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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


LIFE: The Gherkin

If you saw last weeks Specsavers post you'll know that I went on a trip to the top of the Gherkin a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd share a few more of the pictures I took whilst I was there. It's such an architecturally beautiful building that I couldn't help but take lots of pictures of it. I particularly love the triangular shapes of the windows, such a pleasure to photograph too. I've never really admired architecture before but this building is a beaut.

What is your favourite building?




LIFE: Wireless Festival

Tinie Tempah

Jay Z

On 13th July me and some friends popped down to London for Wireless Festival, we just went for the Saturday as I really only wanted to see Jay Z. We bought our tickets months ago when they first became available and I was so excited ever since, I've loved Jay Z for years so finally getting to see him was a dream! I wasn't particularly fussed by anyone else on the line up except Macklemore so I was pretty chilled out about the day and wasn't going to rush getting to the venue or anything.

It was one of the hottest days of the year in London that day and the velodrome area of the Olympic Park was completely open, no shade at all. It was sweltering, I hadn't dressed appropriately for the weather - wearing black was a big mistake. Although I did see some other odd outfits, a lot of heels. HEELS! At a festival? We're not in Kansas any more Toto. Wireless is very much a middle-class festival. It was basically like hanging out with 70,000 TOWIE replicas mixed in with a few rich City boys. We didn't fit in but everyone was too busy having a good time to care about who was and wasn't 'cool'.

We started the day off by seeing Macklemore, he was amazing live. He only did a few songs but he was on the main stage and managed to get everyone dancing. My boyfriend says the entrance fee was worth it just for his set, but he is a Macklemore fan boy. I was pleased that he did Same Love as that's my favourite song of his, it has a really nice sentiment and I love the piano. He obviously did Thrift Shop and Can't Hold Us too, but he played a couple of his other songs as well.

After Macklemore we headed to the Pepsi Max tent where there was some shade and we basically stayed there for the rest of the afternoon as it was so hot out in the open. We saw Flux Pavillion in there who was actually quite good, not my usual cup of tea but I did enjoy his set. Then we saw Tinie Tempah who was the special guest on the day, he was amazing. The whole tent was bouncing and dancing and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Then we headed for the food area as we were starving! We found this cool little area with lots of 'upmarket' food stalls, one by Jamie Oliver. We went to Big Apple Hot Dogs for a hotdog and it was really nice, much better than usual festival food. We then sat in the sun for a little while, listening to Emily Sande on the main stage before moving forward to get a good place for Jay Z.

We got ourselves a good position but then I needed the loo, so we had to trek all the way away from main stage for that and then we had to find a new place! I had been drinking so much water to keep cool I needed the loo every 5 minutes! And festival toilets aren't pretty. They weren't the worst I've seen though.

Jay Z came on around 9pm and played a 2 hour set, it was amazing. He got the crowd dancing and the atmosphere was something I've never experienced before, everyone came together and were just having a great time. He played some classic songs mixed in with newer stuff and then for his final song he brought out Justin Timberlake! I was in the loo at this point but I did catch the last bit of their song!

I had such a good day out at Wireless, it was exhausting but definitely worth it.

Did anyone else go to Wireless?

Off to any festivals this year?

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What's in My Travel Toiletry Bag?

As I write this I'm in Yorkshire on a little holiday with my Mum, Nan and baby sister. We're here until Friday and it's been lovely so far, except for all that thunder! It's a bit scary when you're in a caravan. Anyway, I thought I'd show you all what I brought in my toiletry bag, and do a summary of what I've actually used! I forgot to take a picture of the actual bag itself but it's a Soap & Glory one from Christmas.

Skincare is what I packed most of, although I don't think I packed excessively. The L'Oreal Skin Perfection wipes aren't something I usually use but I thought they would be easier than bringing my Micellar Water and cotton pads with me. The Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream is something that I received in a Beauteco Box and I'm testing it out at the mo, so far so good. Cherry Carmex is a staple in my life, I love the stuff. The Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser is the one for dull skin and does a nice job of brightening my skin up. Finally the Ultrasun Facial SPF is a great base for makeup and keeps you protected too.

