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Life: Keeping Organised with my Filofax

Filofax Domino Red A5
Another stationery post? Surely not… I do love stationery though. When I started my new job a few weeks ago I needed a new diary as my current academic diary was full of information about students at my old place of work. I couldn’t find a suitable mid-year diary at the time so I thought I’d invest in a Filofax. I’ve tried their organisers before but only the pocket size which were just too small for me – I like a big space to write in. A5 was the only way for a work diary, I can punch A4 sheets and fold them in half and I can print documents in A5 to slip inside. I thought I’d give you a little peek inside of my Domino, and some of the pens and other stationery I use inside it.
Custom Filofax Flyleaf cute sticky notes post it notes page markers Art Box
Custom Filofax Dividers
To keep organised, and fuel my desire for cute stationery, I decided to customise the inside of my Filofax. I made some new dividers out of some super cute scrapbooking paper that I bought from TK Maxx, I still need to laminate them but I really like how the colours work together. I customised the plastic flyleaf with some sticky notes and page markers that I bought from Art Box, mentioned in my latest haul post. In the card section on the left-hand cover I store more sticky notes and page markers, alongside some paperclips. There are two pen loops on the Domino, in these I keep my favourite pens, Papermate Flexigrip Ultra in black have been my pen of choice since I was at school! They’re quite pricey but I love the way that they write so smoothly on paper. I’ve been trying out the Papermate Ink Joy 100 pens lately too, they are also fab and I love that they’re triangular shaped so easy to grip.
Filofax Notepad Domino A5 Papermate Pens
Cute Kawaii Stationery
MUJI To Do List Pad
I also use some of the page markers and little mini fold back clips to mark important dates and deadlines in my diary, this makes it super easy to find them. It also reminds me that I have a deadline coming up that I need to be working towards as I can see them peeking out at the top of the Filofax. I use the MUJI To Do List pads to note down my daily plans as I find it useful to keep them in between the weekly pages to keep me on task. I carry these forward to the next week if I have not completed all tasks on them too.
So far this set up is keeping me organised in my new job, I like how the Filofax is so customisable and that I can easily change my style if something isn’t working very well.

The pens mentioned in this post are available from Euroffice.

How do you keep organised?


  1. I love Filofax as a brand :) they have some lovely things. I had my eye on a bright neon pink A5 one, hope they still do it.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. How is your filofax so cute! Mine's a mess of notes and scribbles! had to upgrade to a5 after the mini didn't fit my shit in! may have to buy fun things for it. I'm also the same with pens- but i like a bic biro! xo

  3. this is gorgeous!! I really need to get myself more organised! Everything is on my phone but if I lost that I'd be screwed!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-c


  4. I sure do love a good filofax post! Great setup!


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