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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Ultimate Gift Guide 2014

As of this moment, 9:30am 30th November, I have completed my Christmas shopping. Say what?! I don’t know where this organisation came from but I’m quite happy. I’ve now got to try and not buy people extra presents as I need to save my pennies.

I thought that I’d show you my ideas for some presents for your loved ones. I’d actually wrapped most of the actual presents up by the time I photographed so unfortunately there isn’t a guide for Dad or grandparents – chocolates all round?


Vintage Floral Suitcase - £19.95 (set of 3) – Flamingo Gifts* | Longbourn Book – Jo Baker - £3.85 – Amazon

Vanilla Brulee Treat Box - £7.00 – The Body Shop | Retro Mustard Phone - £42.99 – Flamingo Gifts*

My mum is actually really easy to buy for as we have quite similar taste, we are both lovers of homewares and reading so I’m always set with hundreds of ideas for her Christmas gift. I really love these mini floral suitcases and think they’d be fab for storing jewellery in, or even displaying something on. A new book for Christmas is always gratefully received, Longbourn is a reimagining of Pride & Prejudice from the servants point of view and I think it sounds really interesting. You can’t go wrong with some smellies can you? This Body Shop gift set is adorable and the vanilla fragrance is lovely and a good all-rounder. The phone is a beaut isn’t it? My mum is always going on about getting a retro phone and I love the bold colour of this one, it’s definitely a talking point.


Make A World Book - £5.99 – Amazon | Horrid Henry Books - £1 each – Poundland

Twinblade Adventures - £10.77 – Lego

I find it hard to think of presents for little boys but the boy I tutor has loved it when I bring these types of activity with me (when he should be learning – oops!). The Ed Emberley book is fantastic if you have someone that is interested in art, it shows you simple ways of drawing loads of different things – animals, transport, people. Horrid Henry always goes down well and these books were only £1 each! Bargain. We really enjoy reading the books together and they have some nice illustrations in too. And you can’t go wrong with some Lego, everyone loves playing with it and it’s great for getting everyone involved at Christmas time.


Grey Cat Teddy - £6.50 – Amazon | Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game - £4.99 – Amazon

 Hello Kitty Teddy - £8.50 – Amazon | Vintage Floral Suitcase - £19.95 (set of 3) – Flamingo Gifts* 

The Aristocats - £5.00 – Amazon | Beatrix Potter Books – £12.99 (set of 10) – The Works

I have no problem at all choosing gifts for my little sister but then I spoil her all year round. Gracie loves cats so I’ve gone for a bit of a cat theme but you can obviously choose your sister’s favourite animal. A cat teddy which is very soft and lovely and looks a bit like Mog, a Hello Kitty dressed like an angel and the DVD of The Aristocats will all go down well. I’ve also included another of the little suitcases as I’m sure she’ll love playing with it and pretending she’s off on holiday. Some educational bits too, a word rhyming game which is The Gruffalo themed and 2 Beatrix Potter books which I’m sure she will enjoy (if she sits still long enough…).


Tetris Jenga - £10.99 – Amazon | Kindle Fire HD6 - £89 – Amazon | Tango Cracking Candy  - £1 – Wilko

Hammer Head Shark Bottle Opener - £11.04 – Flamingo Gifts*

This year me and my boyfriend have set a budget of £30 but if you’re going budget free these are some good ideas. Me and the boy love Tetris and this Jenga version seems like a really fun game, anyone else like playing board games with their partner? The Kindle Fire is a budget tablet that pretty much does everything you need, and it’s small enough to carry around with you. The popping candy gift is a great stocking filler that I can’t wait to try, everyone loves popping candy! The thing my boyfriend will like the most will be the hammer head shark bottle opener as he has a hammer head tattoo! This thing is really great quality, it’s super heavy and does it’s job well.


Little Women – Puffin in Bloom edition - £9.99 – Amazon | Skull Tealight Holder - £7.45 – Flamingo Gifts*

Hand Cream and Lip Balm Duo - £7 – The Body Shop

The Puffin in Bloom books have stolen my heart as they are so, so beautiful – they’re designed by Rifle Paper Co. so there’s no surprises there! I have a few book loving friends and think they would love these. The Body Shop coconut range is one of my favourites and the scent is a reminder of summer in the cooler months. I love the skull tealight holder and it would look perfect in any of my friends homes.

There we have it, what are you buying for your friends and family this year?

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  1. That edition of Little Women is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not even a massive fan of classics but would love to have that on my bookshelf!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. It really is, there are some others in this collection and I want them all! I do have a habit of buying books just because they are pretty! I've started reading Little Women for the #littlewomenreadalong in December and it's already better than I thought it would be. I'm not a huge fan of classics either! xx

  2. How good is it to be so organised this early in the festive period?!! Good job! Every year my sister & I replace one big thing in my parents house, so this year we replaced their kitchen bench stools with some nice wooden ones. I'm making batches of rum balls to go with all my gifts for everyone too!

    Lauren / And Together We


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