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University Tips: Advice for Freshers

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That’s where I used to live! Roeburn Hall at UCLan (sorry about the 2007 camera phone picture!)

We made this as a group in my flat and stuck it on our kitchen door – it was a good bonding activity!


It’s been seven years since I was a fresher at uni but I can still remember it like it was yesterday. That first couple of weeks was a whirlwind of nerves, confusion and erm vodka. My little cousin Chloe is off to uni this year and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of the things I learned whilst at university.

This first instalment is 5 tips for surviving your first year at uni, the things that are important to know from the get go.

  1. If you’re the first person to arrive at your flat, grab a kitchen cupboard and drawer in a good location and put your stuff in it straight away. I was the first person in my flat and forgot to do this and ended up with the cupboard under the sink!
  2. In the first couple of weeks be friendly and welcoming to everyone that you meet, you might just find yourself a best friend. Also ask people what course they’re doing as they might be doing the same as you – if they are give them your number and arrange to meet before your first lecture. Safety in numbers.
  3. Familiarise yourself with the campus before your first classes begin – you don’t want to be late on your first day. Go for a walk around and scout out where the shops, pubs and restaurants are as well – this is a good activity to do with your flatmates.
  4. Be social with your flatmates – they might not be your best friends in the end but you still have to share a living space with them. They’ll be the first people you meet too, so you’ll spend a lot of time with them in the first few weeks.
  5. Once you’ve unpacked all your belongings, leave your door open when you’re in your room – this makes it easy for people to come and talk to you! Pop a sign with your name on it on the outside too – so people remember your name

Just a bit of advice for the first few weeks in a new place, check back tomorrow for some tips for your first lecture.

Where are you off to uni?

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  1. Leaving your door open is my biggest tip too! That flat poster is so cute!

    Sophie x

  2. Ha love the first tip! I got there second to last so luckily the last person had the cupboard under the sink. Ah to be a fresher again



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