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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

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Music: Skindred Live at Kentish Town Forum 01/02/14

Photo 01-02-2014 22 05 16

Last Saturday I popped down to London with my boyfriend to cash in one of my Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary presents; tickets to see Skindred play at the Kentish Town Forum. To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement, Skindred have been one of my favourite bands for years now and I’ve only seen them once before. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t enjoy the gig as I’m not a huge fan of their newer material but I shouldn’t have doubted them – the set list was laced with classic anthems and a few of my favourite songs from their new album.

If you’ve not heard of Skindred they are a Welsh band that mixes a huge range of genres, predominantly reggae and metal/alt rock. I love bands that push the boundaries and mix seemingly unrelated genres together, it was this that drew me to Skindred in the first place. I’m big fan of classic ska and I am also partial to a bit of metal, so when I first heard them it was like all the music in my head had been stuck together.

Photo 01-02-2014 21 50 44

Back to the gig, there were two support bands: Viza and Soil. I can’t comment on them as I made Jamie take me to Nando’s so we missed them. We arrived at The Forum just in time to get a drink and find a spot to enjoy Skindred’s performance. Normally I like to be in the mosh pit for gigs, I love being shoved about and that feeling of delirium you get. But as we didn’t get to the venue until about 10 minutes before the band came on stage, all the good spots in the pit were taken. We opted to stand on a little platform which had a great view of the stage and there was still room to dance around a bit. To be honest I didn’t enjoy experiencing a gig from the background, I much prefer getting involved.

The band came on to the stage to a mash up of Thunderstruck by AC/DC, Imperial March (Star Wars) by John Williams and Roots Rock Riot by Skindred. I was really pleased that they played my favourite songs: Selector, Pressure and Babylon – these are the songs that made me fall in love with the band and they sound even better live. I loved that they split the gig up using mash ups of different songs, especially the ‘Niggas in Paris / Intergalactic / Jump Around / Don't Stop Me Now / Omen / We Will Rock You’ one in the middle, it was impressive and although a lot of the crowd didn’t appreciate the more popular songs I certainly did. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Toxicity cover in the encore – I love SOAD and Skindred’s version was just as good.

The gig was great, I’d definitely recommend seeing them if you get the opportunity. They’re going to be at Download Festival this year too, is anyone going? I need to try and sneak a day off work so I can go with my boyfriend… If you’ve never listened to Skindred before, go and YouTube them!

Are you going to any gigs this year?


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  1. I saw them last thurs in bristol. They were amazing especially when they got everyone to sing macklemore's thrift shop and the moshers did a wall of death. As for Soil and Viza, if you get to see them i would recommend it as they were good too. Glad you had a great time. I'm hoping to win my other half to go to download this year but it looks either stay at home or go to sonisphere.


    1. Sonisphere looks amazing this year doesn't it? I will definitely check out Viza, I know of Soil but only 'Halo' lol xx


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