam - £12

I was very excited to try out some Lord & Berry make-up and even more so to try this peachy lipstick. I have wanted a peach lipstick for months now but I can never decide on one when in the shops. This one is quite a pale peachy nude type shade with very subtle gold shimmer, it’s a satin finish lipstick with amazing coverage – one swipe is enough. When applied it feels a little grainy and it has that traditional lipstick scent, the shimmer is not too noticeable when it’s applied either. I’d say this is a good every day lip colour and will be perfect for work when I go back in September. I’m going to do a FOTD post with this lipstick soon so keep an eye out for that.



Lord and Berry Kissproof Lip Colour – Blossom - £7.50

I was really eager to try this product out too, it looks like the perfect rose pink lip liner in the packaging. I was disappointed though, when applied it’s more of a dark purpley mauve shade. It has a lovely matte finish with good coverage, it glides on easily and doesn’t budge once it’s set. I have used this as a base for darker red and purple lipsticks and it works well in this capacity, I was just expecting it to be a more pink shade.

Overall, this is a great box, three full size products that all have potential to be amazing when used correctly. I love the face wash and the lip products, and I’m sure if my skin was more suited towards the serum I would be a fan of that too. The only disappointment for me is the floral water as it’s not suited towards my taste, if you like the orange blossom scent though you’d love it.

You can purchase this months BeautecoBox here, but be quick there are only limited boxes left!

Have you tried any of these products?

Will you be trying BeautecoBox?


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  1. Hey :)

    No, I haven't tried any of these products but I'd love to buy the peach gleam lipstick because that colour looks so beautiful! Also, I LOVE beauty reviews so much :) They are probably my favourite things to read!

    Great job :)


    Click here to check out my blog – Hailes Hearts Fashion

    1. Thank you! The lippie is a lovely colour :) xx


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