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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Pay Day Wishlist: June


Floral Notebook - £8 | Brit Stitch Half Pint Bag - £70 | Oz T-shirt – Skip N Whistle - $22.50 | Nike Blazers - £70

 Striped Sunglasses - £16 | Hourglass Liquid Lipstick in Icon - £23 | OPI Nail Envy - £19

Revenge Wears Prada - £3.85 | Deckchairs Cushion - £12

Ahh Pay Day, the most glorious day of all. All those long hours of work build up to this beautiful day, I’ve been broke since about a week into the month and I can finally whip out the debit card to treat myself… Hold up! It’s July next month? Month of expense (2 gigs, 2 holidays and a wedding) which means no actual Pay Day shopping can happen. Say it isn’t so. A girl can dream though, and I’m sure I need a new bag/nail varnish/lipstick for holiday…

I am a notebook fiend, you know this already I’m sure, and I have fallen in love with this cute floral number from Paperchase. I love how the flowers look a bit like the flowers on those old gypsy caravans. I think this would make the perfect summer notebook, I’m planning on doing a summer reading challenge and I need somewhere to record my thoughts about each of the books I read. The Brit Stitch satchels have been doing the rounds on the blogs lately haven’t they? I’ve been suckered in… I love the pale yellow colour of this one, a perfect summer bag. The Oz tee is amazing isn’t it? I can imagine pairing it with a little skater skirt and some flip flops for a casual summer outfit. I’d also love it for work! I work in a stressful environment and hopefully the quote would make people smile (and be careful around me…).

The Nike Blazers have been on my wishlist for ages, I love the black suede ones and the shape is a classic. I imagine that they are super comfy too, much more so than Converse that take an age to wear in. The striped cat-eye sunglasses make a statement without being too in your face, I love a good pair of sunnies and these beauts from Topshop are adorable. Would look amazing with red lipstick I think. I’m in the market for a new base coat, I’ve been using the Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat for a couple of months now but it’s gone all gloopy now, I’ve heard amazing things about the Nail Envy and my nails could do with a boost. Have you tried it?

Revenge Wears Prada is the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada and I’m so excited to read it, I loved the first book  (and film) and can’t wait to see what happens. I have a little bit of a cushion purchasing problem but this one is so cute and summery with the deckchairs – might wait and see if this goes in the sale though… And who doesn’t want an Hourglass Liquid Lipstick after Anna recommended them? The colour Icon looks amazing, cheeky trip to Liberty for me.

What’s on your Pay Day Wishlist?


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Three’s Blogger Pen Pals: Pass It On…

Photo 25-06-2013 17 20 10 (1)
Photo 24-06-2013 23 06 17
I’ve just received the iPhone5 that Three Mobile are letting me play with for two weeks as a part of their Blogger Pen Pals campaign. The phone is being passed from blogger to blogger with each leaving their mark on the device along with messages and pictures for the following person, kind of like a 21st Century chain letter. I received the phone from the lovely Jennie over at Sailor Jennie and I thought I’d show you some of the lovely things she’s left me to play with/look at/listen to.
Photo 03-06-2013 01 37 34
The first thing I did when I got the phone was check out the photos that Jennie had left me, I was delighted to be greeted by lots of smiley pet faces. If you’re a fan of Jennie’s blog you’ll know all about her bunny Ralphie and her dog Bailey and they are so cute, I really loved the little videos she left me too. I smiled when I saw the Harry Potter, well Dumbledore, quote too. The camera quality seems really, really good – markedly better than that of my iPhone4. Photo 24-06-2013 23 09 11
Photo 24-06-2013 23 11 14
I then checked out the folder that Jennie had left on the front screen of the iPhone; inside were some of her favourite apps. I read the lovely message that she left me in the Do! app, I’d never heard of the app before but it seems to be a cutesy to-do list type thing that I’ll love. She mentioned Candy Crush and that she wasn’t loving it – I’d never played it before and to be honest I’m rubbish – can’t believe some people are on level 600 or so (I can’t get past 7…). I was pleased to see Hay Day there, I was addicted a few months ago and I’ve been farming away on Jennie’s farm when I’ve been bored. I really enjoy using Pinterest and Instagram on my phone and the larger screen on the iPhone make it even easier to look at pretty images.
Photo 24-06-2013 23 01 40
Jennie had also left me a playlist to listen to and I really enjoyed listening to her song choices, they weren’t the kind of thing I normally listen to but it was nice to have something different in my ears. I will be thinking of some songs to add to my own playlist for the next blogger to listen to – I love making playlists!
I’m so excited to play with the phone for the next couple of weeks and leave it full of fun things for Lucille to play with. Let me know of any apps I need to download! I will do another update when my time is up and show you what I’ve been up to.
Have you tried the iPhone 5?


