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6 Months of Owning a Home–Things I’ve Learned



We moved into our house six months ago, and I have learned so much about running and looking after a house in that time. I thought I’d share some of the things that I have learned and a few tips and tricks if you have recently moved into a new house or are about to.

1. Buying lots of house bits and bobs in advance has been a godsend – we didn’t need to buy anything when we first moved in as we had already got it. We also have a never ending supply of candles…

2. Having £50 a week to live on is entirely possible and a bit of a luxury.

3.White vinegar is amazing for cleaning, it’s cheap too. It’s the only thing that whitens the grout on our shower tiles – the perils of being a dyed red head.

4. A meal plan is the best way to budget your food spending, we make a meal plan before we go shopping and then try to keep to it during the week. We sometimes move the days around but on the whole we stick to it – unless Dominos has sent us a discount code!

5. Having a joint account for all of the bills and mortgage to come out of is a really fair way to organise the money, both me and Jamie pay in a set amount each month and everything comes out by Direct Debit. We both still have our own bank accounts that we are in charge of which is good as I can still buy lipsticks things without feeling guilty.

6. Make time to go out and do things, with money being a bit tighter we don’t eat out nearly as much as we used to but we do try and go out for a meal about once a month.

7. Having a cleaning routine, you know the ones that you see on Pinterest, is not very practical for us – we just clean as we go. The house doesn’t really get messy with just the two of us living here.

8. Find a good, local builder/handy man that you can rely on to do lots of little jobs when you first move in. Our guy has looked at our roof, removed our old toilet and plumbed a new one in. We are happy that if we ever need anything doing he can sort it for us.

9. Shop around for energy suppliers, we switched ours straight away and saved lots of money. Also change TV/Internet providers for a better service, we also had to have a digital aerial fitted so that we could watch Freeview TV.

10. Even though it’s our first home together it’s still important to give each other some space and time alone, I’m a bit of an introvert so crave alone time to recharge. Sometimes I’m a bit hormonal and do Jamie’s head in too – I have to go and play Sims out of the way before I bite his head off!

Do you own your own home yet?

Any tips or tricks for a happy home?


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  1. Congratulations on six months - it seems to have flown by!

  2. Happy 6 months!
    It sounds as though it is all going very well :)
    We did the same as you with our bank accounts, up until I went onto Maternity leave, now all our money is shared, it no longer seems very fair when I'm earning £140 a week ha!


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