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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Favourites: Bourjois


Bourjois is a brand that I always look to when I’m in need of a new base, they always seem to have something that the other brands don’t offer. I struggle with their shade range in the winter as my skin is so fair but once the sun starts shining I can work with the first couple of shades. I’ve also been a fan of their mascara since I was at school and I used to steal my Mum’s Coup de Theatre – you know the one with the white end and the black that you layer over. I’ve been loving the three products above for the last little while and thought I’d review them for you.



Bourjois – Volume 1 Seconde Mascara - £9.99*

This mascara promises to add volume to the lashes without clumping – sounds perfect, no? It has a special wand that has little balls and spikes to grab every lash and add definition. I really, really love this mascara it makes my lashes look thick and full and even a little bit longer. It is super easy to use, one coat and you’re done. I like how it boosts my lashes for every day and makes them look a lot better than when they’re naked! I need to pick up the waterproof version so that I can wear it for work every day and see how it lasts in the unpredictable environment of an SEN school.


Bourjois – 123 Perfect CC Cream - £9.99

I’m a big fan of BB Creams but I hadn’t tried a CC Cream until I saw this one on the Bourjois stand the other day, to be honest I wasn’t sure of the difference between them. I guess that the CC Cream has colour correction pigments in it to fix the flaws in your skin. I like to wear slightly less coverage for work and this is perfect – it applies easily, gives a glowy finish and evens out my skin tone. I find that I don’t need to powder it either, after application it sets and stays put for several hours. I’ve been wearing it for the past few weeks and I haven’t noticed any reactions. The shade is perfect for my summer colour and blends in with the tan on the rest of my body.


Bourjois – Healthy Mix Serum - £10.99

When I bought this foundation it was a momentous occasion – for the first time in my life I bought the second to lightest shade. To match the skin on my chest (which always catches the sun) I needed to buy a darker foundation so I didn’t look like a weird white-faced person. I had tried this foundation a long time ago and I can’t remember if I liked it or not, but this time around I’m getting on a lot better with it. The finish is so lovely and glowy and it has great coverage. It feels really light on the skin and doesn’t cling on to dry bits, it doesn’t slip off oily areas either. I’ve been using it as a going out foundation as I really love the finish it gives – my skin really does look radiant and healthy.

Do you have any favourite Bourjois products?

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  1. My absolute fave is the healthy mix serum - high five for going for the second to lightest shade! I'm forever buying foundation too pale for me, and I decided to change my ways with the serum too! I also love the flower perfection primer, it's lovely :)

    Love, Chlo | xo

    1. Thanks for the comment lovely :)

      I haven't tried the Flower Perfection Primer before but I will check it out next time I'm in Boots! xx

  2. I absolutely love the CC cream!

    1. It's great isn't it? I didn't think I'd like it but I love it too! xx


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