NEW: L'Occitane Essence Sublime


L'Occitane Essence Sublime
L'Occitane Essence Sublime

L'Occitane Essence Sublime - £39*

A new product from the popular Angelica skincare range at L'Occitane, the Essence Sublime is a skin-perfecting serum that aims to leave skin feeling (and looking) flawless. The formula is lovely and is ideal for any skin type although the subtle fragrance might irritate very sensitive skin. The product has a lovely texture which feels lightweight on the skin and resurfaces the skin to give a velvety finish. It works like a primer, applied before foundation it irons out any fine lines, reduces redness, tightens pores and disguises blemishes. It leaves the skin feeling amazing and ready for make-up, it gives a subtle radiance to the skin which gives a healthy glow if you're going without make-up.

With consistent use the Essence Sublime leaves the texture of your skin smoother and more even with any little impurities eradicated. It works to give a more velvety texture to the skin by tightening pores and reducing redness.

I've been using this product under my make-up for the past few days and I'm really enjoying using it, it appears to keep my oiliness at bay whilst perfecting those tiny under-eye fine lines that make my concealer crease. It's a really lovely product and I would recommend it, it would make a great gift for someone that's into taking care of their skin.

Have you tried a serum before?

Any recommendations?

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Photo 24-06-2013 21 03 21
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine
It’s ASOS sale time again! I’m so impressed with the offerings in the sale this time around, a lot of the things are stuff I had in my ‘Saved Items’ too. I’m off on holiday in a couple of weeks and I need some new bits and bobs for that, I also need some new work clothes as I haven’t renewed my work wardrobe since I started 3 years ago! Terrible. I hate buying things to wear for work though, even though it’s where I spend most of my time in the week. I hope you like the things I’ve chosen to revamp my wardrobe with as you can see I’m a fan of the dress. I pretty much wear a dress every day, except for the days I’m wearing a skirt. I never, ever wear trousers (except for pyjamas…).
What’s in your ASOS basket at the moment?


Wanna smell like an After Eight? Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel

Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel - £4.07

I have been loving this new shower gel by Organic Surge recently, at first I was reluctant to try it as I'm not normally a fan of minty body washes, but it is phenomenal. It can be used for all skin types which is a bonus as I imagine that the tingly sensation you get in normal mint shower gels could irritate sensitive skin. It's packed full of natural and organic ingredients that refresh and moisturise the skin, including Vitamin E to soothe any irritation or blemishes.

But seriously, it smells like the middle bit of an After Eight. Amazing. And it does that refreshing tingly thing which is ace in the mornings. The scent really lingers on the skin too. I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you're in the market for a new morning shower gel.

What's your favourite shower gel?



Feeling Specs-y

I love wearing my glasses, it was my life dream to become a specs wearer (I’ve always admired glasses, I spent my childhood wandering round in my mum’s old pairs…) and that dream was accomplished in September 2012. I have been a happy little camper since then, I chose two sets of frames when I first got my prescription but I’ve grown bored. I’m constantly seeing new and exciting frames and I get envious, I have to have an eye test in September so I’m holding out til then to go and buy a new pair of specs but that’s not gonna stop me putting a wish list together… any excuse! I have always been a fan of the cat eye shape and I’m loving that it’s now on trend so it’s super easy to get that style on the high street, I also love glasses with a strong colour or thick frame – something to set them apart from the crowd. You’ll see a common theme from the frames I’ve selected.
I was also thinking the other day about laser eye surgery, if my eyes were to deteriorate over the years would I consider getting it done? I don’t think so. After my years of longing to be a glasses wearer I’m not sure that I could give up that privilege, I know my mum would love to have it done though, so that she can finally learn to drive and also she’d save a fortune in contact lenses!
What do you think to the glasses on my wish list?
Would you consider laser eye surgery? 



Music: Download Festival

Download 2013 Wristband

So this weekend I made a very last minute decision to attend Download Festival with my boyfriend and his friends. Best decision ever. I haven't been to a proper festival for years, in fact the last time I went to one it was Download in 2006/7 whichever year that Guns 'n' Roses headlined. I was about 17 and a much more low maintenance person back then, I was drunk the entire weekend and had a penchant for rolling around in the mud amongst burly metalheads. This time around I'm a totally different person, I was sober (only because I had work the next day...), wearing a skirt, and had a camping chair. This combination led to a completely new experience for me, I spent time appreciating my surroundings (looking for hot boys... Getting outfit inspiration from those effortlessly cool festival goer types) and really enjoying relaxing in the sunshine without a care in the world.

I went on the Sunday and none of the music was really my taste except for Rammstein of course, who doesn't like a bit of German Industrial Metal? I spent many a drunken moment twirling/ headbanging/ foxtrotting to Du Hast in my youth (still do...). I was happy to sit and listen to the other bands though and we just stayed near the Main Stage all day, wasn't impressed by 30 Seconds to Mars though - Leto seemed like a bit of a dick. Too preachy for me, and what's with the hair?! Rammstein were awesome, so many fireworks and explosions - a great way to end the perfect day.

Was anyone else at Download? What were your best bits?



