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Top 5: Summer Nail Polish

Top 5: Summer Nail Polish
A long time ago on Paperbacks & Postcards I did a series of Top 5 posts and I really enjoyed putting them together. I thought I’d start doing them again, with a variety of different subjects; the first is going to be my Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes.
There’s nothing more exciting to me than trying out a new nail polish that I’ve just bought and this summer I seemed to have acquired quite a few newbies to the collection. The 5 that I will be featuring here are my very favourites at the moment for fingers and toes.
Up first is Essie Splash of Grenadine, it’s a lovely lilac pink shade that applies beautifully. It takes two coats to achieve full opacity and it has a really lovely finish to it – kind of milky. When I apply this to my nails it lasts an incredibly long time, I had it on for almost two weeks with no tip wear at all! Whenever I wear this nail polish I just can’t help but stare at my nails, it gives an instant boost of happiness. I will be wearing Splash of Grenadine for a long time to come.
I did a post about Zoya Wendy a while back and I’m still just as in love with this shade, it’s a pinky coral shade that is perfect for spring and summer. It’s bright, but it’s not too bright – I wore it for the last few weeks of work and no one batted an eyelid, in fact I got a few compliments. It’s the kind of pink that is suitable for all occasions I think – nights out, work, weddings, summer holidays, it’s unique enough to work wherever. It has a fab formula too, really fast drying and perfect application.
Essie – Beyond Cozy
I’ve also featured Beyond Cozy here before, and I am still loving this sparkly polish. It is one of the most glittery polishes I’ve ever seen and when it’s on your nails it’s still just as dazzling. I am loving having this on my nails in the bright sunshine as it really does look amazing. It also has a bit of that tan-enhancing quality that neon polishes tend to have which is nothing to complain about. The formula is fab as well, 2 coats and you’re done. Remember to add a top coat though, or it’s a little gritty.
A very recent purchase, Barry M Guava has not left my toenails since it arrived home with me. It is the most perfect toenail shade as it makes your feet look tanned and it gives a nice bright pop of colour when you’re wearing sandals. It’s a hard colour to describe and the pictures don’t show it accurately, it’s a turquoise but it’s a bit darker and more green than your usual turquoise polish. It’s unique and that is why I love it, I’ve had loads of compliments too so I think it’s a winner all round.
This Nails Inc. polish came free when I bought some Colgate toothpaste a little while ago, certainly made the toothpaste more exciting. I applied it almost instantly and it was love at first sight, I have a soft spot for red nail polishes – for years it was the only colour I wore on my finger nails. It is a perfect flame red colour, it has more orange than normal reds so it makes this polish special. It applies easily, one coat and it’s opaque and no bubbles either. It’s fab for summer as the orange in it makes it bright and easy to wear with bright summer clothes and my favourite summer lipstick – Lady Danger by MAC.
Have you got a favourite summer nail polish?


  1. Lovely colours you picked here, essie splash of grenadine looks so pretty it's a shame I can't get on with Essie they always seem to chip on me x

  2. LOVE that Zoya shade! I have quite a few of their polishes :)

  3. The Zoya polish is beautiful!! Definitely need to get my hands on it :)


  4. The Zoya is stunning! I'm a big fan of Barry M's Guava too, I've had it ages and haven't worn it in a while - might have to bring it out soon :D

  5. I have Zoya Wendy too, isn't it gorgeous? xx


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