Body care is nice and simple, shower gel and body butter from The Body Shop's Coconut range and deodorant by Vaseline. I love the scent of Coconut, especially on holiday so this range is perfect. The body butter is lovely and moisturising and sinks in just quickly enough.

For hair just four products, I'm pretty relaxed with my hair care at home so I don't need to bring much for that. Argan Oil which I got from Primark, I actually really love this stuff - it's amazing at nourishing the dry ends of my hair in this warm weather. I use it when my hair is wet too so it dries a little bit less 'big'. It's also brilliant on chlorine damaged hair, so a must after visits to the pool. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle to deep condition my hair in the shower and make it silky smooth and tangle free, it also smells amazing. TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls shampoo, again another amazing smelling product - it smells like sweets! I love this shampoo it makes my curly hair manageable and less frizzy. Score. Finally John Frieda Frizz Ease serum with heat protection for if I feel like blow drying my hair. I probably won't, but you never know.

I made sure to chuck a load of samples into the bag before I left, I find that being away encourages me to use up these little samples. I've included some skincare, haircare and body care samples and I'm looking forward to using them up.

So, what have I actually used?

The face wipes and my moisturiser. That's all. I've yet to wash my hair and I borrowed Mum's shower gel in the shower this morning. We're off swimming tomorrow so I'll be washing my hair then and I'm going to make a conscious effort to use some of the other products I've brought with me.

What do you take on holiday with you?

Do you use it all?

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Osiris Launch at The Gherkin

gherkin 059 gherkin 061
Last Thursday evening I hotfooted it from work down to The Gherkin in London for the launch of the new Osiris Eyewear collection for Specsavers. To say I was excited is an understatement, I’d spent all week thinking about this event – normally I’m pretty blasé about press events and I don’t get too excited and tell lots of people where I’m going. You see, I love glasses, it was my life dream to be a glasses wearer ( I know I’m weird) and since last September I’ve acquired 4 pairs. I especially love Osiris glasses, they always have cool frames and colours and I knew that the new collection wouldn’t disappoint. And who can turn down an invitation to party on the top floor of The Gherkin?
gherkin 038
When we arrived, we were put through airport style security with one of those x-ray scanner things for bags! Serious business visiting one of these famous landmark buildings. At least we’d be safe. We then had to get 2 lifts to the top floor, but it was all worth it when we reached our destination – floor to ceiling windows with amazing views of the Capital. I think as soon as everyone got up there they went straight to the windows to peer out and capture the view with their phones. We guzzled champagne and orange juice whilst checking out the new collection – which is amazing! And we spoke to a couple of the stylists that were on hand recommending frames for us to try on, I pretty much tried on every pair of glasses. My ultimate favourite activity is trying on glasses. I sometimes go to Specsavers just to do this, with no intention of buying any new glasses.
gherkin 027
We were then invited to go up to the next level of The Gherkin where the DJs were already playing some amazing music, the DJs being Henry Holland and Giles Deacon (eee!). From this floor there were 360 degree views of London which were amazing, everyone was once again drawn to the windows. There were more of the new collection displayed around the room with Specsavers employees dotted around the place giving advice. We spoke to a lovely chap called Tom from the Tottenham Court Road Specsavers store, he was really nice and friendly and made us feel at home. He also recommended us some frames to try and told us about the price range and things, really helpful!
gherkin 009
gherkin 022 gherkin 005
The new collection by Osiris Eyewear has 60 new styles all designed in collaboration with Jorgen Simonsen, and is a collection that includes bold colours and patterns and contemporary shapes. There are three ranges in the collection; Colour Pop, Frosted Hi-Tech and Super Translucent. I love something from each of the ranges and they are really exciting to me, they are super modern and appeal to a younger glasses wearer. Making glasses cool! I think my favourite range is the Super Translucent as there are some really pretty colours and shapes that also incorporate pattern. There is a really lovely green pair that make my heart race a little when I see them.
gherkin 011
gherkin 010
gherkin 013
My ultimate favourite pair of glasses were a metal cat-eye shaped pair, they are amazing and I will be getting them when the collection is released in August. Here they are on my face below (excuse the expression/sweat – it was boiling!):

