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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Life: Seaside Holiday in Blackpool

At the start of August me and my boyfriend went on our first holiday together, just a little break to the North West of England with stops in Bolton, Manchester, Preston and Blackpool. I went to university in Preston and I loved living up north, so I thought it was about time I introduced Jamie to it. My favourite part of our little holiday was the time we spent in Blackpool, I love Blackpool it’s got everything a British seaside destination should have. Yes, it’s a bit tacky and it’s full of undesirables but it just has a bit of old school charm that captured my heart on my first visit. I used to pop to Blackpool all the time when I lived in Preston as it’s only a short train ride away, and I really miss it now that I live in the middle of nowhere again.





We had some lovely weather while we were there, it was sunny the whole time! This meant that we spent a lot of time walking up and down the beaches. We even had a little paddle in the sea, which wasn’t the nicest colour but was refreshing on tired feet. We went on adventures up and down the piers, trying to dodge the gaps in the wooden planks and spending too many pennies in the arcades trying to win my baby sister a teddy. It was so nice to just be carefree and enjoy being together whilst having lots of fun. Our hotel was a bit rubbish to be fair but we didn’t really spend much time there so it was fine, think it only cost us about £50 for 3 nights too!






Have you been on holiday this year?


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  1. This looks lovely! I'm heading on holidays in December to Tokyo - but it will be a lot different to this! It'll be the start of winter! But I'm hoping to go on a nice summer holiday next year! xx

    1. I bet Tokyo will be amazing! I've always wanted to go there! :) xx

  2. Gorgeous photographs - I haven't been to Blackpool since I was a child and we stayed in a really grotty BnB! Aside from a long weekend in Pennsylvania we haven't really been away - saving for a mortgage is kinda eating up our spare pennies!

    1. Our BnB was horrible too! But never mind! And I can imagine that saving for a mortgage is horrible - don't envy you! xx

  3. This looks lovely for a little getaway - I'm forever wishing I lived near the seaside! xx


    1. I really wish I lived at the seaside, it's my favourite place :) xx

  4. Well glad you loved blackpool sweetie x

    1. I did love it! Can't wait to come back up there! xx

  5. Great blog post :) I love reading on people's summer destinations. The photographer in me can't help but love the very last photo in particular :) you've captured the waves and the lighting really well. if I could live by the seaside I would, just the thought of being able to go for walks on the beach every night is amazing!
    I've actually recently posted a summer on the beach blog on my site too :) if you enjoy flicking through a few photos then id love for you to check it out
    lots of love, saida xx


  6. Ahh I love a summer post like this and seeing where others have been ! I've not been to Blackpool in such a long time !



  7. Great blog and photographs, thanks for sharing. Here at Queens Hotel Portsmouth we are ideally situated on the south coast of England, close to superb attractions including The Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. We love to welcome all our guests and wish you and your readers all our very best.


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