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Christmas Gift Guide: Conscious Skincare


Conscious Skincare – Sweet Orange and Frangipani Bath Soak & Body Butter*

Conscious Skincare are a fabulous company that create handmade organic products in Wales, they also try to be as eco-friendly as possible. Sounds amazing, right? The products are packaged beautifully too, classic bottles and tins with simple modern labels – everything looks very professional and not at all ‘homemade’.

This Christmas, Conscious Skincare are offering free gift wrapping on full size products this year, this will be a cardboard tube or box embellished with ribbon. The gift wrap looks chic and elegant and saves you a job! I love the reindeer ribbon.



The Sweet Orange and Frangipani scent is amazing, I’ve been trying out the bath soak and body butter for a couple of weeks now and I can’t get enough of it. The bath soak makes the bath water smell divine and it feels so luxurious to bathe in, the sweet scent transfers to your skin and lingers around for a few hours after. It’s the perfect thing to clear your head after a long day, it puts me in a good mood and ready to relax for the evening.


The body butter has the most amazing texture, it’s like a whipped mousse that turns to an oil when rubbed into the skin. This is truly an amazing product. You only need the tiniest amount to cover your body as it changes into a luxurious oil which hydrates the skin and makes it feel divine. I use this product in the evening as it does take a while for it to fully sink into the skin but that’s a part of the joy with this product, prolonging the experience. My skin feels so soft after using this product, and the scent really lasts.

You can buy the Sweet Orange and Frangipani Bath Soak for £15.99 and the Body Butter for £18.99

Have you tried anything from Conscious Skincare?


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  1. This sounds a bit odd to say, but the body butter actually LOOKS like it smells nice (maybe they've just invented smell-o-vision blogs and haven't told me?!). I like the simple packaging, definitely a lovely gift choice! :) x

  2. Organic skincare products..!! It sounds really great and I will definitely try "Conscious Skincare" and I will definitely suggest this product to all my sweet family members.

  3. Ohh the wrapping! And my god that body butter looks to die for. I'm well tempted by it, would you say it lasts a good while or just for 5/10 uses? *sigh* you always have the nicest posts! x

  4. I've heard a lot about this brand lately. Sounds great for the skin, love the festive packaging too. X


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