Nails: Cobalt Blue




Belladonna by Headline Colours - £9*

Star Nail Tattoos by Nail Art - £5.99*

How amazing is this shade of blue? It’s so vibrant and bold without being too much. I love the way it jazzes up my fingernails and goes with pretty much any outfit. I added the nail tattoos as I fancied a bit of a ring finger accent but didn’t think glitter would look right – the poorly applied stars look fab I think and were super easy to use.

Are you a fan of bright colours on the nails?


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BeautecoBox #2





BeautecoBox - £10 (+p&p)*

This is the second BeautecoBox that I’ve tried out and again it’s not disappointed, I love the concept of this box much more than any of the others on the market at the moment and would definitely recommend that you give it a whirl. The special thing about the BeautecoBox is that you get to choose the items that your box contains, amazing right? Each month there are three different boxes to choose from which have a variety of products from skincare to nail polish, the idea is that you can see what the products are then choose your box so that the products work for you rather than having a box full of samples you don’t want and will never use.

This month I chose Box 1 as the products included were right up my street. The product that really appealed to me was the Organic Surge Kiss and Makeup Cleansing Wipes as I’m a huge Organic Surge fan and I’m lazy about cleansing (oops!). The other products in the box were also pretty exciting, a Headline Colours Nail Polish, Amie Exfoliating Polish, Balance Me Eye Cream and Eve of St Agnes Face Cream. A box full of goodies from lovely companies, I can’t wait to try out the Eye Cream and Nail Polish, I have a couple of other Headline Colours Nail Polishes and they are lovely. I’ve also never tried anything from Balance Me before so I’m excited to give them a go.

Right, I’m gonna go and slather my face in Facial Silk, paint my toe nails Poolside Party blue and revitalise my eyes


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What’s in my Bag?








What’s in my Bag? June 2013

What’s not in my bag might have been a more apt post title, how much rubbish do I need in my bag?! This is also the edited version where I got rid of all the receipts and crisp packets. This is my work bag by the way, it’s my red satchel from Zatchels, and I keep everything in this black pouch from H&M  as I found that things kept falling out when I just had them loose in the bag as there are no pockets or anything. This post isn’t sponsored by Carmex (or Heinz) promise! I just like lip balm and feel the need to carry four of them around with me at all times. The ketchup is in there because I stole it from Wetherspoons for my chips at work on Fridays, they charge 10p a sachet at work! Rude.

Anyone else carry a lot of rubbish around with them?


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Six on Sunday: 2.3



Six on Sunday 2.3 – 2nd June 2013

1| Music – Get Low – Lil Jon

I have had this song in my head all week long, it is an excellent song though – sweaty balls mmm! I get a random impulse to just rap the lyrics every now and then, did it in M&S the other day! Whenever I listen to it I can’t help but do a bit of bum wiggling, I’m sure I look super attractive…

2| TV – The Undateables

I’ve been catching up with the latest series of The Undateables on YouTube this week, I loved the first series and the second didn’t disappoint either. I work with teenagers with learning difficulties and disabilities and I totally empathise with the people on the show, it’s nice to see them meet other people and it’s even nicer to see that there are special dating agencies dedicated to helping them find love!

3| Product – Prada Candy L’Eau

I got one of those mini samples of this fragrance in a package the other day and I thought I’d dislike the scent, but I tried it anyway as I love those teeny tiny little spray bottles – I love it! It’s warm and musky without being too heavy, it has a sweet caramelly note too alongside a burst of citrus. It’s a lovely combination of fragrances, I think I’ll have to get the full-size bottle next time I need a new perfume.

4| Event – Bank Holiday (Again!)

We were lucky enough to get another bank holiday in the UK this week! Amazing! And the weather was amazing too, I spent the day with friends in the sunshine generally having a nice time and getting sunburnt!

5| Shop – Debenhams

Debenhams have 10% off the beauty department this weekend! Time to stock up on all those necessities! I feel a little MAC order being placed…

6| Blog – Found On Film

I’m sure that most of you have heard of Sarah’s YouTube channel (also called Found on Film) but just recently she’s started posting on her blog more often. I’m loving it! I think me and Sarah are similar dress sizes so I’m loving her OOTD posts, I find them really inspiring and its nice to see clothes from websites like ASOS in ‘real life’ situations, I’ve definitely been convinced to buy a couple of items after seeing Sarah model them! She also posts about make-up, her life, and new products, Found on Film has become one of my favourite reads over the last couple of weeks. Check out Sarah’s YouTube too, which I also love!

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How has your week been? Link me to blog posts below!



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Nails: ORLY Boho Bonnet & Peaceful Opposition

ORLY Boho Bonnet* & Peaceful Opposition*
Both of these nail polishes are part of the new Hope & Freedom Fest collection by Orly, Boho Bonnet is a lovely grey-blue shade which is super pretty on it’s own (featured here) but I thought I’d jazz it up with a bit of glitter. Peaceful Opposition is really interesting in the bottle it has a milky white base with square pieces of silver glitter suspended in it. I just applied one coat over the blue shade so the milkiness didn’t really transfer here but I’m sure with a few layers you’d get opacity. I really like how these nails look, they’re so pretty and fresh and I like how they look kind of effortless.
What’s on your nails this week?