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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


MEMEBOX: Special #6 Whole Grain


MEMEBOX: Wholegrain Box*

Another beauty box? Yep, but this one is special. MEMEBOX is a beauty box that comes from Korea, and there are lots of different boxes to choose from each month – some with make-up, some skincare and some a mixture of the two. The boxes are a range of prices depending on the contents but they are all around the $20 – 30 (£12 – 18)mark, and there are special themed boxes which are a little bit more expensive. You can choose to buy a MEMEBOX at any time but it will be shipped on a certain date, these things sell out fast so if you see one that you like the look of you best buy it quickly. The beauty box is shipped from Korea via DHL in the UK so it arrives safely to your door, and the shipping is surprisingly speedy! I will definitely be checking out MEMEBOX again – there are some princess themed boxes on the site at the moment which sound exciting!

Here’s what I received in my first MEMEBOX:


I was sent the Whole Grain box, which is a skincare themed box with lots of whole grain based products to help exfoliate, nourish and soothe the skin. I was very excited by this as I’ve never tried skincare from a different country before and I’ve heard great things about Korean skincare. I received 8 full size products in my box worth $80 (£50!) which is fab considering the price you pay for the box. I have been trying out these products over the past month and some of them are really amazing. I particularly enjoyed the hand and foot masks as they were something that I’d never tried before.

The products I received were:

  • Grinif – Nature Oatmeal Scrub Bar – $9
    • This smells amazing, it is a 100% natural handmade cleansing bar that is packed full of ingredients to cleanse your skin. This can be used on your face or body and I’ve used it on my face a couple of times but I mostly use it on my body. The skin feels really soothed after use – I will be keeping this safe for the winter months when my skin gets dry.
  • Herbclinic – Rice Bran Powder – $8
    • This is a really strange product, it’s a powder that you mix with oatmeal and milk to create a face mask. The mask claims to revive and nourish the skin giving a visible difference the next day.I haven’t tried this out yet but I’m looking forward to it.
  • Purebess – Galactomyces – $15
    • This is a product I was excited about, it’s kind of like a micellar water but an amped up version. The Galactomyces breaks down residue and dirt on the skin as well as locking in moisture. I really like this product I use as a toner and will miss it when it’s all gone.
  • Purebess – Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream – $20
    • An eye cream by the same brand as the toning water, this is intensely moisturising but not greasy. I also find it to be quite cooling on the eye area and it really helps to wake you up in the mornings. It sinks in relatively quickly and is a good base for make-up.
  • Purederm – Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Mask Oatmeal – $12
    • This is one of those masks that heats up once you’ve applied it – I like those as it feels like it’s doing something. I was expecting the mask to be quite thick but it is actually a gel formulation once it’s spread onto your skin. It smells nice and fresh and is quite a relaxing scent. This leaves your skin feeling so soft and looking healthy.
  • Purederm – Rice Bran Collagen Mask – $5
    • A sheet mask! I love sheet masks but they’re quite difficult to get hold of in the UK so I was really excited to receive 2 of these in the box. This was refreshing on the skin and again left it feeling nourished and healthy.
  • Purederm – Daily Moisturising Hand Mask Oatmeal – $7
    • I tried these out first, they are gloves that you slip on with the mask inside – a bit weird. You leave them on for 30 minutes and then pat in the excess, your hands feel nice and soft after. A perfect treat for dry hands!
  • Purederm – Invigorating Foot Scrub Walnut – $4
    • This was really great, lots of bits of exfoliating walnut shell and apricot seeds that leave the skin feeling smooth. This was a great treat after walking around London all day, it rejuvenates tired toes and it smells nice too!

So, my first MEMEBOX was a success!

Have you tried out this box before?

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