Osiris-Launch-at-The-Gherk2gherkin (jamies) 606
And here I am trying on a selection of other frames from the collection, not sure some of them actually suit me but I had loads of fun trying!
Osiris-Launch-at-The-Gherki OsirisGherkin3
OsirisGherkin4 gherkinosiris
gherkinosiris2 gherkin-(jamies)-625
Have you tried Osiris Eyewear before?
Where do you buy your glasses from?


Guerlain Liu Perfumed Shimmer Powder





Guerlain Liu – Perfumed Shimmer Powder – Harrods - £25.25*

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Harrods and asked if I wanted to review an item from their extensive Beauty department, at the time there was a pretty epic sale on meaning that many items were half price, including this lovely product by Guerlain. It’s the Liu Perfumer Shimmer Powder which was a part of their Christmas 2012 makeup collection and was definitely my star sale buy! The powder is fragranced with the Liu perfume which smells of roses and vanilla, a really lovely scent which is warming to wear on the skin. When I first saw the effects of this powder I was wowed, it’s so pretty when sprayed on to the skin as it has tiny glitter particles that reflect in the light as well as iridescent glitter that changes colour in different lights. It almost gives the appearance of a liquid when applied heavily on the skin, it looks amazing. I’ve been wearing it on my collar bones on nights out but I can’t wait to try it on my hair! You can tell this product is from a luxury brand as the packaging is outstanding, I love the Art Deco feel to the bottle and it looks perfect sat on my dressing table. I’ve never tried anything from Guerlain before but I will definitely be checking out their Christmas range for 2013!

Keep your eyes on the Harrods website for upcoming sales as there were loads of bargains available for really great prices, including some Aromatherapy Associates gift sets for mere pennies. Wish I’d bought a couple of those for Christmas presents!

Have you ever shopped the Harrods sale?


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BeautecoBox #3



BeautecoBox - £10* +P&P

This months BeautecoBox has cemented the box as my favourite of all the beauty boxes out there, the selection of products is always brilliant and I love that you get to choose which box to receive. No disappointments that way! I chose Menu 2 as it has a mix of skincare, haircare and make-up – all of my favourite things. Four of them are full-size too! Bonus.

If you’re not familiar with BeautecoBox this is how it works, there are three boxes each month with a different mixture of products in. You pay £10 (and P&P) and choose which box you’d like to receive, in each box there are 5 items with a mix of full-size and samples. Although the three boxes I’ve chosen so far have all included mostly full-size items! I really like choosing my box as it means I can eliminate getting products that I know I’ll never use and I also get to try out some products I’ve wanted to try for a while for a bargain price!

This month I was very excited by the Art Deco products, I’ve heard so much about this brand but I’ve never actually seen them in a shop. When I saw that there were two Art Deco products in this box I had to go for it. There is an Eyeshadow Base and a black liner, so both products I will use regularly. I’ve tried the eyeshadow base so far and it’s really nice and creamy, I wore it alone but I will be testing it’s staying power soon.

I was also impressed by the two full size Neal and Wolf hair products, I’d heard of this brand before but never tried them. The products are high-end and they are really lovely. I’ve used both and both products worked well, they also smell pretty amazing!

The other product in the box is the Pukka Radiance Serum, I’m yet to try this out though but it sounds like a really nice product. It’s RRP is £32 so I’ll be testing to see whether it actually does anything!

I’m really excited by this months Beauteco Box and I can’t wait to really test these products out!

Have you tried BeautecoBox yet?


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