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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Love Me Beauty Box: April Edition 3 Reviews



This month’s Love Me Beauty box really impressed me, it doesn’t look like much but each product really packs a punch. Some pretty decent things that I’d not tried before but are definitely worth giving a go. I’ve done a mini review of each of the products below.


Neal & Wolf – Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo - £11.50

I used this on my hair on day three, it seemed to do a good job of getting my roots clean and removing any build up. My hair was quite greasy and there doesn’t seem to be any of that left. My hair feels really nice and clean actually. The Neal & Wolf range smells amazing too, very luxurious and relaxing. I did notice that my hair felt quite dry and tangly after washing, it took a lot longer to brush the tangles out of my roots than usual.


Redken – Colour Extend Conditioner - £1 (Sample Size)

I’ve used this a couple of times and I’ve found it to be a fab conditioner, it really makes your hair smooth and manageable. My hair definitely looks more shiny and healthy when I’ve used this product, I haven’t used it for long enough to see if it will extend my hair colour life but I might try the full size and see if it does.



Models Own – Nail Polish in Fuzzy Peach - £5

I’ve had this on my nails all week and it’s a lovely bright peachy-orange shade which is perfect for sunny weather. I’m not the biggest fan of Model’s Own nail polish though, I find them difficult to apply evenly and you have to put a few layers on to reach opacity. I do really love this colour though so it won’t put me off wearing it.


Betty Hula – Secret Wonder Oil - £6.25

I have been using the Secret Wonder Oil on my cuticles as I have quite dry hands and my nails suffer without a cuticle oil. Firstly it smells amazing, so fresh and fruity but it’s also done a fab job at nourishing my cuticles – no flaky bits any more! I also used the oil on my elbows but it didn’t help as much as I needed – a thick cream is better for me on this area. I will be keeping this handy for any sunburn in the warmer weather as I think it will really help with that.

Have you ordered your Love Me Beauty box yet?


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Easter Cupcakes




Easter Cupcakes – Devil’s Food Cake with Mini Cadbury’s Creme Egg inside

I’ve had the past two weeks off work (score!) and I had been planning to do some baking with my free time, I managed to get half way through my second week off before I realised I had forgotten all about my grand plans. But on Wednesday I whipped up these Creme Egg filled Devil’s Food Cake Cupcakes in a couple of hours. I did cheat and use a ready made cake mix from Betty Crocker though, when I blend my own flour and sugar and whatnot my cakes never rise but Betty’s always do! I prepared the mix and poured it into my cake cases before popping a mini Creme Egg in each, I then baked them for 30 minutes on Gas Mark 4 and they came out looking like this. I don’t think I’ve ever had a batch of cakes rise so well, maybe the Creme Egg’s helped!

I then made some little Easter themed flags to decorate the cakes before digging in, just some craft paper and washi tape stuck to cocktail sticks – super easy. The cakes are so moist and delicious but not too rich which chocolate sometimes can be, I could have eaten quite a few without feeling sick.

Here’s what the cakes looked like in the middle:


Have you been baking recently?

I’d love to read any posts on recent bakes, I love seeing other people’s creations.


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It’s That Time of the Year Again…

Photo 29-06-2013 16 41 21

Photo 13-04-2014 11 12 13

I dread this time of the year, the time when my hay fever first arrives is the worst as I’m unprepared with remedies and have to get used to the symptoms all over again. Each year my allergies vary slightly but there is always the feeling of being completely left out of all the outdoor fun that Springtime brings. I do take medication for my hay fever but even that doesn’t really help if I’m outside for long periods of time, I try to go out in short bursts rather than for the whole day. Hay fever makes me so drowsy that when I finish work I often just fall asleep on my bed without planning to, I get in from being out all day and I just feel exhausted. This is by far the worst symptom for me, coupled with the itchy sore eyes that run constantly and a blocked up nose I’m hardly a fun person to be around at this time of year. I am also so tired and drowsy that I’ve even had to phone in sick in the past especially when we have those long periods of warm weather.

I’ve tried a lot of different remedies but as I am lactose intolerant I can’t have a lot of the tablets which are on the market, I was recommended the Piriteze medicine last year as it doesn’t contain lactose and it worked really well at relieving some of the symptoms. I’ve just bought a couple of bottles for this year and I’m half way through the first already, argh. It’s going to be a long (and expensive) summer.

So, I wanted to know if anyone has any remedies for hay fever that I should try out? I’m willing to try new things – so long as they’re dairy free!

Any fellow hay fever sufferers in the house?


Nails: Beyond Cozy




Essie – Beyond Cozy - £5.99

I have lusted after Beyond Cozy since it was released with the Essie Winter Collection last year, it’s such a pretty sparkly silver, gold shade. It would be perfect around Christmas time to add a bit of glitz to an outfit, but I think it’s perfect for springtime too. It catches the light beautifully and it’s just so sparkly, I find myself staring at my nails whenever I see them shimmering in the light. I also think it would be fine to wear for work as it’s got an overall neutral tone but with a bit of added glamour.

The application is a dream, it applies thickly and evenly with good coverage. You can layer it up for extra sparkle but 2 coats should be enough. It does feel a little gritty on your nails so topping it with a thick layer of topcoat is recommended, this also seems to make it even more sparkly.

