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New In: Art Therapy Magazine


Art Therapy Magazine – Issue 1 – 99p

I spotted this magazine in my local newsagent at the weekend and I couldn’t leave it there, for only 99p I was willing to give it a go. I love colouring in and I really do think it helps when you are stressed out, it’s a great way to relax and forget the world for a little while. I have various colouring books that I dip in and out of every now and then, Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom and Secret Garden are my favourites.

This magazine is full of lovely images to colour in and articles that explain art therapy and give you techniques to help you relax. I really like this aspect in particular as I think a lot of people struggle to relax without going online nowadays, especially bloggers! There are a good selection of colouring pages as well, some A4 and others that are smaller ‘10 minute’ pictures. There’s even a colour by numbers tucked in there! I will be photocopying some of the images out for the children in my class at work as they also love to colour and working with Special Needs children means that we have a lot of stressful moments in the day.

This week’s issue came free with six colouring pencils which I’d assumed would be low quality but they’re actually not that bad, they’re not scratchy and they lay down colour well even on the slightly shiny paper. There will be a whole collection of art supplies that come with each issue of the magazine including watercolour pencils, pens and pastel pencils.






Will I be buying this magazine every week? Probably not. I will be keeping my eye out for the art supplies that I don’t have already in my collection. The normal price for the magazine is £2.99.

Do you still enjoy colouring in?

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  1. My boyfriends mum baught me one of these as I was eyeing up a few books like this on Amazon & I have really been enjoying it (: xx

  2. A great 1st magazine, l went to get my mother a copy, but there are none to be brougth which is a great shame, as the advert is still being showed big time., the shop advise they cant get any more in.

  3. Where can I buy this from? As I can't see it in any shops

  4. I have been looking everywhere for one of these then I looked on EBAY on wonder there are none left in the shops they are selling them on EBAY for £6.99 plus postage !!!!

  5. You can subscribe to this magazine online and get issues delivered straight to your door starting with issue 1 just type art therapy magazine into google and complete the relevant forms

  6. I've been unable to find one too. It's a pity because my mum really wanted to give this a try! From looking all over the web for it this evening, forum after forum is saying the same, that they can't get hold of a copy. The cynic in me wonders if this has been done on purpose so that people take out subscriptions?!

  7. Yes really annoying my friend and I looked in loads of shops on completely different areas and they don't have it either even though it is still being advertised on TV

  8. I cant locate the magazine anywere - got it ordered through a shop and they phoned to advise it wont be coming in stock. disappointing!! i only want the first one to see if i like it rather than a subscription

  9. Whsmiths is the best for this or supermarkets! The supplier is struggling to get the magazine due to really high extreme demand! Just to make you aware!

  10. As always - your articles are astute and insightful


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