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What’s In My Work Bag?



What’s in my bag? January 2014

Doctor’s Bag from Topshop - £40

I love these posts, I think everyone is nosy when it comes to other people’s bags. It’s interesting to see which things people think are important to carry around with them. This is my work bag, if you didn’t know I’m a cover teacher in a secondary girls school so I carry lots of random school stuff with me.


The Stationery

Leather pencil case by Aubin & Wills (RIP) | Various Pens & Pencils | Sulley Notebook | Green Pritt Stick | Post-its 

Blu – Tak (works wonders for the fiddlers) | Superhero Notebook that I use as a diary


The Essentials

Purse | HK umbrella | Tissues | Chewing Gum | Fruit & Nut shot | Lollipops (rewards) | Mints | Mittens | Solid Perfume

Headache Soother | Lip Balm

Torch (It’s dark when I leave for work at 7:15am and dark when I get home at 4! No streetlights here) | Headphones

Memory Stick | Juice Cube iPhone charger

So, not too interesting to be honest. It’s usually full of random pieces of work and bits of paper, more pens and sweets. I also have a water bottle and a cereal bar in there for break time too.

What have you got in your bag?


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  1. That's a lovely bag. I LOVE the superhero notebook! Xo

  2. I'm in love with the Scrabble cushion personally haha! I love reading 'What's in my bag' posts I think they are one of my favourite topics!

    Follow @ bloglovin: http://goo.gl/VYmLfM

  3. I really love these kinds of posts too! Oh your bag is just to die for, I'm in love!! Where did you get your little torch? I'm in need of one as mine broke recently :/ x

    1. The torch was from Tesco but it's rubbish! Need to replace it with a more practical one soon! xx


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