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Blogmas Day 16: Love Me Beauty Box December Reviews


Love Me Beauty – December Edition 2013*

A week ago I received my December Love Me Beauty box and over the past week I have been trying out each of the products. I have been really impressed with a few of the products this month and have really enjoyed using them. It’s this aspect that I love most about beauty boxes, as I get to try out products I would never usually be able to.



Lord & Berry Intensity Lipstick in Glazed Pink - £12

This lipstick isn’t typically a shade that I would go for, I’m not really a fan of nude lipsticks. I did enjoy wearing this though and it’s perfect for a work lip when I’m not in the mood for something more exciting. The formula is nice and it has a glossy finish which makes it easy to wear.



Headline Colours Nail Polish in Quicksand - £9

I really love this nail polish, it’s a deep brown-grey shade and is lovely for wearing to work. It has a hint of purple in there too, which you can see in some lights. I felt quite grown-up and classy when I was wearing this colour on my nails. The formula is amazing too, one coat and my nail was covered, it has a nice glossy finish too so no need for topcoat!


Rodial 5 Minute Facial Sample - £7

This facial mask was really amazing to use, it sets whilst it’s on the skin and makes everything feel nice and tight. Once you wash it off your skin feels very clean and rejuvenated. Any redness appears reduced and my skin feels a lot smoother. I will definitely be using this again and think I will keep an eye out in TK Maxx for a full size version.



Lord & Berry Kiss Proof Lip Liner in Romantica - £7.50

This lip liner is a gorgeous bubble gum pink shade with a hint of lilac, I think it will be perfect for summer worn under other lipsticks or on it’s own. It is VERY matte and drying so I would advise lots of lip balm underneath if you’re going to wear it alone. The staying power of this lip liner is amazing, I popped this on at around 1pm and it was still on when I had a bath at 9, I had also had a nap during this time and drank lots of water as I wasn’t feeling well.


S5 Vitality Mask Sample – Around £6 *A Love Me Beauty Exclusive*

I’ve only used this once and I don’t think it’s enough time for it to have worked effectively as I didn’t see any real changes in my skin after using this. My skin felt soft and fresh and I think with more use it would make a difference in the texture of my face.

Have you tried out any of these products?


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