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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


MEMEBOX: Special #16 OMG Box



MEMEBOX: OMG Box $29* (now sold out)

MEMEBOX is a beauty box that comes from Korea, and there are lots of different boxes to choose from each month – some with make-up, someskincare and some a mixture of the two. The boxes are a range of prices depending on the contents but they are all around the $20 – 30 (£12 – 18)mark, and there are special themed boxes which are a little bit more expensive. You can choose to buy a MEMEBOX at any time but it will be shipped on a certain date, these things sell out fast so if you see one that you like the look of you best buy it quickly. The beauty box is shipped from Korea via DHL in the UK so it arrives safely to your door, and the shipping is surprisingly speedy!

This time I was sent the OMG Box which is designed to make you wonder about the items, some weird products that will turn out to be awesome. The perfect box to try out some of the more bizarre beauty products that Korea has to offer!

Unfortunately the OMG Box that I received is now out of stock but I saw on the website that there will soon be an OMG 3 box available soon.

The box contained:


Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss (Full Size) – $22

This is a lip gloss that’s made up of two shades – orange and pink, it’s insanely glittery too. The colour doesn’t really transfer to the lips but it does leave a nice sheen. The packaging is what makes this product special though, it has a little light in the lid and a mirror on the side so that you can re-apply gloss even in the dark.


SKINAZ Premium Vitablet (Full Size) – $46

I was definitely intrigued by this product, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in the UK. Vitablet is a vitamin cleanser that comes in the form of a tablet, it contains lots of ingredients that are beneficial to the skin including more than 300g of Vitamin C! To use you add one tablet to a bowl of water and then use the water as a cleanser on the skin. I then added the water to a spray bottle to spritz throughout the day as a toner.


SKINAZ The Kissable 24H Lip Tattoo (Full Size) – $18

First up, this thing smells amazing! It smells just like the Boots Mango and Papaya body spray. It also is super opaque and really does leave a stain on the lips. To use the lip tattoo you apply a layer of it all over your lips and wait for it to dry, you then remove the dried tattoo from the lips and apply some lip balm. You are left with a vibrant colour that doesn’t budge from your lips all day!


Pure Smile Oh! My Busty!? 3 Step Bust Care Kit (Full Size) – $6

This was probably the weirdest product that I received in this box, definitely haven’t seen anything like this in the UK. This is a 3 step process for giving your bust a treat, the Gommage exfoliates the skin, the Hydrogel pack rejuvenates the skin and the cream moisturises. I haven’t tried this yet and I’m not sure if I will! Maybe if I’m going to be baring my chest!


Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask (Full Size) – $46

I was surprised by this product as I expected it to smell bad but it actually doesn’t really have a smell. This is a fab face mask that is perfect for deep cleansing, your face feels super clean after. It’s a bit strange when the mask starts bubbling up though due to the carbonation.


Ladykin Aqua Exfoliator for Body (Full Size) – $14

This is another interesting product, it’s an exfoliator that you spray on! You spray it over your body wherever you want to exfoliate and then you just rub off the dead skin cells. It’s kind of satisfying to wipe away the dead skin cells (gross but true!). The product smells quite pleasant and it really does work.

Have you tried MEMEBOX yet?

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