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Money: Spending Ban Week 1

Screenshot 2014-02-02 20.46.19

Spending Ban – February 2014

I got paid on Friday and pretty much paid all of my money out again, not good. Saving to move out is going to be super tricky for me as I am terrible at saving money, it will be worth it in the end though. To help with the money situation this month I have decided to go on a bit of a spending ban, I have tried to do this many times before but have been unsuccessful.

I am going to allow myself to buy some essentials, such as food, my bus ticket, and gifts for people. I also need to buy a new diary and an interview outfit.

I will report back each Sunday on how it’s going and if I’ve stayed on track or not.

Wish me luck!

Have you ever been on a successful Spending Ban?


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  1. GOOD LUCK!! I could never do this!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Good luck!! I go through phases with spending money. Sometimes I'll want to buy all the things, sometimes I don't want to buy a thing at all.
    I should probably go on a spending ban...


    1. Thanks Michaela, I am similar in that sometimes I go spending mad and other times I rarely spend a penny! xx

  3. I'm on a strict budget which I'm struggling to keep to...not sure I could have a complete spending ban! Good luck, look forward to seeing how you get on :)


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