Are you still wearing glitter polishes in Springtime?


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Love Me Beauty Box: April Edition 3



Love Me Beauty Box: April Edition 3 - £10 (+P&P)*

Love Me Beauty is a monthly subscription service; each month there are three boxes to choose from. Each box contains 4-5 products in with a mix of full size and sample size things. The box costs £10 + P&P and is available any where in the UK with a letter box! It’s really nice to pick which products you receive each month as there are no nasty surprises. I really like this aspect of the Love Me Beauty box as it’s what has put me off other sample boxes like this, I want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth and not being left with a box of things I don’t like.


This month I chose Edition 3 as the products looked the most exciting to me, I am particularly loving trying out new haircare at the moment so the two hair products swung it for me. There are three full size products, a deluxe sample size and 2 extra samples this month – not bad for £10! Again, there are a good range of products; haircare, nails, skincare and a multi-use item – this is what I love about Love Me Beauty, you get a good variety of things to try each month.

In my box I received:

  • Neal & Wolf – Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo - £11.50
  • Models Own – Nail Polish in Fuzzy Peach - £5
  • Redken – Colour Extend Conditioner - £1 (Sample Size)
  • Betty Hula – Secret Wonder Oil - £6.25
  • Weleda – Stretch Mark Oil Samples x2
  • Hello Fresh - £25 off of your first order

Total = £23.75 (without the bonus samples)

I can’t wait to try out the products in this month’s Love Me Beauty Box, I’m intrigued by the Betty Hula Wonder Oil and can’t wait to try it out on my dry patches. The nail polish looks to be the perfect shade for the springtime and the hair care will be going straight in my shower to try out this evening.

Have you given Love Me Beauty a go yet?


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Haul: Nail Polish


Nail Polish Haul – April 2014

I just can’t stop buying nail polish at the moment, I don’t know what it is? I hadn’t bought any for a long time but just recently I’ve become obsessed. I think it might be because I’m trying to watch what I spend as I’ve just started a new job and won’t get paid until the end of April; and a harmless nail polish every now and then doesn’t seem like too much of a splurge. Although those Essie’s certainly aren’t cheap.


Essie: Beyond Cozy, Size Matters, Lots of Lux, Splash of Grenadine and Bobbing for Baubles


L’Oreal Color Riche: Bling Bling Bang and Peach Negligee


Sally Hansen Gem Crush Big Money and Collection Hot Looks Parma Violet

There will be NOTW posts with all of these polishes in the coming weeks, it appears that I’m loving the glitters at the moment!

What have you been binge buying recently?


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Nails: Peachy Dreams




L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish – 856 Peach Neglige - £4.99

The new ‘Les Blancs’ nail polish collection from L’Oreal is a beaut, there are four shades which are all variants of white: Nouvelle Vague (lavender), Pistachio Dragee (mint), Lemon Meringue (lemon) and Peach Negligee (peach). The collection is perfect for springtime as the shades are fresh and fit perfectly with the pastel trends. I chose the peach shade as I thought it would be great for wearing to work, it’s not too bright or in your face but it adds a pop of freshness to your finger tips. The formula of these polishes is lovely, two coats and you’re done. The brush is nice and wide too and although the bottles are small (5ml) they are definitely worth their price tag.

Have you checked out Les Blancs yet?

What’s on your nails?


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Favourites: My Lush Staples


The Comforter Bubble Bar - £4.50 | Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water - £7.50 (250g) | Vanillary Solid Perfume - £6.50

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly - £6.45 | Grease Lightning Spot Treatment - £5.95 | Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask - £5.95

I was looking back over some of my posts and noticed that a couple of years ago I was all about the Lush but I haven’t really mentioned them for a little while. I am still an avid user of Lush products and I have my favourites that I repurchase again and again.

First up is The Comforter, the blackcurrant scented bubble bar that everyone loves, it really is amazing though it smells so sweet and fruity. You get a huge bar of it for £4.50 and I probably get six or seven baths out of one, so even though it seems expensive it works out quite reasonable in cost-per-bath price.

There are a couple of skincare products by Lush that I use very regularly, the Breath of Fresh Air Toner is perfect for perking up tired skin. Grease Lightning is a saviour for those surprise spots that arrive at impractical times and combined with Catastrophe Cosmetic you’re on to a clear skin winner. The fresh face masks at Lush are really good, I tend to pick one up every couple of months and give my skin a treat for a week or so, Catastrophe Cosmetic is my favourite as it really treats any problem areas and gives the skin a boost.

Probably my all-time favourite Lush product is Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, it is the shower gel of dreams. It smells just like blackcurrant sweets, it’s very, very sweet and that lovely scent lasts on the skin all day. The Shower Jelly’s are shower gels that are made in jelly form, they lather up really well and are great fun to play with in the shower. Sweetie Pie is full of irridescent shimmers too, which make it so much more pretty!

And last but by no means least, we have Vanillary Solid Perfume. For just under seven pounds you can pick up the dreamiest vanilla scent that is perfect for keeping in your bag for touch ups throughout the day. It smells like a true vanilla fragrance with a little added musk, it’s sweet but not overpowering. A small dab of this on your neck will last all day and is a very comforting scent that makes you feel all cosy and warm.

What are your favourite Lush products?


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